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Practice More to Know Our Inner Great Power, Part 5 of 5, Nov. 05, 2017

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I was very touched that the Chinese government is so good. It has a noble spirit for protecting the environment. If the whole of China could eat mock meat, it’d be marvelous, right? (Yes.) It’d affect the whole nation, and then the whole world! China has a major influence. That’s why it’s called mainland. “Main” land. People brought influences wherever they go.

Why are you afraid when passing through customs? This country is very friendly. It’s a free country, if we have the visa, we can come in. Nobody stops or arrests you. Why are you afraid? (Probably in Âu Lạc [Việt Nam].) Ah, the other side. (In Âu Lạc [Việt Nam]) Don’t talk nonsense. They give you the visa to go out, why are you afraid? The government…

(It was the first time, Master. We were not afraid of customs, but afraid of not being able to come in.) Afraid not be able to come here? Because of the custom of this country? (Yes.) The custom of this ashram? (The custom of Taiwan [Formosa].) Why can’t you come here? (Because we could not come in.) Why not?

(The first few times, they asked…) Ah, understood. No, this country is very free. Right? You can come here and stay three, four months, and nobody says anything. After the visa expires, then you go home. They don’t ask where you go, what you do. If they do, tell them you come here. No problem. This government is very good to me. They know I am doing good things, not violating the laws, not making any trouble. A long time already, many tens of years already. They know. You just come here normally. You don’t have to say you come here. Just say you are visiting. Here, you are also visiting, it isn’t a lie. You don’t do anything when you’re here. You just come to visit, right? (Yes.) You are visiting, sightseeing. Right. The scenery is beautiful here, no? Don’t be afraid, OK. This country is very free, very good. For example, when you enter this town, at the border of this town, and you ask for the place of Supreme Master Ching Hai, they would show you the way.

I get lost all the time. Every time I came back here, I had to ask the villagers, the towns people, the neighbors the way, and they showed me all the way to here. The last time when I came back here, it was about three, four o’clock in the morning. The taxi driver, we gave him the address, he still kept getting lost. The villager that lives on the other side, drove his own car to lead us here. His car was running ahead, and the taxi followed. The people here are very kind. In this country, normally, many people know my name, so they would not give you any trouble. Next time, don’t be afraid, okay.

(I am not afraid anymore, Master.) Not afraid anymore. Don’t be afraid of anything. Recite the Five Names and go straight. I only worry that you may get lost. But someone will come… a contact person will come to pick you up. So what else is there to be afraid of? OK. Anything else? Any more question?

OK, I go up now. I am not tired, but standing here too long, I am shy. You keep staring at me, I don’t know what to do. For example, you stand here, and people keep staring at you, can you bear it? You would be shy. Okay, thank you. Continue to meditate. (Yes.) (Thank You, Master.) Not enough. I know, it’s not enough. You can’t look at me enough. So look at the picture, look at the picture. Look on the video. OK.

I don’t have the umbrella. OK, let’s go. Bye. (Bye, Master.) (See You again, Master.) Bye. (Bye.) (Love You, Master!) Love you! (We love You, Master.) Be careful, OK? (Thank You.) Take care, OK? (Yes.) Take care of yourself. (Yes.) I love all of you, take care of yourself. (Love You too, Master!) (Thank You, Master.) Bye. (Thank You, Master.) How are you? Are you comrades healthy? (Yes.) (We wish You good health.) (Thank You, Master.)

Hey! (Hallo, Master!) (Please take care, Master.) (We love You!) (Master, we are from China and we miss You.) China? (We are all from China.) Are you all from China? (Yes.) Come take a look. (Master, we miss You.) I’ve come to see you. Come take a look. (Chairs. Small chairs.) Those at the back can come here. Not enough room? Come, come! (Only those from China can come here.) (Master is so beautiful!) Let them come over. (Only those from China.) Don’t block them. From China or not, let them all come. Let them come over. There’s still some space.

(Come, come, here.) Ah! No need to have so many… They know the rules. Come. Let them pass. They can also sit over there. They can also sit here. (Thank You, Master.) There’s still space left. Take a look and go. (OK, OK.) (Take a look and go.) (Thank You, Master.) (Master, I love You so much!) I love you, too.

