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Between Master and Disciples

The Phoenix, Part 3 of 13, Mar 26, 2021

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I have my goal, I have my work to do. I do everything for that, (Right.) for the animals, for the humans, for the planet, to wake them up, as many as I can, and to save as many suffering animals as I can. I have no interest in other things. (Yes, Master.) I do whatever I have to do, that’s all.

There are truly no sinners in this world, according to what I’m thinking. Because they are only victims. They are victims, victims and victims, victims everywhere. (Yes, Master.) Victims of ignorance. Victims of the makeup of their own physical body that is before they were born already. (Yes, Master.)

Whether or not they’ll be a real man, a real woman, or a gay or a lesbian or bisexual or transvestite, whatever it is, they are born like that. Some don’t recognize immediately. Some recognize earlier on, some not. And later on, they grow up, sometimes they even marry and have children. (Yes.) But then, suddenly, boom! Like a man, he saw another man, suddenly something stirs in him. (Yes.) And he would leave his family.

I don’t say it’s good, but it is something inside him that stirs up and wakes him up and makes him feel like he’s not what he has been thinking that he was. (Yes, Master.) And then something is urging him so he cannot even control it. He doesn’t want to. But he could not control and then he just left his family. He cannot continue to live with the lie, the false pretense after he knew already something else about himself. (Yes, Master.) He feels like he is a fake, so he just probably has to go and live the way he thinks he should. (Yes, Master.) That’s how things happen. Same with women.

I told you already, I was in New York, working in the Buddhist temple, and one day, one layman came in. The abbot’s not home. I was alone and I was renovating the temple all by myself, like painting the wall, fixing some broken pieces of wall in the bathroom and all that, used cement or whatever I can. Things are broken because the house is old, nobody is there to take care. They just come, meditate with the Master, and then are gone. And when the Master is gone, not many people come either, so I normally meditated in those times. But one of the men came, then of course he stayed in the front, I stayed in the back. There is a door in between, with a back side and front side. Then he helped me also to do the renovating. I said, “It is good that you’re here, Because I’m tired, my neck is tired, having to paint the ceiling. I am so short of hands. So please, you do that for me, and I do the lower part.” He is happy to do that.

Then we got talking, and I asked him why he is not working or something, he comes here for like a volunteer holiday or something? He said, “No, I’m sad, I’m sad, because my girlfriend left me.” And then I said, “Oh, man, you’re Buddhist, right? You know karma, when it’s gone, it’s gone. No more. You shouldn’t worry about it. You should just forget it or…” He said he tried to but he cannot forget, so, “OK, it will take some time.” He said it won’t take time, he will not forget. I said, “What’s so difficult? You don’t say so definitely like that. Time heals everything.” He said, “No, this is different.” So I asked, “What’s the other guy have that you don’t have? Maybe he’s richer or something, or more handsome.” He said, “No, she left for another woman!” (Oh!) So I said, “Ah, now I understand. That’s why you are so despondent, so, desperate, so hopeless.” I said, “OK then, in that case, you should let her go and feel happy for her that she recognized where she belongs, and what she should do with her life, and pray for her, that’s all.”

So, these things happen, not that people really want it. Someday it just hits them like that. You saw it already. There was one film, a long, long time ago, when I had nothing to do, when I had not a lot of disciples. In America, there is something, “In & Out,” something like that. (Yes.) There is one guy, he is to marry his sweetheart, and then suddenly, one day, he met this reporter and then they just “clapped” together. (Yes.) He realized that he is not interested in women all this time, so the woman complained.

Recently, there was a gossip column somewhere about a Korean man. They married him with a woman but he was never interested in her. He never touched her. And then one day, he met another guy and then they talked about not just a normal relationship, but the other kind of relationship. Then he realized, oh, that’s why he is not interested in women, never, and he seems to be more leaning toward affection for men. (Wow.) This is on the newspapers, even.

So things are like that, you are born like that, so just accept it and society should just accept it. You are also human, (Yes, Master.) whoever you are, gay, lesbian, and all that. Just don’t hit on me, then you will be fine. That’s all I want: no, not me, that’s all. I am quite busy. I am not interested either in real man or half man, or no man, or woman or not woman. (Yes, Master.)

I have my goal, I have my work to do. I do everything for that, (Right.) for the animals, for the humans, for the planet, to wake them up, as many as I can, and to save as many suffering animals as I can. I have no interest in other things. (Yes, Master.) I do whatever I have to do, that’s all. Whatever I have to do, I have to do. If I have to go to hell, I will do that. (Oh no, Master.) Just for that also. For my goal, for my motive. My ideal. Because my heart doesn’t let me do any other thing. Even if I want, even if I try, it won’t let me. Do you understand? (Understand, Master.)

