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Between Master and Disciples

Practice More to Know Our Inner Great Power, Part 3 of 5, Nov. 05, 2017

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And in the future, people will not be controlled anymore. It means if they want to seek a Master to practice spiritually, they won’t have many obstructions. Those who found a spiritual Master can practice easily without much obstacles. Those who don’t want to, can stay here and continue with their life. Not everyone is on a very high level.

(Hallo, Master.) Hallo. (First of all, I would like to thank You for Your blessing so that I could come and stay here with You for the past two weeks, and receive initiation and talk to You. This is the greatest satisfaction of my life. Allow me to recount something. Before coming here to get initiated, I encountered many difficulties. Before departing, I was the only one in my province to come here this time, so I had to fly to another province to join other initiates there. When preparing for the trip, I was so nervous, I missed the trip. So, I went by myself [to the airport]. Before departing, I lost the keys twice, and I missed the bus. On the way to the airport, the driver mistakenly took me to the domestic airport. It was my first time there by myself, so I didn’t know either. Then I had to get a ride to go to the international airport. When I got there, I found out my visa was not correct. First, my name was wrong, so I had to go fix and that, then I had to wait in line again. Then my visa number was also wrong, so I had to wait again. There was only 25 minutes left before the plane took off, and I was the only one left. I thought I couldn’t see Master this time.

I am sorry that about ten years ago, my mother and my elder sister followed Master to be vegan and were initiated. They told me to follow Master too, but I didn’t have enough faith in Master, so I didn’t follow. Today, I understand. Please forgive me, Master,) It’s OK. (and bless me to study well.) OK. (Thank You very much. I wish You to be healthy always, beautiful and have a lot of energy to help liberate human beings from the cycle of birth and death.) Thank you. (Thank You so much, Master.) Practice more. (Yes, Master.) (Dear Master…) It’s better late than never, OK? It’s better late than nothing.

(Respected Master, first of all, I wish Master good health…) Healthy, beautiful, forever young… OK. (Yes, yes.) I know already. (I have some inner experiences, please allow me to share.) Yeah, OK. (My first one is that, after I finished the [inner Heavenly] Light meditation and went into the [inner Heavenly] Sound meditation, I heard “boom!” As if I was on this side, and a mine fire shot to the other side, and suddenly I went all the way to the other side. I don’t know what kind of experience that was. Could Master explain?) What kind? (At that time…) You were afraid? (No, Master. I was not afraid.) Then OK. You’re still sitting here. You didn’t die, why keep asking.

(The second experience is: After that, I came here to see You, and on the 22nd, I had an inner experience in which I saw myself treating some sick people with a kind of medicine… I don’t know if I’m allowed to reveal it?) Go ahead. (That is betel leaves and betel nuts, which are used to treat people with aches. And I was the one who treated them. I don’t know the meaning of that experience. Would You please tell me if I can…) Can do what? (if I can do it or not. Master, please…) No. No. (So that’s what it was.)

(Then final words from me, I would like to repent with You because I was a “comrade” before.) And then? (Now I already quit my job.) Why quit? (Two paths. I can only choose one.) Why do you have to quit? (Either follow Master or quit my job.) Why quit? (I don’t want to do that duty anymore. Yes. So I was very lucky. Today is my happiest day, because I can see You.) Thank you, comrade! (OK.) We are all comrades. No one can harm anyone. We are walking in the same direction.

(I am grateful to You, Master. If it wasn’t for Master’s blessing, I wouldn’t still be here today. Thank You very much, Master. I would like to tell one experience about my family. Three persons in my family were initiated at the same time. While practicing, I encountered all kinds of difficulties, but I was determined to follow You. Then in 2014, my husband and I had a traffic accident. If we had not followed Master, then we would have all perished. Thanks to Master’s blessings that I could come here and see You today. I am sincerely grateful to You. I know that You are everything, and everything also is You. So I don’t have anything to say. Thanks to Master’s grace that I can see You today.

