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The Traveling Businessman and a Trustworthy Ghost, Part 5 of 6, Apr 25, 2021

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“He still had strong faith in God and believed that whatever God has arranged, Hes has Hiers purpose. So, he has never lost faith in God. (Right.) This is kind of a story to explain how come good people, virtuous people, often encounter suffering.”

“Job himself was thinking of these hell people when he said to God, ‘You make all the countries become great, and You will also destroy them all. You make them become important, and You will also make them ruined.’” That’s what Job said. You know Job is one of the personages in the Bible. (Yes, Master.)

We’ll talk about that later. I’ll finish this first.

“So, after that, the traveling businessman returned home to his own country, with all the money and possessions that he had earned. The parents were so overjoyed to see him again. And from then on, the whole family lived in happiness.” End of story.

Job is one of the personages in the Holy Bible. The story in the Bible talks about a very rich person named Job. He was very faithful to God. He feared God and believed in God strongly, even during any of the calamities that he encountered in life, such as: twice, his house was burned and all his property was gone. His family all died, wife and children, all dead. (Wow.) He still had strong faith in God and believed that whatever God has arranged, Hes has Hiers purpose. So, he has never lost faith in God. (Right.) This is kind of a story to explain how come good people, virtuous people, often encounter suffering. And bad people, not just bad people, of course, but like villains, (Yes.) never have any trouble.”

But it’s not true. There are also some bad people who’ve been punished. (Yes, Master.) But people don’t see that. They see something else. They see some wicked people, how come they are prosperous? Famous and glorified even, or in a high position, stuff like that. So, they mostly complain, say, “Good people don’t have luck. Bad people are glorified.” That’s it. Just to tell you who Job was. It’s done now. (Thank You, Master.)

Will you be sleeping well tonight? Can you still go to the bathroom alone, or you need your colleagues to accompany you? Don’t worry, I am also alone. I don’t know if I can ask anybody to come accompany me. Nobody around, nobody near, not even dogs. So, we are the same; we are in it together. (Yes, Master.) If you are afraid, you call your Master. (OK.) If I am afraid, I’ll think of you that’s calling me, so we have company.

You see that? People die, they don’t enjoy Heaven and are not all well, like sometimes the relatives and friends who are still alive think. (Yes.) It’s not like that. Lucky are some who are rescued by some maybe good practitioners or Master or something like that, or who are not in hell. (Yes.) Then, maybe sometimes relatives and friends can contact them. Rarely though, rarely though. Most are just fake. (Yes, Master.) Faked by some medium in some dark room, just faking the relatives and friends to answer them, just for entertainment or earning money. But if somebody who is staying above the Astral world…

Most people, if they don’t do anything good, they cannot go to Heaven well. They cannot. They must go to hell first, long or short, depends. And other people who may be lucky, can go to this so-called Astral city, above the Astral planet, similar to the film that we have seen. (Yes, Master.) It is true like that. As I told you already, between different levels of consciousness, there is a buffer zone. (Yes, Master.) Very big, very big. And great practitioners or Masters, they can create cities or countries there or a place or a Heaven for Their followers or some good people who are connected with Them, to go there and live, so they don’t have to go to hell. (Wow.)

I don’t know why I wanted to read you that story. But this traveling businessman, he is very brave. (Yes, Master.) Would you dare to grab a ghost like that? (No, Master.) Let me try. “Stop! Tell me who you are. Tell me now! I won’t let you go.”

Any question concerning that? Any comments? (No, Master.) No? Good. No, good. Then it’s good. Then it’s good. Ah, I just want to scare you, but you’re not scared at all. It doesn’t look to me like you are scared. No, huh? (We have Master.) Because you live together, that’s why! That’s the secret of your bravery. (Yes, true, yes.) If you live alone like me, I’m not sure.

All right, I also won’t go out at night, though. No. Not because I’m afraid of ghosts. Guess why I don’t go out at night. Tell me. If you are right, I’ll read you the next story next time. (Master is more afraid of humans than the ghosts.) Ah! Who said that? Raise hand. I don’t even see your face anyway, so I don’t know who is who. Very good. Next time, I’ll read the next story to you alone. Very good answer. Yes, I’m more afraid of humans than ghosts. I have to always take care of myself. But one day, there will be a day. Sometimes I’m afraid, sometimes not. It depends on the energy they sent or that’s around, or something is stirred up or not.

I could be living alone in the desert or mountain, I never feel afraid. Unless there is something else that makes me feel afraid, influences me. Like if the hunters are around, shooting around, and all the animals are very frightened. (Yes, Master.) And I feel also frightened. But that doesn’t mean I run away. I would just stay there. I just have this feeling of fear. (Yes, Master.) It’s too near. All right.

Even if I want to talk to you like this, I have to consult with Heaven whether or not it’s safe tonight. I wanted to talk to you three nights ago. But it wasn’t safe. So, I waited until today. They said today is OK. Anyway… (Thank You, Master.) You’re welcome.

I was sometimes forgetful of the date, because sometimes I work at night or meditate at night a lot, and then I forgot the time when I saw like… Last night, after 12, it’s Sunday. (Yes, Master.) Now it’s Monday already, right? (Yes.) But after maybe two, three o’clock already in the morning, I had to go look for something and I turned on the flashlight of the cell phone, (Yes.) and I saw it said Sunday, 25th. It was Sunday 25th yesterday, right? (Yes, Master.) That’s the day I’m supposed to talk to you. And I was thinking, “Oh my God, I passed it! Oh, what to do, what to do? How can I be so forgetful?”

But then today I realized, no, no! No, it was just the beginning. (Beginning!) And then I immediately called you guys and said, “Prepare, we make a conference before it’s too late.” (Thank You, Master.) Why? For what? (For calling us, Master.) (Calling us.) (Talking to us.) “Thank you for… talking to us.” (Yes.) I thought you said, “For nothing to ask.”

Oh, your Master is getting old, man. She’s pretty old now. It’s too much work. I’m like a forgetful professor or something. Lucky I don’t forget you yet. Don’t think I forget you. (Thank You, Master.) You’re not that lucky. I mean, you’re not that lucky that I already forget you. (Very lucky.)

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