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“The Real Love” – A Musical that Unites Hearts, Part 12 of a Multi-part Series

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“Here they are, our other beautiful MCs. In case you haven't noticed, we all share something in common, which is that we're all vegan.”

“I became vegetarian many, many years ago, but then really started getting active in the animal movement. I personally have an animal organization that does large-scale rescues. (An unbelievable organization.) Because I loved animals my entire life, and yet I found myself very surprised that I didn’t have any idea what was really happening to them. I went through all of my cabinets and found every single product that had been tested on animals and I threw that out, and on and on and on.”

“But I started this journey in 1970, and I’m 62 years old, and I rode up from Laurel and Ventura to Mulholland this morning, as I do every morning. So, when they say you don’t have any strength if you’re a vegetarian, that’s not the way it is around my household.”

“Factory farms are bad. They’re bad for the animals and they’re bad for the environment. You go to a lot of rivers throughout the Midwest, and you see what’s happening there. There is really all this incredible amount of nitrogen, and these pollutants and what have you. And the kind of manure and the what-have-you that comes from the farm. Because, that’s what they’re doing, they’re polluting the water, the groundwater and our rivers and streams.”

“You’ve heard Don McLean in many wonderful songs and albums. You’ve heard “American Pie” and “Vincent.” Please welcome to the stage Don McLean and The Don McLean Band!”

“The real love for me is love for your fellow man and your fellow creatures, you know, to love all the many creatures in the animal kingdom. And I am a vegan, that’s part of expressing that love is to eat in that way with compassion.” “Anything that’s connected with Supreme Master is something I’m very interested in.” “This was an extremely elaborate event. It wasn't just a musical, it was a musical and a presentation and a concert and a coming together of like-minded people for a very noble purpose, to share love and compassion. So I'm impressed. I think it's something very special and very unique that a network can come out and show the positive. And it's proving successful. So I think that's a pretty incredible thing.”

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