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Between Master and Disciples

The Phoenix, Part 13 of 13, Mar 26, 2021

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You be good. Try to remember even Eden people can fall, so you be vigilant. (Yes, Master.) And be humble. Like we are nothing. Truly, we can fall anytime. (Yes, Master.) We can fall anytime, so we don’t try to judge other people.

Originally, Adam and Eve never had to die. They lived forever, like God in Heaven or in the Eden on Earth even. But because they sinned, they disobeyed God’s wish, thus they will have to die. They went into that direction.

It’s not about the apple. But it’s about the principle that you have to respect God’s commandments, even in the small things. (Yes.) That’s why even you have just asked me why the Vatican condemned gay marriage as a sin. Even that. Anything in this world, we think, we do, or even not do, is sinful. Because it’s the world. This world is made like that, made for you to fall and tempt you with some kind of elusive pleasure, which will bring more downfall afterward. But people are just like the moths seeing the light, seeing the flame. They cannot help but plunge themselves into the flame and destroy themselves.

Because of the makeup of this world, because of the trouble of this world, we cannot keep our minds together. But how can God blame us or anybody blame us as sinners? Even our forefather, made by God, can sin, can be tempted. And in Eden even! You got that? (Yes, Master.) Eden is supposed to be safe and secure, and pleasant, happy – everything, you have. But Eden, of course, mind you, you have to remember “Eden” means on Earth, Heaven on Earth only. So the God who created Eden, or even if it’s not on Earth, maybe in the Astral Heaven, it’s not a very high level.

But the Saints, like in Fourth Level, Fifth Level onward, They will not fall – if They are in Their domain. If They come down here, They might also fall (Wow.) because of temptation, because of the ignorant nature that’s added onto the makeup of Their being, so that They will forget what is right, what is wrong, and so that They will forget to control their own mistakes and fall. Everybody else does it, and then you do also. It is like that. Sometimes if enough people do it, then others will follow. (Yes.)

The problem is, it’s not just that we fall alone, we drag other people to fall with us as well. (Right.) That is what the story wanted to warn us. It’s not that we can say, “OK, I did it all to myself. I don’t bother anybody else. It’s all me harming myself.” But it’s not that. Sooner or later, this effect will be rubbed off on other people around you, or maybe even far, far, far, faraway countries’ people.

Like war or… You see, one country discovered the atom bomb, and other countries, now they all have them. (Yes, Master.) (Yes.) And quarreling with each other to let them have it or not have it. Because they worry they will use it to harm other countries or to make war and to kill and to cause so much damage in the world, like Hiroshima, for example. (Yes, Master.) But the thing is, their country also has it! As I told you before, it’s not a problem of our being poor perhaps, but there is a problem because of richer neighbors. And then that’s how our mind begins to think, “I want to have that like him. I want to have that car. (Yes.) I want to have that house. I want to have that toilet,” for example, so good a one like that.

They built a toilet in Canada somewhere with 400-something thousand US dollars. (Wow!) You heard that? (No.) It’s in the news, believe it or not. They said it’s tough so it prevents, people… like, graffiti, and to break it or to destroy it or to damage it, something like that. It’s like a tough one. I was in Europe before, in Spain. I saw one house, the toilet is made with gold. (Wow!) Yeah, in a mansion. They make it gold, and then also beds and many other things, toilets and bathrooms also, made with either expensive metal or expensive jewelry, or maybe like a very expensive kind of floor tiles, Italian marble, something like that. (Yes.) But special one, very expensive. So they sell it at a very, very, very expensive price.

I don’t think I would pay so many millions of dollars just to have a gold toilet. My God! Or many other stuff. The house is small. It’s nothing. It just depends on your taste, but if you have something good or expensive, it doesn’t mean you feel happy or attracted to it. It’s actually not like that. (Yes, Master.)

When I went to Germany and visited King Ludwig’s… He built some real golden palaces. But when I went inside there, I saw that, I didn’t feel anything good. It is small, it’s tight, and it feels not free. (Yes, Master.) Maybe because they tried to save gold. They cannot buy it to make a big place. But even then, I felt nothing. Even giving it to me, to be honest, I wouldn’t live in it. (Yes, Master.) You want to live where you feel comfortable. (Yes.) It’s not necessarily where it’s expensively built. (Yes, Master.) I wouldn’t feel comfortable in that golden palace or castle.

All right, then. Now, that’s why I tell you, even Adam and Eve sinned in Eden, next to God’s place, and they can sin. And it’s the first generation. God made them with all love and all power, empowering them. (Yes, Master.) Even though made with earth, but still, God breathed His life force into them. And lived next to God and in such a beautiful surrounding. What do they lack? Why do they have to eat that apple? Even though an apple isn’t worth much, but God doesn’t want you to eat, then you don’t eat. Simple as that. (Yes, Master.)

