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Between Master and Disciples

The Phoenix, Part 6 of 13, Mar 26, 2021

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So we have to purify ourselves, really be sincere and humble at all times, meditate whenever possible. It’s good that you have a job, very busy job, so your mind will not play tricks on you. You have no time.

Ask another question, please.

(The next question is about the UFOs, Master.) UFO? OK. (Yes. Master, recently a British newspaper published that the Pentagon has admitted to holding and testing anomalous debris from UFOs. A researcher says that the documents reveal some of the retrieved debris possess extraordinary capabilities, including the potential to make things invisible) Yes. (or even slow down the speed of light. Including another interesting report on a mysterious memory metal called “Nitinol,” which remembers its original shape when it’s folded.) Oh, OK. How does it remember? (It’s a mysterious memory metal.) Ah, OK. (So, Master, does this outstanding admission by such a government department as the Pentagon have some deeper meaning behind it? And could it signify a new stage for Earthlings’ open-mindedness?)

Yeah. It’s about time they admit something. (Yes.) Not much anyway. Never mind. Whatever unfolds, you will see. (Yes, Master.) I’m no psychic. I’m no clairvoyant, whatever you want me to do, or “hula hula hup,” these fortune teller stuff. (Yes, Master.) Whatever the government doesn’t want you to know, better leave it as is, or we might get into trouble. It’s not our field. (Yes, Master. Right, Master.) Unless it hurts somebody, then I will be fearless. Whatever toys they find or develop, we’ll let them play with it. (Yes, Master.) They knew this long ago already. Not just now. (Yes, Master.) I guess they have been pressured to release something. Otherwise, it will boil over. (Yes.)

Some people can already make themselves invisible or transport themselves somewhere else. (Oh, wow!) (Wow!) Or like teletransporting. They call it “teletransporting.” But we don’t need that. We take a bus, it’s quick. Airplane. (Yes, Master.) We don’t need much else, actually. We need to fly to Heaven, that’s all we need. (Yes, Master.) And that’s what you’re doing every day and helping others to do the same. (Yes, Master.) All right. That’s it.

Because wherever you go in this world, you are still here. Visible or not, flying or walking, you’re still in this prison. (Yes.) No big deal. (Right. Yes, Master.) Even if you go to Mars, you are still in the shadow illusionary world. (Yes, Master.) Only some people awaken and realize that we are not real. Then they’re seeking a Master and they’re seeking a method to liberate themselves from this big dream, hallucination dream. (Yes, Master.) Then that’s where we join in. The rest, I don’t care.

My God. Even if you can fly in the air… Of course, it’s useful sometimes when you’re in an emergency, if you are in a life-and-death situation, like I have been sometimes. I wish I could use that. But otherwise, where are you flying on this planet anyway? (Right.) (Yes, Master.) The max is you go to New York, or you go to London, you go to Paris. And then what? Sit there, drink a coffee. Take an airplane, can also do the same.

Long time ago, the Buddha wanted to cross a river, and there was no boat at that time, so He was waiting. And there was a man, a yogi, who showed off. He walked across the river in front of the Buddha to mock Him, saying that He is the World Honored One and could not even walk on the water to go over to the other side of the bank. So, the Buddha asked him, “How long did you practice until you could do that?” He said, “About 25 or 30 years,” something like that. Decades anyway. He said, “Oh, I just paid 20 pennies and I can go across.” You understand? (Yes, Master.) Instead of practicing 20 years, He paid 20 cents.

So, is that OK for your UFO question? (Yes, Master.) You still want to fly somewhere or disappear or something? You can’t disappear, you have to work! Otherwise, the world will disappear. Don’t wait for that. (Yes, Master.) And then we all will disappear. (Yes, Master.)

Even if we disappear, I would like this planet to be a better place. To let the animals free. To let the poor bystanders be free of fear, and bombing, and amputating, and mental disturbing, and peace ruining, all that. (Yes, Master.) Even if you go into a house as a guest, you leave it clean and nice before you leave. (Yes, Master.) Yes. Out of respect. Out of gratefulness. Same.

We are guests here on this planet and we mess it all up for everybody. It’s not nice. (Yes, Master.) The Muslims say that… God says, “Be a good guest on Earth.” And we are not a good guest at all. We are terrible. We are terrifying everybody on this planet – other guests, and the host, and whomever we can. That’s not nice. That’s not gentlemanly. Next question, if you’re done. (Yes, Master. Thank You, Master.)

(In a recent Fly-In News, Master mentioned that She was trying hard to negotiate with Heaven. Master, may we know how the negotiation is going? Do we have a fixed period of time to fulfill the conditions Heaven is demanding?)

Oh, man. Go ask God! You ask the humans, and they will answer you. Because I can’t control their mind, I can’t tell them what to do. Negotiate is one thing; humans’ cooperation is another thing. Do you understand me? (Yes, Master.) They just do not cooperate. That is the problem. (Yes.) Some do, but very slow and very little. So, the negotiation is also slow and little. (Yes, Master.) Except that we can stop many deaths and many sufferings. (Yes.) A lot – millions. Millions of deaths, millions of sufferings. That’s all we can do.

But further than that, the humans have to show some goodwill. (Yes.) Because they have been taught right from wrong for millennia already. (Yes, Master.) For eons of time already, by many Masters. Much blood of the Masters and saints and sages has been shed for them. And if they don’t wake up and they don’t want to do the right thing… Or even if you call that a “sacrifice” not to kill animals anymore, not to hurt anyone anymore, even if you call that a sacrifice, then you should do it for others, for your children. But it’s not a sacrifice; it’s the right way to do things. It’s not right to hurt anyone! Especially the animals. They’re helpless. They’re innocent. They’re so sweet. And they protect you no end, and they bless you no end! My God. Every day the animals come and tell me this and that.

Because there are some places I cannot stay. I had to leave, due to some disciples. Because they’re low level, and they’re clinging. They send their low energy and make trouble for me and make me sick and all that. Because we have the connection. The outsiders can also make me trouble, but it’s not their intention. The disciples do it, some with intention, because of low-level thinking, because of selfishness. (Yes, Master.)

And all the animals come and tell me, “Don’t go in there, don’t go in here, don’t stay here, don’t do this, don’t do that, because your peace will be disturbed, you will be not well.” Of course, I know that, but sometimes I’m just too tired to keep moving. I did move eventually, because − ah, God, I cannot not move. (Yes, Master.)

Therefore, these two weeks, I didn’t talk to you. Is it two weeks already, or more? (About two weeks, Master.) Last time, we talked is the 10th of March, right? (Yes.) What is today? (26th.) 26. So that’s more than two weeks. (Yes.) I wanted to do it earlier but I was so tired and then moving. Every time I move, because I’m alone, I have to rearrange things for myself, (Yes.) to make it more convenient and comfortable for me to work. And just convenient, just to survive on, to live on, in peace.

So it takes some time to be alone. You know when you go somewhere, when there’s nothing there for you, you have to do this, do that. (Yes.) Just that even every time for a conference with you, I have to arrange things. (Thank You, Master.) So, every time I talk to you, I have to rearrange everything, and later I have to rearrange it again, because the computer where I work is not the computer where I am talking to you. (Right. Yes.) It has to be a different angle and different corner of the house. (Yes, Master.)

You, all of the disciples, should worry about meditation, purifying yourself so that you can be higher in consciousness. Otherwise, even if you want to help the world, you cannot, it’s just more mess. Other people don’t know anything about God and just like your hand, if your hand is muddy, dirty, whatever you touch, it becomes (Dirty.) dirty. Even if you want to clean the computer, the computer becomes (Dirty.) dirty, like that.

So important is to make ourselves pure and clean, and kind inside. Then anything else, whatever we can help, we do, but if we ourselves are a mess, we cannot do much. (Understand, Master. Yes.) Just like a mentally incapable person, he cannot help a sane person, even if he wants to. (Yes, Master.) He wouldn’t know how, (Yes.) or his concept about helping is different from the way he should do. (Yes, Master.) Similar.

So we have to purify ourselves, really be sincere and humble at all times, meditate whenever possible. It’s good that you have a job, very busy job, so your mind will not play tricks on you. You have no time. (Yes, Master.) Because we say that, “An idle mind is a devil’s workshop.” (Yes.) It is like that. It is like that.

Thus, maybe that’s also another reason that the Buddhist monks and nuns, they’re so busy studying all the Buddha’s teaching, because the Buddha preached about maybe until 80 years. (Yes, Master.) Many, many decades, a lot of sutras for them to study, and they believe in the sutra, in the holy books of the Buddhist teaching. So they all learn or go find a higher monk to learn and study all that, and try to think of what’s the meaning, or reciting every day until they know by heart. Some you have to know by heart, there’s some rituals, you have to know what to do.

So they’re busy all the time. So the evil has no time to mess up their minds. I don’t know if the Christian priests are that busy or not. They have only one Bible to study, so maybe too much free time. Too much prestige and privilege, too much respect from followers, too much support, and too much time. Too much freedom. (Yes, Master.) And it’s too free. Eat anything, drink anything, you do anything. That is not very good for monkhood, I’m thinking my humble opinion. (Yes, Master.)

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