Things are very convenient in China now. Right? (Yes.) No matter old or young, let them come as long as there’s space. Don’t block them. Please, let them come to have a look. No big deal. So many people want to have a look, a few more is no big deal. It’s very convenient in China now. It’s easy for you to come here, right? (Yes.) I’m also pleased to see you come and go freely.

Have you watched our TV? (Yes, we have.) Have you watched Supreme Master TV? (Yes, we have.) Can you also watch it in China? (Yes.) Wonderful! See how good your government is. So free, right? China going liberal will have a great impact, because it has the greatest population. Isn’t it? The Chinese government is even procuring mock meat for its people. Isn’t it? (Yes, it is.)

Oh! I was in tears when I saw the news. I felt so touched. I was very touched that the Chinese government is so good. It has a noble spirit for protecting the environment. If the whole of China could eat mock meat, it’d be marvelous, right? (Yes.) It’d affect the whole nation, and then the whole world! China has a major influence. That’s why it’s called mainland. “Main” land. People brought influences wherever they go.

Now, the reason that China has such a big influence is because of its great population. Is it not so? (Yes.) The government has enormous power. It’s not the power to fight or to kill. It’s the power to help. I’m so touched. After you go home, convey my gratitude to whichever government officials you know. We spiritual practitioners are carefree. I’m used to a private lifestyle and know nothing about governmental etiquette. I am afraid to offend them, understand? I always speak the truth, which I am afraid to offend people with. (Master is humble.) Thank you.

But I’m grateful to the good governments. Understand? They are good to the people, so that they have food and clothing, jobs and homes, and comfortable lives. I appreciate that. I don’t care about politics. Understand?

Sometimes a democratic government is not necessarily liberal. People may say that communism allows no freedom; it’s not necessarily so. It depends on your point of view and expectations. You might have endless demands, understand? You’d never be satisfied. We already have a wonderful life. It’s great already, right? (Yes.) We have jobs, peace and security. Having no war is the best. It doesn’t matter if we eat more or eat less. People live safe and sound. That means we have a very good government. Understand? Which government protects its citizens so well? People are safe and sound. There’s no war or turmoil, no broken families or relatives killed. You can see them every day. Children come home safely after school.

Oh, it’s wonderful! You should cherish all this, OK? (OK.) You should thank your government. Many countries are not as safe. Understand? People are afraid to walk outside, and dare not go out at night. They are afraid of bombs even in the daytime. If they go out at night, something could happen, like bumping into bad guys. This rarely happens in China. Very rarely, almost never. Compared to other countries, this almost never happens in China. You can walk safely at night, right? (Yes.) You should be thankful to your government. Don’t think of silly things. Even if there’s conflict, it’s due to karma. Practice more and bear with it, (OK.) and it’d be OK. There’s nothing you can do about it anyway.

I also have to endure many things and these are not caused by the Chinese government. Understand? Every country has its own problems. I heard that the Chinese government recently gave Mexico more than US$1 million or US$2 million when it was hit by a disaster. Wow! So generous! Because of China’s goodwill, it has a major influence on the world. Instead of intimidating or bullying others, China accepts, supports, and helps other countries. This is the way of a real government. This is the proper attitude of the guardian of the people.

Its influence is not limited to China. If the whole of China could go meat-free, wow, what an impact it would have on the world! It’d be awesome! Now the Chinese government has begun to place orders with some companies (for vegetarian meat.) Right, vegetarian meat. I was in tears when I heard the news. I cried for quite a while. Tears of happiness. Not sad tears. I was so happy!

Oh, it’s great that China has taken the initiative. I haven’t heard of any country taking such an initiative to procure vegetarian food. Experiments have been conducted in Europe. But I’ve not heard about any government openly placing orders for vegetarian food. It’s wonderful. You have great blessings. (We’re grateful and thankful to Master.) (Thank You.)

I didn’t know it before. I’ve lived in different places. There was so much propaganda and brainwashing about how bad communism is. It sounded terrible. But the more I think about it, it is not that bad. The people are living well. They still grow chubby and healthy. No one has starved to death or badly tormented.

