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Between Master and Disciples

The Phoenix, Part 11 of 13, Mar 26, 2021

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We have so many miracles nowadays that we even take it all for granted. (Yes.) Just to talk with you like this is a miracle for me. (Yes, Master.) So that I can still do some little bit of reminding people through this way, even though I’m in retreat. (Thank You, Master.) Even though I’m busy, but I still can do it.

I just thank you, respect you and appreciate you, and you know that. And that’s enough. (Yes, Master.) (Thank You, Master.) And if I write stars, then you count it. Who has more stars? Maybe I’ll use that system. I don’t know. It’s because we are in the physical body. It’s also nice to communicate with each other, for your sake. (Yes.)

You feel encouraged, right? (Yes, Master, we do.) Also, you feel assured, “Oh, I’m doing the right thing.” (Yes.) Because after you do it, you might think, “Oh, I wonder if I do it good enough.” (That’s right.) If (your) Master feels good with that or not. (Yes.) So I say that and this just to make you happy, (We love it, Master.) to make you feel reassured, that you are doing right, that you are going in a good direction, and you feel not so worried. (Yes, Master.) That’s all. Otherwise, I would prefer writing nothing.

Before I only “click, click, click,” because they would be writing it, not me. And now I have to write it myself. So, I take care of as much work as I can, but so busy, so busy. A lot of things. A lot of other things. (Yes.) Not just our television, many other things. Because of business. Because people and… never mind. I do as much as I can. (Yes, Master. Thank You.) I don’t have ten thousand arms like Quan Yin Bodhisattva. Not physically.

OK, my love. So, we leave the Bitcoin where it is. I don’t know… (Yes, Master.) Truly, truly I confess, I know nothing about it. I saw it, I heard the name Bitcoin, but I don’t know what they do, because I never put my attention to it. I thought it’s something they do, just like nowadays we invent the computer or laptop or apps, this app, this app. Or “Tweet, tweet,” and, oh, YouTube, whatever. (Yes, Master.) I say this because it’s not my work, so I don’t pay attention too much. (Yes, Master.)

Unless something is really connected with people. Like, I don’t really like political talk, but if it connects with people, if it hurts people in some way, and if I could say a few words that might help… It might not even help because nobody listens, even. I don’t know. But I say what I think. I’m praying that it may help people. (Yes.) Then I do it. But the Bitcoin, it doesn’t concern me yet. So, I’m sorry to disappoint you. What I know, then I know. What I don’t know, I tell you I don’t know. (Yes, Master.) So, you can always know that I tell you the truth and I tell you only what I know. (Yes, Master.) And I’m not ashamed to tell you I don’t know a bit about Bitcoin. Not a bit! OK. Next one.

(Master, do they have a monetary system, the more spiritually advanced planets?)

No, not all of them have it. Even on our planet, I tell you there are some places, they don’t use money, (Yes.) except for some rare occasion. Like there is an island in Australia called Lord Howe Island, I think? They exchange. They still exchange, everybody has to toil for their survival there. They have to plant potatoes if they want to have tomatoes from the neighbors. They have to plant vegetables, lettuce, if they want to have cucumbers from the man next door. They exchange it. But the tourists, they probably can pay with money, very rarely though, because they put like a basket of oranges outside on the street like that and they say, “Whatever you think, you put there.”

I’m not sure they put stuff or they put money. Maybe the tourists they have to put money, because they don’t have anything to exchange. But between them, they have to exchange things. They don’t use currency. And they’re very happy there. It’s only about 400 people, more or less, and they allow only about 400 tourists, to protect the environment from contamination or overabuse (Yes.) of their small economy and island.

Over there, the animals also live in harmony with humans. (Wow!) Like you go in the jungle and you clap a few times, all the birds or other animals will come to you, (Wow!) say hallo. Something like that. No, they’re not afraid of humans. It’s long ago since I read that. You can read again. (Yes, Master.) Can read again, or put it as the footnote or caption or explanation for other people. (Yes, Master.)

There are more details about their island also, but it seems like a paradise to me. Animals come when you clap. (Wow.) And you have to exchange by your labor to your neighbor to have some potatoes or oranges. And the oranges, just leave on the street in the basket and whoever wants to take them, takes them. They trust that much. (Yes, Master.) Take it and exchange with something or put some money or something in it, depends on who you are.

