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“The Real Love” – A Musical that Unites Hearts, Part 14 of a Multi-part Series

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"I could still remember How that music used to make me smile. And I knew if I had my chance That I could make those people dance Maybe, they’d be happy for a while. … I dig those rhythm and blues. I was a lonely teenage broncin’ buck With a pink carnation and a pickup truck, But I knew I was out of luck The day the music died. I started singin’, 'Bye-bye, Miss American Pie.'"

"It was one of the earliest songs I ever wrote and when I was getting out of school and thinking about being a singer, and leaving everything behind, which you kind of have to do. It's called 'Castles in the Air.'" "If she asks you why you can tell her that I told you that I’m tired Of castles in the air I've got a dream I want the world to share. Castle walls just lead me to despair. Hills of forest green where the mountains touch the sky A dream come true I'll live there till I die." "City born but I love the country life. For I will not be part of her cocktail generation. Partners waltz devoid of all romance. Music plays and everyone must dance. Bowing out, I need a second chance."

“(We had a great time. It was beautiful, beautiful songs. It was just a warm, family, love.” “I liked it all, it was all really fun. I liked the “Miss American Pie” song, I liked that one a lot. But it was all really fun.)”

"(Her [Supreme Master Ching Hai’s] tenets were universal. That’s what I liked. I am a Christian, but it is the same love and peace and joy all over the world, and changing hearts. She certainly is a force for good.)"

"(It's a very critical point right now on the planet, and so we all need to wake up. Like She said, the planet may be annihilated. And so I don't want that. