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Between Master and Disciples

The Phoenix, Part 1 of 13, Mar 26, 2021

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I just want to beg everybody in the world, please protect the animals. Please love them. Please do not hurt them in any way because they are angels in disguise.

(Hallo, Master!) Hallo! All good, yes? (Yes, Master!) Ah, yeah. Oh, I don’t know. I’m sweating. Too much work. You guys OK? (Yes, Master!) You guys are always ready. Easy. Just put the mask on and the hat on, you’re done. I have to do everything else. That’s why it takes so long. Freedom has a price. You have to do everything yourself. (Yes, Master.) Are you all right? (Yes, Master.) Anyway, at least. You are good. You have nothing to worry about. (No, Master.) Every day, you just go to your office and do whatever you can. (Yes, Master.)

I’m all alone. I don’t work with anyone. No one around me except squirrels and birds, who are so extremely kind, extremely, extremely kind and protective. They always came, even midnight, came and warned me of something. (Wow.) So I just want to beg everybody in the world, please protect the animals. Please love them. Please do not hurt them in any way because they are angels in disguise. (Yes, Master.) They do anything for you. They do anything for you, even so tiny, little spider like this, risks his life to come next to the door, knowing that I could always close it and he might be squashed. But he’s so tiny, he has to come right there so that I can see him. Then he can convey the message to me. (Wow.)

I’m touched to tears every day with their care and loving kindness, which we hardly see in the human world, I’m sorry to say. (Yes, Master.) Not only we don’t treat animals well, but we also don’t treat each other well. And that’s why our world is in trouble as it is right now. (Yes, Master.) Despite all the curfews, all the lockdowns, all the vaccines, all the rules, in many places the infection is still spiking. (Yes, Master.) They cure this group and then the other group jumps up. They put one strain under control, the other two, three, four, five strains spring up again, (Yes, Master.) and even double. (Yes.) Not bad enough – just one strain, one virus. They’re double. In India they just recently found a double one. How are you going to deal with this forever? (Yes, Master.)

Besides that, there are many other diseases still in the world, not under control. (Yes, Master.) And we cure one disease, the other one will spring up if we don’t change our way of life. I’m not sure if we could even keep this planet or stay on it. (Oh.) Truly like that. But nobody seems to worry about it because they don’t know anything. The less they know, of course, the less they worry, and maybe it is also good. But I’m not sure if this is the way it should end.

You don’t know, people outside, they are so, so, so suffering. (Yes, Master.) Especially the infected people, the ones who lost jobs, the ones who don’t have money. Even in England, such a powerful country, there are many people who live under poverty. (Yes, Master.) Many children, I just… even in winter, they don’t dare to have the heater on all day. (Yes.) Just a very short time, and the children have to wear warm clothes, parkas and all that, to do their homework in the cold room. England is cold, it’s not like where you are staying. (Yes, Master.)

People are suffering, animals are suffering everywhere. So do have some feelings. (Yes, Master.) And do be grateful every day. (Yes, Master.) I am very grateful all the time, all the time, for everything, and even for nothing, that I’m still here and I can do some work to help others. (Yes, Master.) (Thank You, Master.)

I heard you have some questions, right? (Yes, Master.) You want to have questions first or you want a bedtime story first? (Questions first.) OK, ask me.

(Master, in recent news, it’s reported that the Vatican is re-affirming its stance against gay marriage, stating, “God cannot bless sin.” It has ruled out any possibility of same-sex couples having a Christian blessing on their marriage. Master, would You be able to share Your opinion on this? Is it really true that this is a sin and that God cannot bless such a marriage?)

Human stuff again. According to Leviticus, a man should not do anything like in the loving kind of… having physical relationship with another man as if he does it with a woman. It’s one of those sins that God has conveyed to the people at that time. But aren’t we all sinners? (Yes, Master.) Even if we didn’t sin today, maybe we sinned yesterday. (Yes, Master.) Even if we did not sin in the flesh, we sin in the thought. (Yes, Master.) So we all have to pray for forgiveness. (Yes.)