You have so many things there already. (Right.) Why don’t you listen to God? Instead, you listen to a snake. (Yes.) (Yes, Master.) God trusted you, God gave you everything in the garden and left you a big beautiful place and palace and all that; you lack nothing! So, you should have trusted God. (Yes, Master.) Why would God not want to give you the best anyway? When the snake told them, “If you eat this apple, you’ll become like God. God doesn’t want you to know the right and wrong, the good and bad. So that’s why God forbids you to eat,” so, they trusted the snake. Can you believe that? (No.)

The snake, a stranger, and looking ugly as that, crawling on the ground. Has not even legs, just a poisonous mouth, and never has given them anything in their favor. (Yes, Master.) Never protected them, never gave them anything to eat, or never gave them a palace or anything, never did them any favor. Just came and talked like that and they believed! And the God − God – who created them, who nourished them, who spoiled them with all things possible, they did not believe. You see that? (Yes, Master.) That’s the reason also Jesus had to die. Because we have this DNA from Adam and Eve in us. (Yes, Master.) Whatever excuses.

So when we talk about sinning in this world, there is no surprise. The only solution is forgive whom you can. Forgive what you can – especially those who don’t harm anyone, they just love each other. No matter if a man loves a woman, or a man loves a man. It’s love that counts. (Yes, Master.)

It’s not about physical contact. I don’t know why people are accusing, for example, sex and all that as a sin. It could be a sin because it harms your spiritual progress in that aspect. In that aspect only. Everybody does that. Because God, also I read somewhere that He has wanted people to multiply all over the planet. Is that not so? (Yes, Master.) It’s somewhere in the Bible, or not? (Yes.) Go and multiply yourself, yeah? (Yes, Master.) Tell me. (Yes, exactly. Go forth and multiply.)

“And as for you, be fruitful and multiply; Bring forth abundantly in the earth And multiply in it.” - Holy Bible, Genesis 9:7

Yeah, I remember that, even though I didn’t have time to read it for a long time. I read it when I was younger, small, or teenage or something like that.

So how can people multiply without sex? Tell me. (They can’t.) Multiply abundantly on the whole planet, multiply. To multiply, they have to do this physical intimate connection. (Yes, Master.) They have to have sex, that’s what you call it. And then call that a sin. And whoever cannot make children and have this same action, then call that a sin, or similar action. My God! If God doesn’t have anything better to do than just worry about who marries whom, I am so sorry. Truly. Then it sounds like a business to me. If you bear children, then you are OK, you are not a sinner. If you do the same thing, or similar thing with love to each other, but you don’t bear children, then you sin.

I read somewhere also saying that God created humans to worship Him. Correct like that? (Yes.) So it’s like, OK, God is not all unconditional. God needs people to worship Him, so He created them. So if just a gay marries a gay and it’s a sin, then I don’t know who is not sinning. Including our Father God. What for He made us and put us into temptation everywhere we look? Every step we take is a temptation. Oh, man. So that’s what I’m saying.

I don’t believe God has made this law. (Yes, Master.) Because as God, He should know that people marry each other, it’s not just for sex. They could have sex without marrying. Correct? (Correct. Yes.) They could do it without the priest even blessing them. (Yes, Master.) If that priest or that particular priest even has blessing to give, or if he’s pure enough as a vessel for God’s blessing to go through, even. So in this world, I’m telling you, everything is upside down. (Yes.) They put words into God’s mouth, they put fish into Jesus’ mouth and say that He ate it. (Yes, Master.) So that they can enjoy it. My goodness!

You be good. Try to remember even Eden people can fall, so you be vigilant. (Yes, Master.) And be humble. Like we are nothing. Truly, we can fall anytime. (Yes, Master.) We can fall anytime, so we don’t try to judge other people. (Yes, Master.)

Like gay couples, lesbian couples, let them be. Let them be. They’re also human. (Yes, Master.) To deny them happiness, love and blessing, it’s not humans’ standard. (Yes, Master.) That’s my opinion. (Yes, Master.) And if I got into trouble, it’s your fault. I told you many times. But what can I do? I love you. I tell you everything. Ciao! (Thank You, Master.)

I let you go to sleep, otherwise tomorrow you will not love your Master anymore. (No, Master! Never, Master!) (We love You always.) All right. Try to regulate your time. Like, when you have time, you go take a quick nap. (Yes, Master.) That will make it up. (Thank You, Master.) OK, thank you then. Love you and leave you. (Love You, Master).

(Good night, Master.) (Ciao, Master.) Good night. God bless. (Thank You, Master. Bye-bye, Master.) Bye-bye. Love you. (Bye.) (We love You, Master.) Love you and thanking you. (Thank You, Master.) Ciao. Really. Bye. (Bye, Master.)

“Bye, bye, Miss American Pie, drove my Chevy to the levee, but the levee was dry, singing that this shall be the day that I’m fine.” Bye-bye. (Bye, Master!)

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