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In today’s news, United Nations fund allocates food security support to Ethiopia and Somalia, new report reveals animal raising industry causes 87% of global greenhouse gas emissions, Dutch couple are Europe’s first-ever residents of 3D-printed home, Egypt initiates 1,000-kilometers high-speed electric rail project, United Kingdom’s first hijab-wearing firefighter encourages women to follow in her footsteps, vegan tuna salad arrives at popular United States supermarket chain, and wombat population slowly recovers in Australian state.

Ethiopia and Somalia receive essential food security support.

The United Nations Central Emergency Response Fund has allocated US$40 million to these two Eastern African nations. The money will address reduced food access that could become a crisis because of current devastating water shortages, floods, conflicts and COVID-19. Mainly due to decreased rainfall, up to 2.65 million Somalis and 12.9 million Ethiopians might be severely affected by mid-2021. The donation is helping to provide food aid, loss of livelihood assistance, continuous safe water accessibility, prompt detection and control of disease outbreaks as well as school attendance support. Humanitarian partners are collaborating with governmental bodies to implement the preparatory measures. The United Nations is a laureate of the Shining World Leadership Award for Humanitarianism and two Shining World Leadership for Lives-Saving-Hero Awards. Our humble gratitude, the UN Central Emergency Response Fund and others involved. May a bright tomorrow of abundance greet all the kind Ethiopian and Somali citizens, in Heaven’s mercy.

Animal industry responsible for huge majority of greenhouse gases.

A new paper by Dr. Sailesh Ra, shows that killing animals for food and other uses generates at least 87% of the annual global greenhouse gas emissions. Dr. Rao is a Shining World Award for Earth Protection laureate and founder of the United States-based nonprofit Climate Healers. Released in the Journal of Ecological Society, the report reveals that previous estimates by the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization did not account for the detrimental effects of deforestation caused by the industry. The research highlights the crucial importance of transitioning to a plant-based economy instead of only focusing on ending fossil fuel usage to stop global warming’s quick escalation. Thank you, Dr. Sailesh Rao, for the enlightening paper. In God’s compassion, may all governments urgently enact Vegan Law as the main solution to ensure our continued survival.

Up next, Dutch couple are Europe’s first-ever residents of 3D-printed home. We’ll just thank the professional divers, who not only help to inspect and repair equipment underwater but also capture wonderful pictures and videos of marine life for us to enjoy. We’ll return with more auspicious news after these messages here on Supreme Master Television. Vegan = true human

Good day, lively viewers, it’s Pete the vegan Night Parrot! Others say I look younger and cool - ah, that’s because I’m vegan! I’ve got a handy tip for you today. Keep your kitchen sponges in the upright position when not in use by simply using an inverted binder clip as a small stand. This not only allows the sponge to dry quicker but also keeps it hygienic for a prolonged period of time, as reducing the moisture within the sponge decreases the chance for germs, mold and odors to accumulate. Love you for Being Veg and Going Green 2 Save the Planet for all of us humans and all co-inhabitants alike. Thank you for watching, and here’s the weather around the world!

Dutch couple become Europe’s first-ever occupants of 3D-printed home.

Harrie Dekkers and Elize Lutz are the first in Europe to move into a 3D-printed house in Eindhoven, the Netherlands. Formed like a boulder to merge into nature, the modern design is situated amongst trees and a green environment. The 94-square meter, two-bedroom building was created from cement in another location with the method using fewer materials than traditional construction techniques and then transported to the site. It is envisioned that the technology will help the nation meet the rapidly growing housing demand in the future. Congratulations, Harrie Dekkers and Elize Lutz, on your new eco-friendly home. May we continue advancing our building methods to ensure we save resources and protect the environment, in the goodwill of the Providence.

Egypt building high-speed electric rail system.

In collaboration with the German company Siemens, Egypt is constructing a US$23 billion high speed line that will extend 1,000 kilometers. With 200 kilometers-per-hour trains, the electric network will connect 20 stations, from Ain Sokhna to Marsa Matrouh. Passengers will also be able to travel to the country’s New Administrative Capital, which is 32 kilometers from the capital Cairo, as well as Alexandria, among other cities. The plan is to provide faster and safer transportation for people and cargo between urban regions while improving livelihoods. Egypt is a laureate of Shining World Leadership Awards for Peace and Earth Conservation. Such exciting news, Egypt. In Allah’s grace, may your forward-thinking project bring ease and opportunities to your blessed citizens.

