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Between Master and Disciples

The Story of Master Confucius and Xiang Tuo, Part 4 of 13, Mar 10, 2021

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You don’t have to harass or be unjust to somebody just because he’s in the opposite party. (Yes, Master.) Just because I supported former President Trump because he is a good president, and he is a Republican, doesn’t mean I go on and accuse or try to harm other Democrats. (Yes, Master.) The Democratic Party has many good presidents, many good governors and many good government officials.

And in some countries, like Malaysia, when I was having a lecture there, I guess I told you already, but the government built some big condominiums, a few stories for the people who live in the small huts on the street, in squalor. Like a small hut with a metal roof, (Yeah.) and very, very shabby, and very poor condition, of course. The government built those buildings for them. The rents are almost like a gift. Or maybe no rent, it depends on if they have money or not. I didn’t ask. But very little, very few people moved up there. They continued to stay in their hut opposite the street.

You know, you can never please everyone. (Yes, Master.) And to blame the governor for that, my God, I have to say it’s idiocy. It’s outright bias and unfairness. I am not sorry to offend anybody. Because that’s really what it is – idiocy or personal hatred or politically-motivated, or whatever personal reasons. And then leading some vulnerable people to get rid of the good governor like that. Very rarely you can find such a good governor. Now, what else do they want to accuse him of? That’s all I have for…

Good. You think he deserves to be kicked out for all that, that you just read? (No. Not at all, Master.) No, huh? (No, not at all.) How many votes for him? Raise hands. (I vote for him.) Both of you. How many votes for the governor? Raise your hand. Now. Raise your hand. Higher, I don’t see any hands. (Here.) Oh, even if you’re not American, you can vote, I mean, for me. OK, good. Thank you. I saw all your hands. You’re good. You’re good. We are a minority but, who knows, maybe our voices, maybe our voices count.

My goodness. How many more good governors do they want to take out? I hope after the demons are gone, they will be awakened a little. But it takes some time for the influence to get out. I’m too busy to check out all this stuff. I would have done it long ago if I was not so busy. (Yes, Master.) If you’re working with the documents for me, you know how busy I am, with not just Supreme Master TV, but businesses everywhere, and the staff. (Yes, Master.) Some problems. They have their moods, their character, their own human personality, stuff like that. And then I have to take care, etc., etc. Oh, man. Poor governor. They should not... They should keep him forever. Not just three terms – four, five, six terms. (Yes, Master.) My God. They really tried hard to get rid of him. That’s not good, not fair. (Yes, Master.) People said that he closed all the businesses, closed schools and all that, and that’s why they wanted to kick him out also. One of the reasons. Right? (Yes, Master.)

Why didn’t they complain when there were many riots a long time ago on the streets? Before the election, they rioted everywhere. They burned houses, looted businesses, burned businesses, and burned some police areas, or other things like that, all over America. Why didn’t they sue the governors then, other governors? And some of the governors, or some of the officials, or some Democrat big shots, like even Vice President Kamala [Harris], also encouraged them to have more. More, she said, must be more unrest, and even encouraged them to more protests, more unrest on the streets, and bailing them out, those who’d been caught by the police, those who’d done more damage to the economy. We were already in the COVID-19. A lot of shops and people already lost business, lost jobs, and they had to go looting shops or burning the businesses, and burning people’s houses and all that, and terrifying everybody, almost the whole year long or even one year long. How come nobody said anything, nobody sued these government officials, or even the vice president? She did all that, and much more. Others also. Nobody condemned them or anything. Not a big deal.

But Governor Newsom, he closed the businesses, he closed the schools, because he protects his citizens. Many others did that, and they say that reduced the infection – until somebody flouts or maybe reopens again, and then it increases the infection again, and then have to close again. Many countries did that. Many cities did that. Same like what he did. So, they cannot just fire all the governors in the whole world. What can they do? They’re just human. They did what everybody else thought was the best. Even also recommended by top medical experts. (Yes, Master.) But he was planning slowly to open because he wanted to open the schools soon, but he needed more money. So he signed some checks, some money, in order to reopen shops and schools. The damage and all that, they have to repair and they have to reorganize in order to open. For example, I read somewhere that he prepared to open schools in April. He didn’t do worse than anybody else. In fact, he did better because that helped to contain the infection numbers in his state. It’s reported like that in the newspaper, in the news. I don’t have newspapers. I keep just saying newspaper, but I don’t have. I just have the iPhone, I scan the headlines, and if there’s something interesting, then I read a little further. (Yes, Master.)