I will not be able to forget the animals’ suffering daily. Every second of my life, they’re suffering in anguish. And no one to defend them. No one to protect them. Every day I live with that and sometimes I cry a lot, sometimes I cry a little, sometimes I just push it aside so that my eyes won’t go blind. (Oh.) It’s already very blurry these days. I don’t know why things have gone down so fast. I guess it’s my age.

Now, what were we talking about, again? About the Christian priests, yeah? (The scandals. Yes, Master.) The diet is also the problem. Nowadays, even the diet, like the meat and all that, it’s full of hormones inside. (True. Yes, Master.) It makes you even more crazy. (Yes, Master.) A priest or a nun, they are also human. And if there’s no control, no strict regulation, and supervising, then they also fail. (Yes, Master.) They will fail, now or later, or some days, or sometime in their life. And then they try to get up again, control again, but they cannot. The wine and the meat and all that, it doesn’t help you to reach your goal as a holy person. Very difficult. That’s why all religions forbid meat and wine. (Yes, Master.)

“It is best to ABSTAIN FROM EATING ANY MEAT, OR DRINKING ANY WINE, or from any other activity which might cause a brother to fall away, or to be scandalized, or to weaken.” ~ Romans, Holy Bible

“Then said Daniel to Melzar, whom the prince of the eunuchs had set over Daniel, Hananiah, Mishael, and Azariah, ‘Test thy servants, I beseech thee, ten days, and let them give us pulse [vegetables] to eat and water to drink. Then let our countenances be looked upon before thee, and the countenance of the youths who eat of the portion of the king’s meat. And as thou seest, deal with thy servants.’ So he consented to them in this matter, and tested them ten days. And at the end of ten days their countenances appeared fairer and fatter in flesh than all the youths who ate the portion of the king’s meat. Thus Melzar TOOK AWAY THE PORTION OF THEIR MEAT AND THE WINE THAT THEY SHOULD DRINK, AND GAVE THEM PULSE [VEGETABLES].” ~ Daniel, Holy Bible

“Do not be among those who give themselves to wine-drinking, or among those who make themselves full with meat.” ~ Proverbs, Holy Bible

“Meats for the belly, and the belly for meats: but God shall destroy both it and them.” ~ 1 Corinthians, Holy Bible

I mean animal products, alcohol, and intoxicants. All these kinds of things are ruining your brain, your intellect, and your reason capability. You can’t control too much, if that kind of evil even added onto your system. And also, they rely on Jesus. They think Jesus died already for all the sinners, so they can go on sinning. It’s not like that. No, no, no.

The 12 Apostles who followed Jesus, they didn’t do any of this. They didn’t do any of the sexual stuff, drinking wine, eating meat, and all that. (Yes, Master.) Even if they say “wine,” no, it’s not, it’s just water, maybe with fruit juice or something like that. (Yes, Master.) Or maybe one day Jesus made it as a miracle, because His mother demanded. And even then, He was very displeased. He said, “Mother, why do you make me do this?” If you guys are Christian, any of you remember? (Yes, Master.) It was not like He was willing to do it, to show off or anything. (Right.) Because all the Saints and Sages and real practitioners, we know that these magical stuff are just not conducive to our Heavenward journey. (Yes, Master.)

So now, they think Jesus died for all sinners. It’s not like that. He died for His disciples, for His followers and for the people at that time whoever believed in Him. But after Jesus is gone, somebody else has to take up the cross. (Yes, Master.) That’s why Jesus said, “I am the Light in the world as long I am in the world.” He doesn’t say, “I’ll be the Light forever for you, for next generation, forever, forever.” No. He said, “I am the Light for the world as long I am in the world.”

That’s why life after life, we have different Masters coming into our planet, into our world, to help us, to teach us again. Similar to the teaching of all the teachers in the school. Even Einstein had to go. (Yes.) And another Einstein, or successor or may be lesser or better than Einstein, comes, replaces him. (Yes.)

Whoever the most brilliant teacher, has to go. But then, we have to find another living teacher. (Yes, Master.) We cannot keep waiting for Einstein, or just reading his theory and then become brilliant. Not necessarily. Practice makes the Master. (Yes, Master.) We must find another Master to learn the trait, any trait at all. (Yes, Master.) Even the geniuses, they still have to learn with other professors, (That’s right. Yes.) in order to perfect their skills, their talents, and deepen their understanding. Also, different components of the world, he has to learn to know to use them. But because he is a genius, he might learn faster and do it better than many of us. That’s correct. (Yes, Master.)

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