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Honoring All Mothers, Today and Every Day

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Today is Mother’s Day, a day dedicated to all mothers for the comfort, protection, and guidance they have offered to children. For this occasion, a number of vegan kids have created their own unique expressions of love and gratitude toward their mothers. Let’s hear from vegan kids around the world expressing their love to their mothers and our beloved Supreme Master Ching Hai. “Thank you mum for your love, passion, and hard work for bringing me up as a vegan, telling me about the world, the universe and about Supreme Master Ching Hai, I love both of you. Wishing my mum, Supreme Master Ching Hai, and all mothers a very Happy Mother’s Day.” Up next, Saifa from Bangkok will perform a touching song “Mother of Mine.” “Mother, you gave me happiness, much more than words can say. I pray the Lord that Hes may bless you every night and every day…”

On this day, while we send well-wishes to our mothers, we can not forget that animals have mothers too. Animals may appear different than us, but the bond between mothers and their young are the same as ours. “In another story, a mother sheep was about to be killed at a restaurant in China. She was with her son, a small lamb, and she was licking the tears from his face because he knew she was going to be killed. The waiter picked up the lamb and was shocked to find that he had been hiding the butcher’s knife underneath himself to save his mother’s life, hoping… When the restaurant owner heard what happened, he was so moved that he spared the life of mother and child and quit his business.”

There is one holy Mother whom we forget to appreciate sometimes in our daily lives – Mother Earth. Supreme Master Ching Hai reminded us how much we are loved by Mother Earth in the following words. “Don't forget that we have a very beautiful home here for us and for our children. And for grandchildren, great-great grandchildren, it's a beautiful place, physically speaking, and it has all conditions to sustain life. And it offers us so much, so much. So much fun, so much beauty, so much love.”

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