The tourists, of course, they let them pay with money. And then that money, they use to buy things from outside of their island. Because outside of their island, for example, mainland Australia, I don’t think they can bring a basket of oranges and tell the supermarkets, “I want your bread with this.” You see what I’m saying? (Yes, Master.) And they do still need money because I think they interact with outside of the islanders. And for repairing their areas, for the reef, or the island protecting walls, or whatever, or buying things from outside to bring back to their island to do their work. Nowadays, like that.

But I think over there, you don’t have even cell phones; it doesn’t work. So, when you go there, you’re completely lost in their world, finito (finished). And then you go out when your visa is finished. I think there is no high-tech over there. Nothing much to worry about.

But they help with repairing the island from the tourist invasion, and also, like, trimming grasses and all that, or repairing the border wall or stuff like that. Because they have very little (380) people. I don’t think they have 400 people. I forgot how many. But from what I read, they allow only 400 people to come in. And you have to book long in advance, so that you can come. You cannot just go there right away. You have to book, because the plane and all that stuff. (Yes, Master.) It seems like a very remote island, but a good one, and an exchanging system, like old times. (Yes, Master.)

Maybe you’d like to live in that place, whoever asked me this question about “bit” whatever “coin” that is. Maybe you’d be happier there. But you can’t work for Supreme Master TV. There’s no internet. You can’t even call out. No phone. No cell phone coverage, I think not − at that time. I am not sure, maybe they update now with a lot of tourists coming, I’m not sure.

Originally, they didn’t want any tourists. But later they let them in, 400. That’s good. (Yes.) They control tourism. Like this, they can have a chance to interact with others and let other people know their paradise but not damaging their home. It’s very smart. OK. Any other questions? (No, Master.) No? No spontaneous question?

(Master, was that island called Palau?) Palau? No, no. That’s Lord Howe Island. Belongs to Australia, near Australia. Not Palau. Palau, I don’t know. I went there, but I don’t think they have the exchange system. I don’t know for sure about that. I didn’t read that. But Lord Howe Island they call it. It’s named by one of the persons who discovered that island, I think. (It’s been a) long time, I’m not sure anymore.

All alone and on your computer, you’re an island too. We all are, because we are so concentrated on our work. (Yes.) Otherwise, Master will not give you two stars. That I think is also a Bitcoin system. Instead of saying the actual word, you put stars in it. Instead of spending cash, real money, you use digital. (Yes.) If nothing else, then, what time is it? Oh, my God! Two o’clock? (Yes.) (2:20.) Oh, you must be tired, no? (No, Master.) (No.) Working all day already? But I let you sleep one hour before the conference. Because I know if I don’t let you, then maybe you’d keep nodding over here. Very bad for the camera.

OK. I read you a story or you want to go sleep? Tell me. (Story, Master.) Story, yes, I also think so. Because if not, I never know when I’ll have another chance again. (Yes, Master.) (Thank You, Master.) Sometimes I think I have a lot of chances, but sometimes, I don’t. (Yes. Understand, Master.) Because if too much burden of karma, then sometimes my inspiration also is not there too. (Yes, Master.) It’s suppressed and I don’t feel like doing it. Even if I want to, it feels like an obligation. (Yes, Master.) And you will feel that. And I don’t want you to feel that.

I want you to feel nice, and welcome, and happy. (Yes. Thank You, Master.) For a change from your hard day’s work, of the week or something. (Thank You, Master.) Or some stress. We work, we have stress, also. (Yes.)

All right. This story is called “The Phoenix.” But I want you to know that this is not really a physical phoenix. (Yes, Master.) It’s a story also anyway. It’s in the Jewish treasury book of folklore. “Folklore Treasury of the Jews.” This one is called “The Phoenix.” I need my modern-day miracle.

We have so many miracles nowadays that we even take it all for granted. (Yes.) Just to talk with you like this is a miracle for me. (Yes, Master.) So that I can still do some little bit of reminding people through this way, even though I’m in retreat. (Thank You, Master.) Even though I’m busy, but I still can do it.

It’s different from going out and dressing up, or things like that. To do remote like this is good because I don’t have to dress up a lot. I’m dressed up though, from top to toe. Not like one of the CNN top reporters. He didn’t wear any pants. (Yes.) Nowadays, many people do Zoom and do all kinds of stupid things, that they think they already shut the computer but they didn’t. And people saw them all. But I’m not like a CNN reporter. I wear trousers and top, but I don’t have to match it all up. (Yes, Master.) I could wear the blue trousers and a red T-shirt. Nobody sees. They only see the red T-shirt. I don’t show the mismatching down there.

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