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Between Master and Disciples

Magical Power Is Never Enough to Protect You, Part 5 of 5, Dec 2, 2018



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So, criminals are sometimes, many are pardonable in the eyes of Heavens and the eyes of the Master. Master always pardons them and understands them and can help them. But if a disciple already knows right from wrong, had been nourished, taught, protected and cared for like the Master’s own children, and still goes against the Master, in such a horrible way, that makes the Master defenseless.

Anything the Master said, they could not listen. They didn’t listen well. Even if He said, “Black,” they would do white. It was so obvious. And when the Master first came, He was also very, kind of… Stretch out if you want. Stretch out. All right. So, when the Master first came, He was also feeling very bad, headaches, forgetting things, feeling like something was draining His energy, and also very kind of blurry vision. It’s kind of like you are in a kind of forgetfulness, some kind of different physical disability, different than before. Yeah, forgetting things, writing things, not as precisely as before, and kind of inside, a little bit like blurry, kind of a dizziness inside, sometimes physical. Felt like a different person. Much older, forgetful and not easy to handle daily things anymore. It was a very difficult time for the Master. But the Master still had to continue to do the work, much other work to do. That Master also did not rely on donations. He did some work, some artwork to support Himself. Thus, there were many things to do, and the government also came and went and all that. And some people, the guests, He had to take care of many things. All right. It was a very difficult time.

But for that so-called disciple, it was even worse. Although she didn’t know it, because the mind, the body, prevents you from knowing what you are doing and what your level is or what’s happening to your soul, to your existence in the universe, so she didn’t know yet. But luckily the Master rescued her on time. Now, but that person, disciple had to go to hell for 114,121 years. And then, after that, she became a snake, a poisonous snake. Reincarnated as a poisonous snake, and had to live among the population, so that anyone who saw the snake, would beat her. The animals also harassed the snake. For 922 years, she could not bite herself to death. Poisonous snake could not bite herself to death for 922 years and then she reincarnated again as a fox, a very malicious fox, for 411 years. And then she became a wolf, but very hungry, difficult to catch anything to eat. And being harassed and wounded by other animals because she was weak, a weak wolf. But still could not die, could not be eaten. That wolf wouldn’t be eaten, wouldn’t be dead, just being beaten or harassed all the time in her life, for 323 years.

Excuse me. Like this I look scholarly, like I know something, like I’m a very learned person.

For 323 years she had been a harassed, molested wolf, and then she became a lion for another 225 years, also being hungry, thirsty, and being in the wrong place, and always being harassed instead of catching any prey. And then after that, she became a human with no vision, no hands, not a very good mind, could not speak, could not hear very well. She was not a very functional human; arms, legs were all deformed. And then she became like a leprous person. The hands kept eating themselves up and the feet and from inside also some worms, also ate her up from inside, but couldn’t get rid of it. No medicine can cure it. Cured and then came back again and again, for twenty-two years. And then… but also a very violent person; even without all that, still a very violent person. Therefore, of course, being captured, and by the government, put in prison and all that, and being beaten up by inmates, because of a violent temper. And then she went back to hell because of doing violent things in the world, due to the past karma that could not be erased and (she could not) escape.

The karma, even though the Master erased it for you, if you’re doing bad things, it will come running back. Nothing can be destroyed forever, unless you escape from that. Like OK, you might escape from the fire, then you’re unharmed, but if you continue to stay there, you will inhale the smoke and die, even if you’re not burned. So, the Master takes you away from this karmic zone of yours, so that you can be free, forever.

And then because of that, being violent, beating up people, killing others, she went to hell for 73 years. And then, she became human again, after being washed up, came back, became human again, but brainless, handicapped, the same again. And then became a hungry ghost. I just wrote it quick, so not too much detail. But you can imagine the rest. Human, brainless, what do you do? And then became a hungry ghost for 95 years, because she never contributed anything to anyone while she was alive. Apart from all the wickedness and black magic, wrongly used powers, she’d never been kind, despite the Master teaching her to be kind to other people.

You don’t have to give money or possessions, you just be kind or you be supportive of good people. Like, if somebody gives somebody five dollars, you are happy in your heart that the person is doing a good deed, and the needy person has some help, then you’re happy. You know, in Chinese they say “feelings of happiness.” Means you’re happy to see somebody doing a good deed. That is also a kind of charity, I told you before.