Actually, when Adam and Eve, our foreparents, ate the apple, the sin had already begun. (Yes, Master.) That’s why God asked them to leave Eden. (Yes, Master.) Just eating an apple, you lost your paradise. So, what to talk about any other thing? (Yes) In the Kṣitigarbha Sutra of Buddhism, it’s also stated that He observed the beings on this planet, anything they think, anything they do, any little movement, any little thought, is all sinful. So we are confirmed now that we all sin. We’re all sinners. But what to do? I think by God is all forgiving as long as we repent and be humble in our heart.

A marriage between two beings is not just about physical pleasure or sexual… I normally am shy to talk about that word, but I’m old enough now, I guess I should not be so shy anymore. A marriage is not just about sexual stuff. It’s about companionship. It’s about friendship. It’s about support for each other in times of happiness as well as sorrow. In this sense, the people of the same sex, saying lesbian or gay people, they can get married. And the thing is, it’s the hormones that rage inside them that sometimes cause them to have more intimate physical relationships. (Yes, Master.) But after a long while, after long years, they just kind of taper off. After a while, like many married couples, they grow old until 90-plus, 100 years, they are not having any physical intimacy anymore. (Yes, Master.) (You are right, Master.) But they still love, love each other, so much, so much like the best friends in the world. And that’s what marriage should be. (Yes, Master.)

It is about love. (Right.) (Yes.) So you can bless love. And do not think about these physical things that men and women, gay, lesbian, bisexual, trans, alike are forced into due to the hormones raging in their bodies. (Yes, Master.) Then, anyone can bless any marriage. Because a marriage is like a sacred promise from one human being to another so that they will be forever together under any circumstances. It’s about loyalty. It’s about deep, genuine friendship, and companionship in this lonely planet. Even though we have more than seven billion humans now, (Yes, Master.) but we are lonely as a human.

So I think, if it was up to me, I would bless them because they love each other. (Yes.) And love is important. Anything else is a secondary side effect. (Yes, Master.) Just like you take medicine because you need it, otherwise you would die or you would be languishing daily with this disease. So you take it with the side effect. So, about the blessing, it’s to make the couple happy (Yes.) and feeling assured that their marriage, their loyalty to each other, their love and commitment to each other are shared with someone else and witnessed and recognized, and being happy with them. (Yes, Master.) That’s why married people throw a big party and everything, (Yes.) (Right.) so they can share their happiness with other people. (Yes.)

If I were a priest, I would bless them and use this occasion to preach to them about moral obligation, about abstinence from physical indulgence as much as possible, about charity, about enlightenment, about God’s blessing, about prayers and humility, etc., etc. It would be useful for them. And whatever sin, I will take it. I’m a sinner anyway. I don’t feel I’m better than anyone else. Just as Jesus said, “Who among you who has never sinned, then you can throw the stone (Right.) on that woman who is supposed to be condemned as a sinner.” (Yes.) And nobody threw any stones. (Yes, Master.)

Maybe God said that, “You should not do this, you should not do that,” but we did everything already and we are still doing it. So what’s a little bit more with the gay couple, or lesbian couple? Let them be happy, wish them well. (Yes, Master.) Don’t you think so? (Yes, Master. Absolutely.) And one more happy couple, the world is a happier place. (Yes, Master.) At least this is what we can do. We cannot do anything to make them happy because it’s their life, but we can wish them well. (Yes, Master.) And we can say, “We bless you.”

And God, even if Hes doesn’t agree to that, oh, that’s God’s business. Don’t you think so? (Yes, Master.) “I bless you in the name of God, but if God doesn’t want to give that blessing, that’s Hiers business. I am a human with you here, on this lonely sojourn, and so much trouble, so much temptation, and so much weakness and pollution into the human mind, body, and spirit. So at least, I as a human, I will bless you, I bless all of you, sinners or not.”

Whoever thinks they are not sinners, they should think twice. Are we not here for sinners? (Yes, Master.) We are not here only for the virtuous. If the whole world are virtuous people, we don’t need any churches, we don’t need any temples, we don’t need any monks, we don’t need any nuns, we don’t need any… nothing, we don’t need any blessings. (Yes, Master.) (Understand, Master.) That’s why Kṣitigarbha Bodhisattva, the Saint, He went to hell, (Yes, Master.) to stay with the sinners and help them whatever He can, because Heavens don’t need us, do they? (No, Master.)

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