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Between Master and Disciples

The Phoenix, Part 5 of 13, Mar 26, 2021

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We are sinning because we are destroying our planet. (Yes, Master.) We are sinning because we are torturing other humans and bombing them, killing them, (Yes.) innocent bystanders, for any reason. And we are sinning because we’re torturing, oppressing the helpless animals every second of our life.

We are sinning because we are destroying our planet. (Yes, Master.) We are sinning because we are torturing other humans and bombing them, killing them, (Yes.) innocent bystanders, for any reason. And we are sinning because we’re torturing, oppressing the helpless animals every second of our life. (Yes, Master.)

Now talking about sin, then let’s talk more sin. (Yes, Master.) For money, you kill people. For fame and position, you oppress opponents, you blame them for things they did not do, you wrongly accuse them. You give fake news all over the nation or the planet so that people will hate them, not vote for them, or harass them or harass their followers. (Yes, Master.) “Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbor.” These are not sinning? Then what are they then? In a big, big, big, huge scale. (Yes, Master.)

The gay people, they only love one person. Even if they sin, they only sin (on a) small scale (Yes, Master.) compared to the people who are bombing, killing other nations’ citizens, no matter what reason. (Yes, Master.) And then killing innocent animals every day, (Yes.) the ones who have no defense, no one to protect them, no law, nothing.

Even they make laws themselves, they say, “Oh, the citizens cannot oppress animals, cannot harass them, cannot torture them, cannot cause them pain or anxiety or anything at all.” But what are they doing every day in the slaughterhouse?! (Yes, Master.) Tell me! And all the lawmakers know that! Or don’t they!? (They know, Master, they know.) Yes! From the president to the policeman to the sweeper on the street. The lawmakers made them for them, but including the lawmakers themselves! (Yes, Master.) If you make a law, you expect that to be followed. (Yes.)

Because the government said, “Oh, you don’t steal, and if somebody because they are hungry or poor or has no job, has to go steal some food or some money to survive, then he goes to jail.” Does he not? (Yes, Master.) And how about the law – not harassing animals, not cause them pain and suffering, not causing them fear and all that? Nobody… excuse me, I’m just too, I’m just freaking out, talking about raw emotion. Sorry. I think you don’t think I’m a Master anymore, I’m talking like a… I don’t know what, politician or something. It really freaks me out. It really hurts me. (Understand, Master.) Don’t bother cutting this. Let them see. (Yes, Master.) It’s all real, I’m all real. (Yes.) I don’t have anything to hide or to play theater or anything. So, you see what I’m saying now? (Yes, Master.)

If we want to talk about sin, well, we can make a list of it or books about them. (Right. Yes, Master.) Why trampling upon those poor, helpless gay couples? All they want is just a loving company for their life, to have them, taking care of each other in times of need, and to share happiness when they are joyful together. Even if it’s a sin, I would ask God to overlook it. Because everybody else sins more than they do. (Yes.) What do you think? (Yes, Master.) (We agree.)

Yeah, so I talked a lot already. And you’re making me into trouble perhaps. I don’t care! I have to say what is correct. (Yes, Master. Thank You, Master.) I feel sorry, I could cry for them. Can you imagine how they feel, (Yes, Master.) these people? (Yes.) Still shunned by many. (Yes, Master.) Feeling they are not normal, they are sick or something. It’s not fair.

If God wants to blame, then Hes should blame Hirmself. That’s what I think. I’m sorry if God wants to put me to hell or something, I say the truth. You accept it. Even if God tells me not to bless them and I’m a priest, I would. (Yes, Master.) I cannot give them more pain than they’re already in. Don’t you think so? (Yes, Master.)

Yeah, I cannot trample upon somebody who is already almost on the ground. (Yes, Master.) Just like you make fun of a handicapped person. Is that OK? (No, Master.) (No, it’s not.) You know already he’s a handicapped person. You don’t keep picking on him, say, “Oh, why do you have only one eye?” (Yes.) Something like that. Or, “Why do you have only one leg? You don’t look like any of us. You useless thing.” Stuff like that. It’s the same, right? (Yes, Master.) Knowing people are handicapped already, and tell them they are bad? Is that correct? (No, Master.)

I don’t know if God said anything like that, or somebody added it on. (Yes.) Because why say only about men? Why not about women? Woman lesbians, they’re also together. (Yes, Master.) That’s not fair. I don’t think God said anything like that. I think maybe added on, later on. (Yes, Master.) Or somebody for personal purposes. I think I abolish this, if God permits. Even if God doesn’t, I would like that to be abolished, this sin or law or whatever that is, because it’s not fair. (Yes, Master.)