That night, my husband and I were driving home. A car stopped in front of us, but we just sped on and crashed into it and went right underneath that car. Our Honda was crushed but we were unharmed. Everyone said it must have been a miracle, otherwise we could have not survived. We were not injured after all. I only had some minor scratches. They insisted that I go to the hospital, but I refused.) Why not? My God, always like that. (They still took us to the hospital. But they found that I and my husband were both OK. But the front of the Honda was all crushed. So I sincerely thank You. Today I got to see You in person.)

(My husband came here for two months but didn’t see You. He said if my daughter and I could see Master this time, he’d be happy for us. He was here for two months but didn’t get to see You. In June, he didn’t, and in August, he didn’t either. This time I can see You, I am so happy.) Thank you. (I am very grateful to You. I wish that You are very healthy and beautiful forever. I bow to You.) Thank you. (I am very thankful to You.) These sentences, no need to repeat. We can use an audio tape player. When an Aulacese (Vietnamese) comes, we turn it on. Any comrade who agrees can raise your hand, then it is done. We only need to say once. Thank you. It’s a long way for you to come and see me.

Are you OK? How are you? (I am well.) Here it is a little bit inconvenient, but still OK? (It’s been 21 years.) First time you see me, after 21 years? (Yes, I am finally able to see You today. I gained weight since I came here.) You gained weight since you came? Is that good or bad? (It’s good. We eat a lot, but don’t feel full, Master.) Is that so? Then continue to eat. OK, that’s good.

Whoever is advanced in age should not stay long, or you may get sick. It’s cold. Cold weather is no good. If you are healthy, then can stay. Whoever is not healthy, just stay for a short while, then go home. Just stay for a short while. One week or ten days only. Too long, you might not be able to bear it. Because until now, we cannot do any construction on this land. Understand? This land is not zoned for construction, but only for agriculture. It means it’s only for vegetable and fruit tree farming, but not for construction. Don’t look at this and think I don’t have money. (Beloved Master...)

Because before, when I just accepted this job, many people followed me, but we didn’t have a place to stay. So I bought this land. At that time, we didn’t do anything yet, we didn’t have much money, so we just lived in tents. But it was already very good to have a place to pitch tents. Before that, we didn’t have. So it was small, close to the coffee shop out there, very small like that.

Later, many people came, they started to buy or rent more and more land. Gradually... Before, I lived right here, in the house behind this bamboo grove. Later, people kept coming, so many. I couldn’t stop them. Just like you guys. Who can stop you? You comrades are so excited, no one can stop you. (We came to be residents.) Moving forward, right? We are moving forward!

Therefore, in the beginning, I lived there. Later, I moved to the bamboo grove. Later, I moved to the persimmon grove, Later, I moved to the green grove. And later, I moved all the way to the back mountain, called the “Thái Âm (Taiyin)” mountain. Then I was chased again. It was you who chased me, nobody else. My own students, my own family chased me. So I ran to the other side. Running back and forth, then all the way to the other side. So this down here is for you to come to enjoy and relax.

Before that, I didn’t want anyone to come. I planned to buy a small piece of land for people to come to practice spiritually, just 20 to 30 of them to make it their home, not that we built any houses. At that time, there was no one here, only a few chickens running around. Cackle, cackle, cackle… After that, the chickens were also gone - to heaven! Then we lived here until now. It’s kind of difficult to buy another piece of land. Buying a large piece of land is difficult. Sometimes they wanted to sell it to us, but when they knew we wanted to buy, they sold it to other people. Because other people paid more money, behind our back. When we wanted to buy, they said, “No, I don’t want to sell to you anymore, I sold it to other people already.”

So you bear it. If you want bigger houses, then go to other teachers. They have many houses. Big ones. Right? If you go over there, they’d bow to get you in. Whereas here, you have to bow to get in. Bow to the hufas who guard the gate. All right, try to bear it, okay. But winter is cold, don’t stay here. Don’t come. Wait until spring or summer, when it’s warm, then you don’t have to bring a lot of clothes, don’t have to carry so many blankets, pillows, mat, net… Now, in the winter, it’s still very cold. You may not be able to bear it. OK, any other questions?

