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Yoga – The Supreme Bridge to Cosmic Attainment: From Agni Yoga by Nicholas and Helena Roerich (vegetarians), Part 2 of 2



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We will now continue with a selection of the advanced teaching and wisdom of Master Morya, from the book “Agni Yoga,” from 1929, as recorded by His disciples Helena and Nicholas Roerich. “Hear, thou who darest! In the deep of night, I shall draw near to bless thy sandals. I shall strew thy pillow with sparks of light, for the sleep of the daring one is as the melting away of a lute, when the seven strings are bathed in mystery. The sleep of the daring one is as the calm before the whirlwind, when even the slenderest blades of grass are unstirred.”

“Does the roar of the lion set the worlds atremble? No – daring is awakened, and the royal lotus of spirit unfolds. Brothers, let us gather in the hall of joy! The flower has unfolded; raised is the great wheel. Our Joy descends to the nether worlds and rises to the Brothers in the Supermundane. We sing to daring Our best song.”

“When the scales of the Lord have been prepared, we shall awaken early in order to weigh our use of the day just passed. We shall select that which was most daring, in order that these kernels of good may weigh more in the balance. We shall add the sorrows of the old world, for their burden is of use to us. And add the derision of the ignorant. Each of these adds its weight to the cup holding truth. Should we find threats and assaults, let us not forget to add those to the cup also.”

“‘I will destroy all Earthly temples, because Truth needs no walls. I will water all deserts. I will open all prisons. I will demolish all swords. I will blaze all trails. I will wipe away all tears. I will travel through all lands. I will inscribe the book of humanity.’”

“Great is the turmoil in the world! A blow against the Teaching acts as a boomerang, smiting the inflicter. The air is alive with arrows. Dry away the sweat caused by the enemy’s attack. At the time of assault, I shall speak of matters eternal. Let us rejoice, because opportunities are multiplied. I know that in each hostile heart sprouts a useful seed.”

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