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Selection from “Spiritual Gems” by Baba Sawan Singh Ji (vegetarian), Part 2 of 2



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“By Simran alone the soul leaves the body and goes up. When concentration is complete, one does not feel the need to change positions or to attend to the calls of nature for hours (eight or ten).”

“When the Simran is complete, one hears the (inner Heavenly) Sound within. If you can vacate (withdraw the current from) even half the body, you will see (inner Heavenly) Light inside.”

“Real Nirat is developed higher up. The Anahat Shabd (unstruck music) goes as far as the region of matter and mind. After crossing Par Brahm the Sar (True) Shabd is heard.”

“With the help of Simran we have to vacate the nine doors of the body. After crossing the sun and the moon, we need something on which to fix our attention. You can stay there only with the help of Dhyan. After that, you require (inner Heavenly) Sound or Shabd for going up. The True Shabd begins from ‘Turiya Pad (Fourth State).’ The power that has created the entire universe is Shabd.”

“You can go up from where the concentration of the soul begins. When you cross the 'nil chakra' (blue center) you will see Jyoti. It has one thousand lights. At the stage where the Jyoti is, there are ten sounds. The soul has two faculties: the faculty to see and the faculty to hear.”

“You would realize or meet your guru after you have crossed the sun and the moon. But he can take you up only as far as he goes himself. We do not need the pranas. We only take the mind and soul up. Atma (Soul) becomes Parmatma (Supreme Soul) only in Sat Lok (the fifth Spiritual Region).”

“The point is that we are a drop of that great Ocean and we have to go back and merge in It. For innumerable eons we have been rotting in this jail. Now, just as we attend to other affairs of the world, let us devote a couple of hours every day to this practice also. What is the harm then? Besides, this is a wealth which you take with you and not leave behind.”

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