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A Gift of Love: Simple & Nutritious Cooking with Supreme Master Ching Hai (Vegan)

Rice Noodle and Tofu Snack

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“OK, today we're cooking rice noodle snacks or lunch. Quick lunch: nutritious, simple and quick. You can prepare it maybe in around five minutes. I'm boiling water now. We're waiting for the water to boil. Meanwhile, I'm doing something else like washing lettuce, washing tomatoes, washing coriander, and whatever herbs you like to put in.” “The water is already boiling. I’m going to drop the noodles in it. Two pieces like that would be enough for one person or even less. I’m going to put a little bit more in. My people also want to eat it. I’m sure they would, no doubt. I’m going to turn the noodles a little bit.” “The noodles are already soft and ready. So I put in a little lettuce, and stir it around so that the lettuce goes into the hot water and becomes softer. That should be enough; make it softer. Right, and you put the tofu in there also, to warm up.” “All right, there, then we’re going to drain the noodles. When you drain the noodles, you toss it a little bit, gently, so all the water comes out. There, it’s already all out. And then we put it there. So we’re going to prepare it on a plate to eat.”

“There, this is your noodle dish. And we have some frozen fruit, of course; it’s summer and this is a chrysanthemum drink. Chrysanthemum flower is very healthy and good for summer, refreshing and cool. It’s like you drink chamomile tea, similar, but it tastes very, very fragrant.”

“I hope you will enjoy this simple way of cooking. It’s very simple, nutritious, and plentiful energy, very little calories, and lots and lots of love because it’s a vegan diet. It’s a vegan meal and there’s no blood on the table. It’s peace, it’s peace, and it’s peace. Peace and loving-kindness manifested on your plate. And it’ll save the planet if you eat this everyday. I mean similar, I don’t mean you eat this every day, but you can; it wouldn’t hurt you. Now enjoy making it. Enjoy your meal, and don’t forget to thank Heaven before you eat. That will bless your food and you will feel happier, healthier. Not just that, but we have to be grateful for what we have. See you, lots and lots of love and blessings from Heaven to you.”

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