(Dearest Master,) Hi. Uncle. (I am still young, Master.) Not that young. (Many times I saw You and wanted to say thank You, but I didn’t dare to. This time I use all my courage to speak.) Why do you have to use courage to say thank you? (I thank You so much, Master, because my wife, my sister and I came here to get initated this time.) What do you mean? (My wife, my sister and I came here to get initiated…) Yeah, and then? (I’d just like to thank You for Your blessings…) Ah, that’s all?

(I have a question, Master.) OK, OK. (I am a little curious, please don’t scold me.) I don’t know. I may scold you after you talk. (Master said that the intergalactic system has destroyed something like “memory-erasing” soup, so I think people born in the future would remember their past lives. Past lives include both good and bad ones. So I don’t know if they will be blessed to see only the good ones or they will remember also the bad ones?)

It’s not sure that they will remember. It means they will just feel lighter, understand? (Yes.) Because they have been given that drug, life after life, being controlled all the time, so sometimes the habits can’t be reformed. And they have been reincarnated in this world again and again, making a lot of sins as well as good merits. Those things sometimes could also hinder them, so they can’t remember. Not everyone can remember their past lives. But it’s better they don’t remember. Sometimes if we remember how horrible we died in the past life, it would have terrible effects on our mental state.

It means after several lifetimes, the effect of being poisoned will reduce much more. The effect isn’t gone immediately. I said ‘right now’ means in about a few more months, we can feel the world is more peaceful. We can see it now even. Peace is coming gradually, you see? Countries that waged wars with each other before, now gradually become almost normal. Countries who had wars the most, like those in the Middle East, have returned to almost normal, right? There is a lot of destruction, but they will return to normal, not fighting all the time and causing deaths all the time. With constant destruction, no one can run any business, they can’t raise their children. So this is good.

And in the future, people will not be controlled anymore. It means if they want to seek a Master to practice spiritually, they won’t have many obstructions. Those who found a spiritual Master can practice easily without much obstacles. Those who don’t want to, can stay here and continue with their life.

Not everyone is on a very high level. I mean not everyone can remember their past lives. It’s better not to remember, because past lives sometimes are not good. It’s even worse if your past life is good. You remember you were a king before, who had people shouting to clear the way ahead and protecting behind, could summon hundreds of thousands of soldiers at your command. Now, you sit here and wash vegetables for your wife. And your children don’t study well in school. And you don’t have a lot of money. How angry! You don’t know what to do now. How can you bear it, right? So if you don’t remember, it’s also very good.

(I would like to ask further. So Your job is to rearrange the system in this creation, right?)

I don’t arrange anything. It changes by itself, why bother to arrange? (Yes.) What for I arrange it? (Thank You, Master.) You are welcome. Because our real life is the spirit. This world is very ephemeral, everybody knows that. They know but they don’t practice; that’s why they suffer. They know it is temporary, but they still wage war with each other, still want to invade this or that country, want to be some influential persons, and all that. Then they suffer and blame God, “There is no God, otherwise, I should get whatever I wish, but I pray all the time and get nothing.” We pray, but we don’t do what God wants us to do. God doesn’t want us to wander here, wallowing in this world, and day and night so wound up in making a living that we commit all kinds of sins. Right? Therefore, a lot of people understand and know the teachings, but they don’t practice. Sometimes even our initiates, a small number of them are like that. They complain to God, but don’t practice spiritually.

For example, I gave you the Five Holy Names, the Five Lords to protect us. You don’t remember to recite their Names so that they can help you. All day, you think of other things, recite other things and not the Five (Holy) Names to protect yourself. If you recite the Five Names all the time and do not forget, there will be no accident, no disease that can happen to you, understand? Because we forget. We practice too little. We practice outside more than inside. Therefore it is a little difficult, that’s all.

Even spiritual practitioners are like that. Even the initiates, they are still like that, let alone outside people. They reincarnate life after life and are used to being ignorant. They get used to it. But it’s OK. It’s very good already that they are not being controlled anymore. Now they are free. It means, for example, if they do something wrong, they do it on their own, not because someone in the higher world or any force or any magical power makes them become bad persons, and they don’t know what they are doing, understand? So it is very good already, understand?

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