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Spirit and Soul: Selections from “The Perfect Way or the Finding of Christ” by Dr. Anna Kingsford (vegetarian), Lecture 3, Part 1 of 2



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Dr. Anna Kingsford, an insightful English Theosophist of the 1880s, was said to be clairvoyant from the time she could speak. She herself felt that she came from the fairy realm and was given permission to be born as a human being so as to carry out her destiny. We now share with you selections from the book, “The Perfect Way or the Finding of Christ.”

“The day and night of the Microcosm, man, are its projective and reflective states. In the projective state we seek actively outwards; we aspire and will forcibly; we hold active communion with the God without. In the reflective state we look inwards, we commune with our own heart; we draw inward and concentrate ourselves secretly and interiorly. During this condition the ‘Moon’ enlightens our hidden chamber with her torch, and shows us ourselves in our interior recess.”

“Every human soul has a celestial affinity, which is part of his system and a type of his spiritual nature. This angelic counterpart is the bond of union between the man and God; and it is in virtue of his spiritual nature that this angel is attached to him. Rudimentary creatures have no celestial affinity; but from the moment that the soul quickens, the cord of union is established.”

“No man ever got to the promised land without going through the desert. The best weapon against them is prayer. Prayer means the intense direction of the will and desire towards the Highest, an unchanging intent to know nothing but the Highest.”

“For the memory of the soul is recovered by a three-fold operation — that of the soul herself, of the moon, and of the sun. The genius is not an informing spirit. He can tell nothing to the soul. All that she receives is already hers. But in the darkness of the night, it would remain undiscovered, but for the torch of the angel who enlightens. ‘Yea,’ says the angel genius to his client, ‘I illuminate thee, but I instruct thee not. I warn thee, but I fight not. I attend, but I lead not. Thy treasure is within thyself. My light showeth where it lieth.’ Respecting the complete, final recovery of memory.”

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