Of course, every country has its own laws, be it communist or democratic. They each have their own laws. People who violate the law are punished. And sure, when they’re punished, they complain. There could be mistakes now and then. Sometimes people are wrongly punished. We can’t say there’re no such things. Sometimes “local gods” (officials) play dirty tricks. They abuse their power. Some may persecute the people. But it’s not the way the government wants it. It’s a character problem of individuals. It happens in every country.

In general, if people are safe, peaceful, happy, and have food and clothing, then it’s OK. It means the government is good. No government can make everyone happy. You see, the US has the top president. But he is supported by half his people. The other half doesn’t support him. Understand? This is their freedom. They support whomever they like. No one can say anything. Like that, they have a little freedom. But rights and freedoms come with great responsibility. You must exercise your rights properly and not always create disputes and cause trouble for the government. Understand? (Understand.) There are pros and cons. There is too much to talk about. I’m not a politician. I’ll say no more.

Are you all from China? (Yes.) And those over there? (Yes.) Sorry. You sit, sit down. Don’t move. Sit and don’t move. Can you see me? (Yes, I love You so much!) I love you too. Thank you. (Master is so beautiful. Love You so much!) Thank you. (Thank You, Master. You are beautiful.) Thank you. Thank you for coming from afar. Thank you all. (Master, please take care of Yourself.) (We love You, Master.)

(May I request a short stay of three weeks?) Singapore? Of course. Anybody can stay. Why not? (I’ve been away from Singapore for two months and did not attend group meditation.) I see! (The last group meditation I attended was in Vancouver last month.) Ah, OK. Is it that if you don’t work here, you’d not be approved? (No, it’s not that. The rule is one has to attend group meditation for six consecutive months.) Then let them know you were out of town. (I did tell him.) Tell whom? (My local contact person.)

Really. There’s no such rule. OK, everyone can come and stay as they wish. What’s important is you must not neglect your family. Don’t cause trouble for your family. And your visa must be OK. Also, no conflict with your job. Don’t abandon your family or your job and make trouble for your boss or anyone. Then it’s OK. Wherever you go, just practice diligently, then it’s OK. I didn’t set up this rule. I did not. As long as you’re sincere. You have to be sincere when you come here. Or you’ll have problems. Problems will arise. The guards here are very fair. Here everything is transparent. If you make a mistake, it’ll show. Do you understand? (Yes.) You can’t hide it. Come if you want. It’s all right to let them come, isn’t it? They’ve been practicing their whole life. A six-week gap shouldn’t matter. (Thank You, Master.) You’re welcome.

(I love You, Master.) (Thank You, Master.) OK. (Master, I love You so much!) (Thank You, Master.) I’m sorry. (Master is so beautiful!) (Hallo, Master.) OK. It’s all right. No problem. Sit down. Pretty. (Not as pretty as Master.) The clothes are beautiful. (Master is so pretty.) Thank you.

I tell you the truth. Heaven has told me things about beauty and youth. I see you’ve become younger as you practice. I envy you and wonder why everyone is still as young as when I saw them 10 or 20 years ago? Now they still look the same as 20 years ago. Then why have I become so old? (Master is forever young.) (Master is not old.) No, no. Then They said that… I have immense power, including the power to rejuvenate, then how come it didn’t work? They said: “Your disciples have stolen it all!” (Thank You, Master.) It’s true. Heaven told me that. Then I realized, “Oh, that’s why!” Had I known it, I’d not have given you initiation. It’s all right. (Master will be young forever.) It’s worth it. It’s worth it. (Master, please take care.) I’m just sorry. I could not show you a prettier appearance. (Master is very beautiful.) (Master will stay young forever.) I can’t be a movie star now. Oh, really! (Master is so beautiful.)

Good bye. (Good bye and thank You, Master.) Thank you for coming to see me. Love you! (Good-bye, Master.) (Please take care!) Love you! (Thank You, Master.) (See You, Master.) (Take care!) (I love You.) (Thank You, Master.) Love you. (Master, You’re so beautiful.) (Thank You, Master.) (Master, You’re so beautiful.) (I love You.) Love you. (Greetings, Master.) (Gratitude to Master.) Old ones, these old ones. OK, Bye. Love you! Thank you. Good night. (Good night.)

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