First hijab-wearing firefighter integrates faith and work in United Kingdom.

Uroosa Arshid from Aspley, UK, works as a firefighter equipped with a specially-designed hijab that the Nottinghamshire Fire and Rescue Service has provided for her. On the job for two years now, Ms. Arshid is able to pursue her faith while safely performing her job, which she loves. She said, “I believe most religions are rooted around peace, kindness and working together which are very similar to the values of Nottinghamshire Fire and Rescue Service. This link needs to be celebrated and utilized to build better relationships in the community.” Our happy praises, Uroosa Arshid, for being a role model and inspiration. May many women of faith join the noble profession of firefighters and other first responders, in Divine protection.

Coming up, vegan tuna salad arrives at popular United States supermarket chain. We’ll pause for a moment to admire the tiny spider webs in our garden that look delicate, yet are very strong. Supreme Master Television will return in just a moment with more encouraging news. Be Veg, Go Green = to Save the Children. Welcome back to Noteworthy News – Distinguished News for a Kinder World.

Plant-based tuna salad introduced in United States supermarket chain.

US-headquartered vegan seafood company Good Catch has launched its plant-based tuna in the prepared foods area of many Whole Foods Markets in various East Coast and West Coast states. The vegan product is sold as a deli-style tuna salad by weight, with the protein-rich item made from six different legumes along with algal oil and other ingredients. Good Catch items have also reached stores in Canada, the Netherlands, Spain and the United Kingdom, as the company continues to grow globally. We are delighted to hear of your delicious new offering and worldwide expansion, Good Catch Foods. In Celestial blessings, may your products soon be available in all nations as we respect and protect the precious fish and ocean animals.

Wombat population gradually recovers in Australia.

According to the Queensland’s Department of Environment and Science (DES), the population of the northern hairy-nosed wombats in that Australian state is now over 300. This is up from 35 at the beginning of the 1980s when they almost became extinct due to introduced grazing species and drought. The critically endangered mammal resides in two sites, although researchers are looking to find other possible habitat locations in the hope that their numbers are actually larger. Currently, one of the areas they live in is protected by a fence. To safeguard the vulnerable animal, the Wombat Foundation was established in 2004, which works together with DES on conservation projects. Our warm applause, the Wombat Foundation, Queensland Department of Environment and Science and all involved. May the gentle mammal continue to increase in numbers as they bless the world with their peaceful and loving energy, in Heaven’s care.

Here’s a daily dose of pleasantry to lift your spirits… It’s called, “A Good Camera.”

A photographer was invited to dinner at a friend’s place and took along a few pictures to show his hosts. His friend’s wife looked at the photos and commented:

“These are great! You must have a good camera!”

He didn’t respond, but as he was leaving to go home, he said:

“That was a really delicious meal! You must have some very good pots!”

And now we have a heartline from Hsin-Yu in Taiwan, also known as Formosa:

I am an international tour guide. When leading a tour group, I always play Supreme Master Television and sometimes the MP3 audio of Master’s lectures on my iPad. Many travelers have difficulties falling asleep and even need to rely on sleeping pills. But by the second or third day of the trip, they would tell me that they slept well for the past days without needing to take medications to fall asleep. Even those who were a bit psychic and often disturbed by invisible beings said that after I played Supreme Master Television, the invisible beings disappeared. I then took the opportunity to recommend Supreme Master Television and Master’s teachings to plant a spiritual seed in their hearts. Thank you, Master and the Supreme Master Television team, for making a TV station that delivers such positive energy. Hsin-Yu from Taipei, Taiwan (Formosa)

Splendid Hsin-Yu, We are glad to read your note. Thank you for following Supreme Master Television and having it on whenever possible. It is through this spontaneous action that Master’s Love and Blessings are able to reach those who cross your path. Please continue being a messenger of peace through your daily duty. May you and jewel-embedded Taiwan (Formosa) be treasured and protected always. In Buddha’s eternal Light, Supreme Master TV team

P.S. Master replies and appreciates your positive actions: “Vibrant Hsin-Yu, my thanks for bringing Heaven’s Love everywhere you go to assist in elevating beings in this world. Bless your soul! Together, we are working towards creating Heaven on Earth for all to enjoy through Supreme Master Television, World Vegan prayer, and sharing the vegan message. In God’s Love.”

We welcome your heartlines, stories and or cute, loving animal clips. Please send them via SupremeMasterTV.com/heartline

Thank you for spending time with us on Noteworthy News. May faith, love, and wisdom be our cherished companions.

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