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Renewable Hydrogen Energy for a Sustainable Future

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On today’s program, we’ll explore zero-carbon hydrogen energy, how it works, and the technologies used to produce it. So, what exactly is hydrogen energy? Hydrogen energy is the process of using hydrogen, a clean fuel, to generate electrical power. It’s called a clean fuel because if the energy used to produce that hydrogen is from renewable sources, such as wind or solar power, then using that hydrogen doesn’t directly contribute to climate change or increase our carbon footprint.

Hydrogen is also derived from a process called electrolysis, that splits water into hydrogen and oxygen using an electrical current. Electrolysis technology has been adopted by many companies around the world. In addition, seven of the world’s green hydrogen leaders, ACWA Power, CWP Renewables, Envision, Iberdrola, Orsted, Snam, and Yara announced a global coalition that will accelerate the scale and production of green hydrogen 50-fold in the next six years, helping to transform the world’s most carbon-intensive industries, including power generation, chemical manufacturing, steel making and shipping.

Hydrogen can be produced from the Sun’s energy. There are currently two methods used for this. In the first, solar energy is converted into electricity using a photovoltaic cell and then hydrogen is generated through the electrolysis of water, as explained already. A team from Australian National University (ANU) has successfully developed a way to split water to create energy using this technology. In an alternative method, photo-electrochemical cells are used to directly produce hydrogen. Besides all these methods, hydrogen can also be produced by biological water splitting and by burning sustainably produced fuels, including alcohol from fermenting food or food wastes, and biomass, such as wood chips. It can also be produced using wind energy.

Thank you, researchers, scientists and engineers, for working diligently to develop green hydrogen energy technology. Our Beloved Supreme Master Ching Hai recommends people to go vegan first so that we have enough time to develop green hydrogen and other sustainable forms of energy that can replace fossil fuels.

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