Not even that. Anyone who is kind of famous or doing good things, she envied and she slandered them, thinking, “Ah, just doing that for fame.” For being famous is not good, so therefore, she became a hungry ghost for 95 years. Because while being a human, she was brainless, now there was no chance to know what to do. No chance to even be happy when somebody else was doing good deeds, least of all, to even give anything to anyone. (You’re) always given a human chance in order to do things good, to redeem your past mistakes and to practice spiritually. But a brainless person, how? You see that? Even looks like a human, but it’s not 100%, so she could not do anything more to get out of her trouble, get out of her bad retribution. And so, she could not even think of helping anybody, herself even being helpless. You got that? So, she became a hungry ghost for 95 years. And then, while being a hungry ghost, the Yaksha demons kept eating her flesh. Today bite this, tomorrow bite that. So, all day long, even though being a ghost is not peaceful, being eaten by the Yaksha demons. And then she went back to hell again, because no merit. Because when the Yaksha bit her, she got angry and schemed to revenge and all that. Of course, all this will lead you back to hell. She went back to hell again… to be a human, because she was once a practitioner, she had Master’s power and protection, so at least she had been given a chance again, and again and again to be a human, but still no use. She went back to hell again for 2,326 years, etc., etc. Like this, she continued forever in lower life forms, human or non-human. End of story.

I’m sorry, it’s a sad story, but maybe somebody needs it. So it’s not like you have been initiated by Master and then you do what you want, and thinking, “Oh, Master will rescue me anyway. She said She would rescue the worst criminals.” Criminals, they are different, they fall into the situation. They have been maybe brainwashed by society that’s around them, by their friends, or by circumstances. Sometimes they have worse crimes, but maybe because of self-defense, maybe the situation forced them to. Or maybe even wrongly accused or maybe just being forced to do it by someone else. If not, he or his family will be in trouble, for example. You know that. People blackmail, force, coerce. They blackmail others, innocent or vulnerable victims, and coerce them into doing bad things against their will also.

So, criminals are sometimes, many are pardonable in the eyes of Heavens and the eyes of the Master. Master always pardons them and understands them and can help them. But if a disciple already knows right from wrong, had been nourished, taught, protected and cared for like the Master’s own children, and still goes against the Master, in such a horrible way, that makes the Master defenseless. If the criminal comes to your house, maybe they wield a knife or something, you still maybe can find something to defend yourself, and you can see the enemy coming. Or even if they shoot you, you can maybe step aside or use something to cover yourself, maybe have a chance to defend (yourself). But using black magic, nobody sees, nobody knows, and even if the Master knows, He cannot defend Himself, because the Master always bears everything. Because if He had turned all that magic power against her, she’d have immediately gone out of existence. No one could ever rescue her, no chance whatsoever. Even if she went to hell, she still could come back, have a human life, maybe repent, maybe do some good deeds. Perhaps still have a little chance, some here and there. Still have the soul hanging in there. For one day, have a chance to be redeemed. But if the soul is completely annihilated, gone out of the universal existence forever, then, sayonara. OK then, so you be good. Keep the Five Precepts and meditate. That’s all I ask. Meditate as much as you can.

And now I wish you enjoy your meal! Means good food. If you have no time, take something with you in your cup and eat in the car, in the bus or eat at home. Sorry about my late appearance; I can’t always do it like scheduled, on time. Not like Supreme Master TV, two o’clock comes what, three o’clock comes that. But for that, we have to work irregular hours for the TV to be on time. We have to work many odds and ends hours, you have no idea. All night is a normal schedule for us; not normal, but very often. The Supreme Master TV staff knows that. The ones who stay inside, together in the office, or the ones outside in the world know that.

You should meditate with joy, with love, with love and with joy, and help others with joy and with love. That’s all we have to do. See you next time. (Thank You, Master. We love You, Master.) And I love you forever. I always say that to my dogs, to you also, the same. Dogs are also initiated. OK. Love you. (We love You, Master.) May God bless you and protect you always. May you be well and progress spiritually and in every other good way in your life. Ciao. (Thank You, Master.) It’s always falling off, either falling off inside or outside. OK. (Thank You, Master.)

Thank you, everybody. Thank you for coming here to practice spiritually. (Thank You, Master!) It does help the world. OK? Your attending retreats here will always help you and your country. Help you, your country, and the world. Of course, help your friends and relatives, as well. They’ll all benefit. OK? They’ll all get benefits. (Thank You, Master.) We love You. Bye-bye. Thank you. Thank you for your support. Bye-bye. Is it cold? It’s getting a little cold. Keep warm, everybody, OK? (OK.) Keep warm. Take care of yourselves. (OK. Thank You, Master.) You’re welcome. You’re welcome. Thank you.

Thank you for coming to the retreat. (Thank You, Master.) Go eat. Bon voyage! (Thank You, Master! Thank You, Master.) Sorry, I have to leave early today. OK? I still have a lot of work to do. Thank you very much! Wow! Looks delicious! Kitchen, is there anything delicious? Let’s see what they’ve prepared. Ah! What’s this? Noodles. Very delicious. Rice. Very delicious. Stir-fried vegetables and fried rice. Very tasty. Enjoy your meal. OK. Thank you. Thank you.

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