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UFOs and Extraterrestrials: Helping Earth Survive, Part 1 of 2

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The United States Government, Office of Naval Intelligence has been investigating mysterious events such as unidentified flying objects (UFOs) for decades, but very little information has made it into the public domain. In the last year, however, the United States Department of Defense has released several reports and videos about UFOs. The most shocking aspect of the 2020 intelligence report was the inclusion of what sources described as a new and “extremely clear” photograph of an unidentifiable triangular aircraft that emerged from the ocean and began to ascend straight upwards at a 90-degree angle.

During gatherings with our Association members in Australia and France, our beloved Supreme Master Ching Hai also shared some revealing information. “In the universe, there are many earths. We are not the only one.” “And some people even within our planet, but not on the surface of the planet, they did that. We are nowhere. But they live a different kind of life; they’re more peaceful there. People are more peaceful … and vegan, fruitarian or nothing. Their concepts are different. They live in a different level of consciousness, you could call that Heaven as well, because it needs a group of people, it needs the whole consciousness to be in the same position, same thinking, same concept; otherwise, it doesn’t work.”

“(Master, the first question is Mr. Andov also speaks about the crop circles and that they are a way ETs are sending us messages. Is this true, Master? I think you’ve addressed part of this. And what are they trying to tell us?) We are to be aware of something bigger than us, (Yes, Master.) something more developed, something more benevolent, even if they are developed. Because look at that and the UFO, and the signs and all that, that means these people, the authors of all these writings, are mightier than us, that we don’t even know who they are, when they come and where they come from. And with those technologies, advanced, they could destroy us, they could do harm to us, but they never did. So, see? The message is very clear, (Yes, Master) that peace should be here, that we should be benevolent, that we should concentrate on more of our development to a higher standard instead of making war and oppressing, you see? (Yes, Master.) Because these mightier ones do not oppress or make war on us, so we should learn and do the same to each other in the human family.”

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