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In today’s news, Japan donates to UN Migration Agency in Lebanon, university researchers say climate change caused Arctic lightning to increase, scientists in Germany improve technology for converting waste heat into useful power, conservationists restore coral reef in Indonesia, generous British contractor rebuilds projects for homeowners, vegan restaurant in New York City celebrates first anniversary, and solitary bees in Colombia are given havens to rest and recover.

UN agency launches project to assist underprivileged populations.

With a contribution of approximately US$900,000 from the government of Japan, the International Organization for Migration (IOM) in Lebanon has initiated a one-year plan to boost the stability of communities in Beirut, the Beqaa Valley and North Governorate. These are places that host large numbers of vulnerable senior citizens, women and children as well as displaced individuals. Cash for work programs will be implemented for Lebanese and Syrian households in need. Funds will also go toward providing infrastructure, employment opportunities and enhanced access to medical services. Japan is a Shining World Leadership Awards for Compassion, Generosity, and Animal Protection laureate. Many thanks, government of Japan and IOM, for your kindhearted support. May historic Lebanon be blessed with resilience and unwavering faith in the loving guidance of the Providence.

Scientists establish correlation between rising temperatures and more frequent lightning.

Researchers at the University of Washington in the United States and the University of Otago in New Zealand have published a new study on atmospheric electrical discharges in the Arctic. They found that the number of lightning strikes in the region north of 65 degrees latitude increased from about 18,000 in 2010 to more than 150,000 in 2020. During the same period, Arctic temperatures rose 0.3 degrees Celsius. The concern is that warmer summers will bring more intense thunderstorms and lightning, posing a threat to people on the ground and shipping vessels at sea. Our sincere gratitude, university researchers! We pray that humanity will promptly put vegan laws into effect that will prevent the planet from getting any warmer, in the wisdom of Heaven.

Up next, scientists in Germany improve technology for converting waste heat into useful power. We’ll take a moment to thank the gas plant operators who process and distribute natural gas for industrial purposes and utility companies by controlling compressors that maintain the needed pipeline pressures.

Hallo, generous viewers! I am Paola the vegan Pygmy Marmoset! I have been endowed with surprising speed and ease of movement, which I sustain by eating a plant-based diet. Be vegan like me, and you can be agile too! I would like to offer a tip to those of you with infants. If your young ones are vegan, or even just allergic to animal proteins, it is important to be vigilant whenever they are playing with other children. Some dairy products – especially ice cream – can easily melt into kiddie pools and sandboxes. Also, if you need to use the services of a day-care center or babysitter, be sure to let the person in charge know about your child’s dietary restrictions. Thank you for tuning in and love you a lot for Being Veg and Going Green 2 Save the Planet thus save the world! Now for the weather around the globe.

Experimental power plant generates electricity more efficiently.

Low-temperature waste heat is a common byproduct of many industrial processes and geothermal power plants. Researchers at Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) in Germany have been working on better ways to utilize waste heat instead of releasing it into the atmosphere. The fundamental applied science behind their MoNiKa pilot project involves vaporizing a liquid that has a very low boiling point. The KIT scientists have successfully used high molecular mass propane for this purpose. The pressurized vapor turns a turbine for generating electricity before it condenses into a liquid again. Thus far, the system is capable of a one megawatt output, which will allow the development of practical applications that can be scaled up. Well done, Karlsruhe researchers! We are very grateful for another sustainable source of power. May Heaven guide us to a peaceful future of abundance and satisfaction.

Coral rehabilitation campaign reports promising results.

Two years ago, it was discovered that the coral reefs off the coast of Sulawesi, Indonesia, were dying. A restoration project was initiated by environmentalists at The Nature Conservancy, in partnership with members of the local community. Some hexagonal steel structures called “reef stars” were positioned on the seabed by divers who joined them together and attached corals to them. This encouraged the rapid recovery of about 40,000 square meters of the reef. Since the start of the program, coral reefs in the area have increased from 5% to 55%. The conservationists are planning to regenerate 185,000 square meters of coral reefs globally by 2029. Our hearts are warmed, The Nature Conservancy and partners, by your laudable efforts and initial success. We pray that the oceans will regain their health and all marine life will once again flourish, in Celestial splendor.

Kindhearted builder helps people who were sold shoddy work.

