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Between Master and Disciples

The Story of Master Confucius and Xiang Tuo, Part 5 of 13, Mar 10, 2021

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The gates don’t always open, but if some big karma comes, then the hell gates will open and they come up and make trouble like that, (Oh.) for the president or for the good people: the good governors, for example, or good officials, or good government people. Make them do wrong or accuse them wrongly or something like that. Harm them in some way.

Next one, please. (Master, in other news, it’s said that QAnon followers have said that President Trump would be re-inaugurated on the 4th of March this year. And I was just wondering, Master, if there’s anything that You might be able to tell us about this?)

Oh. Yeah, maybe, maybe they are right. It’s just different timing and different place. OK? (OK, Master.) Around that time they had some big gathering in Florida? (Yes, Master. He spoke on the 28th of February.) OK. OK, fine. (In Florida, yes.) Only that, right? (Yes, Master.) Ah 28th…1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th. So four days before the 4th of March. Right? (Right, Master.) OK. I guess he or QAnon, he’s like a psychic or something? He can…Like a seer? (They report about political happenings and people online. And the followers) Oh, I see. Maybe… (believe in what is said.) Yes. Yeah. Maybe they can see something into the future. Like they have psychic people together in a group? Then they can like divine about what happened to some particular person that they want to know. And maybe they just got it wrong a few days, (Yes.) the time. It often happens.

Very rare that they can pinpoint the accurate minute or hours or days. (Yes, Master.) So maybe they were right because President Trump was then very, very welcomed, very… what is the other word for more than welcome? (Well-received?) Well-received in that… what did they call it? What is that gathering? (It’s the Conservative Political Action Conference or CPAC.) CPAC. OK. He was very, very welcomed and praised in that party. These are the people who still support him and 46% of people according to polls on the news. They say they would leave the Republican Party if Trump leaves. And if President Trump makes another party, they would join him (Oh, wow.) and leave the Republican Party. Forty-six will leave the Party.

That’s according to the random poll. And remember when he was on Twitter, he had 88 millions-plus people (Yes.) followers. (Yes, Master.) That’s why I told you that according to my asking inside Heaven, he had 85-plus million voters that voted for him. (Yes, Master.) (Yes.) Because out of 88 million, 85 million people voted for him, that’s normal. That’s logical. No? (Yes, Master.) There’s no need to be a math genius to guess that. Even without any evidence or anything, you can tell that or not? (Yes, Master.)

Now another thing, I read on the news somewhere, they made even a statue of him. (Wow.) (Yes.) Yeah. With the (Plated gold.) gold plated. (Yeah. Gold plated.) Wow! That’s a lot of gold because he’s big. It’s big, life-size, isn’t it? (Yeah.) Or at least it’s a big size. And with the American flag. (Yes, on his clothes.) So, that is like an inauguration in some other sense. (Yes, Master.) Like, he’s inaugurated as the leader of the Republican Party again. (Yes.) (Yes, Master.) He’s still a leader, still the president of the Republicans, (Yes, Master.) of Republican officials and followers. That’s millions of people. Eighty-eight at least, million people. That’s more than half of the country or it’s half of the country, at least? Half of the people of voting age. (Yes, Master.) Or not? Because not every American can vote. (Yes, Master.) There are under-aged. There are children. There are babies. So that’s like half of the vote-able citizens. (Yes, Master.) In a way, he’s a president again. So, it’s correct that they said that he will be inaugurated. But the date they said is kind of different, four days difference. Or? (Yes.) Twenty-eight, one, two, three... four days difference. Or five days? (Four or five days, Master.) Four or five days difference. (Yes. That’s right.) It depends on the time over there. (Yes.) So, maybe they have seen this. It’s just the dates are kind of blurred. (Yes, Master.) The date you can never really tell.

Most of the time the best psychic cannot tell. They can say a warning or something a few days in advance, or around this or that time, but they cannot always pin-point. (Yes, Master.) Otherwise, they could have saved President Kennedy, (Oh.) or other presidents being shot at.

But I told you the White House, that is a hell road area. (Yes, Master.) They built it there. It was also because of the karma of the wars before that, and other wars with the Native Indian people. So it happened that they chose that area.

And the gates don’t always open, but if some big karma comes, then the hell gates will open and they come up and make trouble like that, (Oh.) for the president or for the good people: the good governors, for example, or good officials, or good government people. Make them do wrong or accuse them wrongly or something like that. Harm them in some way. Or getting shot; even though not dead, but also a ruined reputation. You don’t see many other countries have so many presidents suffer a bad reputation like that. Right? (No, Master.) Or so many presidents dead or injured like that, (Yes.) or ruined reputation, like in your country, because of the White House. But nobody listens to me, of course. I’m just telling you only, because you know and you believe me. (Yes, Master.)

I told you long ago about the position of many, many countries’ leaders, the palace (Yes.) of the government. Even Downing Street, Number 10, also has problems there. But the British, they are a little bit less involved in the wars around the world, so the consequences are less problematic. Less grave. And there are also many good government leaders within both parties and that balances it out a little bit. So they don’t have so many problems like the Americans’ White House. Have I answered? (Yes, Master. Thank You, Master.) Everything? (Yes, Master.) Good. Yes, so you have to know also something from the inside in order to understand these phenomena. (Yes.) Like why they don’t predict correctly? It’s not 100% correct, but it’s correct in some ways. You can see now? (Yes, Master.) Any other questions, my love?

(Master, in a recent heartline on Noteworthy News, You said that You were having some pain due to constant work on the computers, in Your fingers and all through Your body. And…You are losing muscle. And do You still have this pain or is it getting better, Master?)

Yeah. It’s better. (OK, Master.) It’s better like almost immediately. (Wow.) The pain in the body is because it’s inside the vein and inside the muscle. It doesn’t go immediately yet, but it improved. So, I am sorry to make you worry. Maybe it’s the power of your prayers. I know you prayed for me, right, after that? (Yes, Master.) Yes, or maybe it’s the re-arrangement of my computer system. But you cannot always avoid. For example, like right now I have to sit right in front of the, next to the computer. I’m just not having my fingers on it. So I cannot always avoid it. Maybe in the future I will arrange it in another way so that I… but if I don’t use a computer, then I can use the big screen. But for this, I cannot because I cannot see you. (Yes, Master.) The computer will cover everything. Got that? (Yes, Master.)

Maybe I can arrange it differently, but I have not thought about what to do yet. Too busy every day to think about everything. Even some problem I have, or even somebody delivers medicine and then I forgot. I forgot for many days, then I remember and I go and get it. And sometimes I put it somewhere, I forgot. I couldn’t find it, so I say, “Oh never mind, next time,” and then next time I forgot again and again. It’s like that. It’s not so easy in my life.

The reason I told that on the heartline is not because I wanted to. I was reluctant to do that. But I said that openly because I want other people to know. In case they have the same symptom, maybe they should change. (Yes, Master, understand.) Before it’s too late. (Yes, Master.) Otherwise, it’s not very favorable saying your problem on air like that. Because your pain is yours. (Yes, Master.) This is good that you ask so that I can tell you I am much better now. (Thank God, Master.) Yeah. Better. (Wonderful, Master.) Better somewhere and somewhere not. (Yes, Master. Thank You for sharing.) So that you are happy and maybe other people, they will change the system of their computer work. (Yes.) Maybe, if they can, then it might be better. Or at least I said there are many ways you can stop the radiation from the computer’s magnetic field. Right? (Yes, Master.) So that maybe they can look on the internet and find something for themselves. (Yes.) If they cannot sit too far from the computer.

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