Sin is the one who knows that he should not do it, in his position as a priest, and still harassing, molesting an innocent, helpless teenager, minor, who is looking upon him as a god, as a representative of God, as a holy person, as a teacher for the blurry road that he’s treading on every day in this world; he looks upon the priests, the monks, as his master, as someone who is wise and holy. And if he turns around, and betrays that trust from an innocent, and even causes pain and suffering, psychologically, mentally, physically to that little minor, then that is a sin! (Yes, Master.)

And I cannot talk enough of that. Can you imagine if it’s you, yourself? All alone, small, with these big and powerful people, or even a stranger, and you are frightened. No one is there to help you when you scream in pain and terror. My God! All right, I think we had enough of that.

The reason other religions, we don’t hear much in the monkhood, in the priesthood of other religions, is because I told you already, Buddhism is a very broad teaching. Either they eat vegan, or they go out begging and people give them what they give and they just eat that. Or like Tibetan monks, they even eat meat, also. But they don’t kill, of course. Even all the Tibetans, they don’t kill. They let the Muslims kill for them. My God, (it’s) just the same. At least, they know. (Yes, Master.) Either they stay in the monkhood and obey exactly the precepts, or he defrocks himself, go out, marry. It’s no problem. Nobody would even point fingers at him or her, saying blah blah blah – nothing. (Yes, Master.)

So, even in Buddhism, we have some temporary monks also. They can be monks, one week, two weeks, one month, two months, one year, two years. (Yes.) Like going to the army. So, because of the very clear teaching of the Buddha, in Buddhism, we don’t hear any of these scandals, about monks molesting minors and all that stuff. Up to now, this old age, I never heard anything about them.

And Muslim priests also, we don’t hear of that, because they are also very strict. They’re very, very strict. They’re very, very focused on their work as monks. Or there’re also married monks, married priests. Other religions are also very strict about that, very clear. And they are more temperate in food choices. More. (Right.) The Buddhists, for example, that’s very clear.

It’s also clear in Christianity because in Leviticus, it says that you don’t do that anyway. So, if they believe in the Bible, as a Holy Bible, then they shouldn’t do that. Especially forcing the minors who are vulnerable, helpless, and don’t dare to tell anybody. Probably shocked them for their whole life. (Yes.) And stunt their growth. Or smashing their faith, forever. So that is a real sin. (Yes, Master.)

Anything else, I think it’s better just don’t talk about it. Oh, I just… All people would feel like it’s all fake, all fake. It’s all fake, and false, and… My God, what are they doing with Jesus’ teaching? Oh, my God! They make an empire out of it, for gain and fame, and respect, and privilege. That is a sin. (Yes, Master.)

Not a couple who love each other and want to be together all their lives and just ask them to be witnesses, and to bless them. If they even have any blessing, at all. (Yes, Master.) Otherwise, if they are sinners, then a sinner blesses a sinner, what’s the use of that? (Yes. Right. Yes, Master.)

I’m very angry inside. I’m an angry Master. (No, Master.) I’m a very angry vegan Master. When it comes to injustice and the suffering of children, and animals. Because they are helpless. (Yes, Master.) The adults, they can fend for themselves, but children, they don’t know what to do. (Right, Master. Yes.) They probably never dare say to anybody. So, many of these incidents never come to light. (Yes, Master.) Only a little bit recently, and the church didn’t do much. Symbolically here and there. My God! Oh, may God forgive us all, Ultimate Master, God Almighty, forgive all of us. Please. Because we also don’t know what to do with each other, with cases like this. We just have to pray for forgiveness and not accusing any of them.

I’m not accusing. I’m just feeling tremendously painful for the children. Imagine if it’s you. (Yes, Master.) You’re a kid only, you never knew anything like this, and you are taught to respect these priests and monks or nuns, whatever. And they sell you! (Yes.) They abuse you, they molest you, and they sell you even. (Yes.) You read the news. I don’t want to talk anymore. (Yes, Master.) My God, make a business out of an orphanage, out of the orphan boys! (Yes.) Or girls. What wicked evil! (Unimaginable.) Talking about satan and devils, and all that. Where are they?

If they are in the church like that, then we don’t know where else to run for refuge. You understand what I’m saying? (Yes, Master.)

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