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In today’s news, Caribbean island of Saint Vincent covered in ash after eruption, United Nations report urges shift to more plant-centered diets to lower methane emissions, world’s fastest electric passenger vessel being developed in Sweden, United States to invest in lowering solar energy costs, bus provides much-needed shelter to Australian homeless, Italian vegan meatball restaurant opens in Hollywood, California, USA, and baby emu, goat and goose become best friends at United Kingdom farm and animal center.

Saint Vincent and the Grenadines devastated by volcanic eruption.

Much of the Caribbean island of Saint Vincent has been covered in ash, over 60 centimeters deep in some areas, after the La Soufrière volcano erupted in April 2021. Crops in the northern area have been destroyed, and 20,000 citizens have been displaced. Prime Minister of the nation, His Excellency Dr. Ralph Gonsalves, has stated that it could be four months before people can return home. To provide relief assistance, the United Nations has initiated a US$29 million fundraising appeal. The United Nations is a laureate of the Shining World Leadership Award for Humanitarianism and two Shining World Leadership for Lives-Saving-Hero Awards. Thank you, United Nations, for your kind support. We pray that the reconstruction of Saint Vincent will be swift and all people will be able to return to normal life soon, in God’s goodwill.

United Nations climate change study calls for switch to more plant-centered diets.

A report by the Climate & Clean Air Coalition and the United Nations Environment Programme urges a reduction in meat and dairy consumption to mitigate human-caused methane emissions. It advises a 45% decrease in methane output by 2030 by focusing on fossil fuel use, landfills and wastewater, and animal livestock raising to limit the global temperature rise to 1.5 degrees Celsius. Furthermore, 26 million metric tons of lost crops, 255,000 premature fatalities, and 775,000 asthma-related hospital cases could be avoided annually. Importantly, behavioral changes, including the adoption of a plant-based diet, could reduce 65 to 80 million metric tons of methane emissions per year during the next few decades. Our gratitude, Climate & Clean Air Coalition and United Nations Environment Programme, for your paper. In Divine light, may all countries urgently transition to the Earth-saving vegan way.

Up next, world’s fastest electric passenger vessel being developed in Sweden. We’ll just take a little time to thank the professional piano refinishers who transform old-looking pianos into beautiful-looking masterpieces. We’ll return with more high-thinking news after these messages here on Supreme Master Television. Vegan = 4 Eden on Earth.

Hallo, adventurous viewers, I’m Phyllis the vegan Platypus. What would you say if I told you I’m cute and adorable? “Of course you are, Phyllis!” What will your reaction be when I say that being on a vegan diet fills my heart with love? “Ooh, I want to feel that too!” All right, then, what are you waiting for? Join the vegan trend! Now, I have a safety tip to share with you! If you have children, be sure to take precautions to secure your furniture in place, including dressers, bookshelves, and any other heavy items. You can use furniture straps to do so. Please do not place a TV on top of a dresser as children may use the drawers for climbing. Additionally, you can apply corner or edge bumpers to furniture with sharp edges to further child-proof your home and increase safety. Thank you for your attention, and love you a lot for Being Veg and Going Green 2 Save the Planet for all of us humans and all co-inhabitants alike. Now, the worldwide weather.

Swedish company to build super-fast electric ferries.

Candela, a leader in green marine transportation, has announced the world’s quickest electric passenger ship, the P-30. It is set to eventually replace the diesel ferries used in Stockholm, Sweden, and will be commercially available in 2023. The vessel can travel 60 kilometers per hour. A built-in computer carefully monitors and controls the ship’s hydrofoils at high speeds, helping it move steadily and smoothly. According to the firm, the patented hydrofoil system can be scaled up to carry 300 people in the future. Currently, the 12-meter ferry has a 30-passenger capacity. Through its innovative technology, Candela’s goal is to help decarbonize the water transport sector. Such an admirable accomplishment, Candela. May working towards a thriving, green tomorrow be the guiding principle of businesses worldwide, in Heaven’s brilliance.

United States to substantially reduce solar costs.

The US government has committed to decreasing the price of solar energy by 60% within the next decade and decarbonizing its entire power sector by 2035. It will invest almost US$128 million to help achieve the goal. The funding will be used to research alternative solar panel materials and support concentrating solar-thermal power projects to further improve their affordability. In the last 10 years, the price of harnessing sun power has already declined by 80%. The United States is a recipient of four Shining World Leadership Awards for Compassion, three Shining World Leadership Awards for Good Governance, seven Shining World Leadership Awards for Promoting Healthy Living, and Shining World Leadership Awards for Justice, Protection, and Environmental Protection; and a laureate of 24 Shining World Leadership Awards for Compassion, three Shining World Leadership Awards for Protection, two Shining World Leadership Awards for Loving Care, a Shining World Peace Leader Award, Shining World Caring Leadership Award, and Shining World Super Loving Care Leadership Award. Way to go, United States government, on your admirable green plan. In Celestial upliftment, may you soon achieve your objective and help heal our planet and its diverse ecosystems.

