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Summer Snacks: Cucumber Dip & Wrapped Vegan Sausage

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“Hi, everybody. It’s very exciting to show you a quick lunch, or snacks, or dinner. It’s summer and we eat something light and simple. See, I have here cucumber. And some carrots. I’m going to make a cucumber dip.” “I put some salt already in the bowl, sea salt or any salt that you have. Sea salt is a little bit rougher, more original, natural. And I soak it in filtered water for a few minutes, three to five minutes. Just to take away any harmful substance that might be attached to the skin of the carrot or the cucumber. Just to detox it, yes? Detox your food. Because, if you’re going to eat raw, the more you have to be careful about it.”

“Then, you make the sauce. The sauce is very easy. We put the tortilla (chips) in a corner of the tray, the big plate. And either you can directly put the sauce onto the plate and save the washing, or you can put the sauce in a bowl next to it. We put directly on the plate; why not? So, all we do is scoop the mushroom and put it there in the corner; scoop it and put it there like that. You don’t have to use the whole mushroom can. You can use some of it or all of it. It’s up to you. Then you scoop the passion fruit sauce, you spread it on top of the mushroom (paste), or next to it. You know, like 50/50, like that.”

“You can cut the cucumber into four pieces. Just very simple and lay aside like this. Can you see? I’ll show you in a minute. And the carrot also. You can cut it into small pieces or bigger pieces and lay it together there. You just halve the carrot and quarter the cucumber; that should be enough. It’s very simple, actually.”

“Now, we warm this tortilla here on the pan and wait for it. Meanwhile, I can pop this into the microwave, or can eat this the way it is.” “This is soya mayonnaise, absolutely egg free, absolutely vegan. You just smear it on top of the vegan sausage as much as you want. There you are. Like, one tablespoon should be enough; vegan mayonnaise is nice! And just wrap it. Wrap it from one corner to the next. There you are. See this? And the vegan sausage sticks out a little bit like this, just to tease people’s appetite. And you lay it next to these things, next to the thing that you have prepared. And it becomes all together like this. You see? Cucumber, carrot, dipping sauce, tortillas, and a wrapped vegan sausage with vegan mayonnaise. Of course, you can put other things like ketchup and mustard if you like it.” “And there it is! Enjoy your meal! You see, this is the thing that you can also share with other people.”

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