Graham Nash of Leeds, United Kingdom, has won the SGS Local Hero Award 2021 for coming to the aid of homeowners who were taken advantage of by unscrupulous contractors. If the building code is not followed or verbal agreements are not honored, clients often have to take down what was done and start over. Mr. Nash has been in construction for 30 years and feels sorry when he sees that innocent people have been cheated, so he does what he can to help them. He has worked for free, rallied reputable tradesmen to assist and organized fundraising for unfortunate victims. Mr. Nash does not view his service as fixing someone’s house; he sees it as mending their life. God bless you, Graham Nash, for your selfless nobility! May your shining example send ripples of love through society’s collective consciousness, in elevating Divinity.

Coming up, vegan restaurant in New York City celebrates first anniversary. We will take a moment to be grateful for longer daylight hours that make driving safer, boost retail sales and promote outdoor exercise. More motivating news when we return! Please stay with us here on Supreme Master Television. Welcome back to Noteworthy News – Enhancing News for a Lively World.

Brooklyn eatery defies the odds and prospers.

Ras Plant Based is an Ethiopian restaurant in New York, USA, that opened in March 2020 – shortly before the pandemic caused the city to be locked down. But the bistro survived and celebrated its first anniversary this year, thanks to the culinary artistry of Romeo and Milka Regalli. Their recipes are rooted in ancestral traditions that feature legumes and vegetables seasoned with cardamom, fenugreek, cinnamon, and a special spice mixture known as berbere. Most meals come served on a large, edible flatbread platter, instead of individual bowls and plates. The word “Ras” is a term of reverence, bestowed on respected leaders, and it inspires the Regallis to prepare food that is fit for a king. Congratulations to Romeo, Milka and the staff at Ras Plant Based! We are impressed by the good flavors and feelings you bring to the Big Apple (New York City).

Ten municipalities install havens for bees.

Environmental administrators in the Aburrá Valley of Colombia realized that solitary bees do not get the same amount of attention and protection as honey bees. They are nonetheless important pollinators who work hard and need places to rest at night. So the government built wooden shelters containing pieces of bamboo with different diameters, suitable for bees of all sizes. The “hotels” have been distributed throughout the valley, which includes the cities of Barbosa and Medellín. Acrylic panels shield the structures from rainfall and attendants clean the accommodations during the day. Colombia is a Shining World Leadership Award for Protection recipient, and a laureate of two Shining World Leadership Awards for Compassion, two Shining World Leadership Awards for Good Governance, and a Shining World Leadership Award for Protection. We sincerely appreciate your thoughtfulness, Metropolitan Area of the Aburrá Valley. We pray that the kindness you extend to others will be returned to you a thousandfold, in the light of the Divine.

Happiness is your nature and today’s joke is a reminder. Please enjoy “How To Lose Weight.”

At the end of her annual physical exam, Emma had a question for her doctor: “Can you recommend an exercise that would help me to lose some weight?”

“Yes. Turn your head to the right and then to the left. Repeat this two times with determination and it should be effective.”

“Oh really! How often should I practice like that, doctor?”

“Every time people offer you food.”

And now we have a heartline from Ankhtsetseg in Mongolia:

Dear Most Beloved Master, I would like to share with You some very exciting news. Two Mongolian initiates have set up a “Horse Nursing center” for the first time in Mongolia, and in one year they have saved 50 horses from the slaughterhouse. Through this center, these two young Mongolian men would like to create awareness among fellow Mongolians, known in the world as the horse-loving nation, how we should treat our dearest friend-horses and these beautiful creatures on Earth. They are not for meat, but they are here with us to beautify our lives and teach us what the love and devotion of a true friend are. Each and every one of these horses has a story. After I established a horse nursing home, I would often have dreams about horses that I had never seen before. They’d come into my dream and beg me to save their life from the slaughterhouse. The next morning, I would go to the slaughterhouse and find the horse I had seen in my dream standing there and looking at me. When I approached, many of the horses were crying. The stallion who I saved from a slaughterhouse comes to me with his herd when I come to my nursing home as if he would like to greet me. We dearly wish that all nations will listen to Master's advice and urgently adopt Vegan Law. We love You, Master. May all Heavens protect and take care of YOU. Ankhtsetseg from Mongolia

Heroic Ankhtsetseg, Master champions your life-saving initiative in Her reply: “Pure-hearted Ankhtsetseg, I see you as an upright knight, your armor shining Buddha’s Loving Light, as you protect these magnificent steeds. Horses selflessly support humanity in many ways, and I am touched and grateful that you are hearing and responding to their cries for help. May the Godses awaken the noble Mongolian people to their deep love for our animal friends, and may you and your country thrive in peace and abundance.”

We welcome your heartlines, stories and or cute, loving animal clips. Please send them via SupremeMasterTV.com/heartline

Thank you for your presence on Noteworthy News. May your days resound with joyful optimism.

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