So Governor Newsom is really a good man. He did his best that any human can do in his situation, in his capacity. I could give him another Shining World Leadership Award for Good Governor. Maybe we will do that. Not just for… Good, good, good. Me too. Me too, me too. It’s good that I go on retreat. So in case these kinds of accusations happen. Who knows? Oh, so scary. So scary. So scary, my God! Whatever you do, they accuse you. Or whatever you don’t, they accuse you too.

This world is truly like that. That’s why no Master can stay long. Otherwise, Jesus would have helped a lot of our people and Buddha would have lived forever. According to the stories I read you, even maya, the king of illusion, was able to shut the mouth of Ananda, the closest assistant of the Buddha. (Wow.) Yeah! So, the Buddha asked him three times, “I could stay forever in the world.” And Ananda said nothing. Ananda wouldn’t say, “Oh, please. Thank You. Please stay forever.” (Yes, Master.) Three times the Buddha repeated the question. He did not ask the Buddha to stay. So, the mara (maya) came immediately afterward and said, “You see, nobody wants You. Now I ask You, I invite You to go to Nirvana.” Meaning, go die. You see that? (Yes, Master.) Yeah! Buddha’s foremost disciple, one of the foremost ten or twelve disciples, said nothing, didn’t ask the Buddha to stay. Buddha could not tell him, “Can you ask me to stay now?” (Yes, Master.) He could not, but He hinted. He said He had practiced something so that He doesn’t have to die, He can stay forever. Three times He told him. And Ananda just sat there like deaf, dumb, blind. Because mara (maya) influenced him. He cannot think, he cannot hear, he cannot speak. You see that? (Yes, Master.) So all the people who wanted to harm the good governors like Cuomo and Newsom, they are also influenced by maya. But you cannot just blame them. It’s the country’s karma, it’s the world karma. (Yes, Master.)

Any other questions, by the way? Did I answer all your questions? (Yes, very much. Thank You very much, Master.) All of you satisfied? (Yes, Master.) Any counter votes? (No, Master.) Any opposition party? (No.) No? (No, Master.)

You don’t have to harass or be unjust to somebody just because he’s in the opposite party. (Yes, Master.) Just because I supported former President Trump because he is a good president, and he is a Republican, doesn’t mean I go on and accuse or try to harm other Democrats. (Yes, Master.) The Democratic Party has many good presidents, many good governors and many good government officials. We don’t all know about them, of course. (Yes, Master.)

So, like Governor Cuomo, he’s been voted three times. So he must be doing something good for the people. (Yes, Master.) And then Governor Newsom. How many times has he been voted or it’s the first time? (This is the first time, Master.) Oh, first time. But he did so many things in such a short time. So, some people are afraid he’s going to continue, that’s why. But that’s not fair. Even if you are a Republican faithful, you should not unfairly harm someone else in the opposite party if they do good for people. Right? (Yes, Master.) I mean, after all, if you are a Republican or Democrat, you want to devote your life, your talents just to help your country people. (Yes, Master.)

So, whoever, doesn’t matter what party, if he is helping your country, helping your people, should have your support. Correct? (Yes, Master.) Or at least, not to do them harm, just because he’s in the opposite party. (Yes, Master.) Even we, the ignorant, the ignoramus think like that. How would the other people who should be in power, who should be taking care of the American people, not consider that, not consider this ethic principle? (Yes, Master.) Any other questions? I think we are done. (Yes, Master.) We even voted for him. Right? (Yes, we did.) I mean voted against the decision to call him out. (Right.) (Yes, Master.) OK. I don’t care how many million people that have been induced into voting him out. I think that’s a very, very big mistake to do that. And let him do his work, man. He’s a good boy. (Yes, Master.) OK.

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