Bus offers overnight shelter for individuals experiencing homelessness in Australia.

Nonprofit Sleepbus recently launched a retrofitted vehicle for houseless people to spend the night in Queanbeyan, New South Wales, Australia. Located in the Queanbeyan Visitors Information Centre’s carpark, the bus contains seven pods, each with a bed, including blankets, sheets and pillows, USB charger, heating and cooling unit and lockable door. Furthermore, a special TV channel provides information on finding services for the homeless, and animal companions are accommodated. Working in conjunction with the Molonglo Support Services, over 100 local residents have volunteered to be the bus caretaker for a night. Established by Simon Rowe in 2016, the first Sleepbus was financed via GoFundMe, and successfully operated in Melbourne. We applaud you, Simon Rowe, Sleepbus, Molonglo Support Services and the local community for your care. May all disadvantaged people be blessed with safety and life’s basic comforts, in God’s protective gaze.

Coming up, Italian vegan meatball restaurant opens in Hollywood, California, United Sates. We’ll pause for a short bit to take a walk, which many brilliant people say helps to clear their mind and bring forth their best ideas. Supreme Master Television will return in just a moment with more gratifying news. Be Veg, Go Green 2 Save the Planet. Welcome back to Noteworthy News – Leading News for a Sustainable World.

Italian plant-based restaurant launched in Hollywood, California, USA.

A vegan restaurant called Brothers Meatballs has started serving original Italian homemade dishes in Hollywood. The founders of the venue, Sergio and Mauro Corbia, along with chef Mark Mittleman, were inspired to help people enjoy favorite tastes from their childhood. Options include vegan meatball sandwiches with arugula pesto green tomato sauce, basil and plant-based mozzarella, as well as plant-based meatball plates, lasagna, eggplant parmigiana and more. Mauro Corbia stated, “We grew up eating wholesome, delicious meals that our mother crafted with pure love; we want to offer food with that same authenticity and flavor...” Wow, Sergio and Mauro Corbia and Mark Mittleman, your new dishes sound mouth-watering! In Divine bliss, may your love-filled vegan food become a big success as it touches the taste buds and hearts of your customers.

Emu, goat and goose enjoy friendship at British farm and animal center.

Wiggle the goose chick has made friends with Taz the emu, who was abandoned, and Alfred the goat, whose mother lacked milk to feed him. The trio is being hand-raised at nonprofit animal rescue and agriculture education facility Caenhill Countryside Centre in Wiltshire, United Kingdom. Despite their differences in size and species, they are always seen appreciating each other’s company. Chris Franklin, who has partnered with his wife Helie Franklin to operate the establishment, said, “It’s so lovely and wholesome to see them playing together. They seem to get on really well and have a special bond.” Such a joy, Caenhill Countryside Centre, to witness this pure, loving relationship. May Taz, Alfred and Wiggle have many happy years together and continue to brighten the lives of those around them, in Celestial delight.

Cherished viewers, here comes our daily gift of giggles for you! This joke is entitled “Being Polite.”

Aunt Clara visited her young niece Irene and brought some of Irene’s favorite vegan chocolates.

“Now, what should you say to your aunt, Irene?”

“Do you have more vegan chocolates?”

And now we have a heartline from Sunpea in Canada:

Dear Supreme Master TV team, Master’s revelations about spiders being mail carriers were very fascinating and quite touching as well. She said they helped warn Her of potential danger and even risked their own lives trying to deliver messages. After hearing Master talk about this, something interesting happened to me the next morning. A little spider slowly dropped down on its silk line right in front of me while I was preparing my vegan breakfast! I felt such a rush of joy at this wonderful surprise. I remembered Master said we need to be quiet in order to pick up any message, so then I closed my eyes and asked the spider a question with my mind: “Hi, little buddy. Nice to meet you. Did you want to share anything with me?” The spider told me, “Don't go out today. Stay inside.” I felt so lucky and blessed with this caring message. The next morning, I was delightfully surprised to see him return! I had my camera handy, so I asked if a photo was OK. The spider stayed. Again, I quieted my mind and listened. This time he said, “Meditate all day today.” Another loving message from this tiny being! Thank You, Master, for opening up our minds to the natural world’s benevolent wonders and thank God for the courageous animals, including the small ones, who help Master with Her mission of World Vegan, World Peace. Sunpea from Canada

Charming Sunpea, Your story is a delight. Master is forever opening our awareness to the magnificence of the many animal beings in our world, large and small. May God’s creative power always inspire you and the peaceful people of Canada. In Divine glory, Supreme Master TV team

P.S. Be happy as Master talks to your heart: “How fortunate you are, perceptive Sunpea, to have a spider watching over you in your home! May Heaven bless you and the adventurous Canadian people with the wisdom to watch, listen, and learn from Nature, as they enjoy the great outdoors.”

We welcome your heartlines, stories and or cute, loving animal clips. Please send them via SupremeMasterTV.com/heartline

We sure have enjoyed spending time with you on Noteworthy News. May the Heavens’ benevolence guide you always.

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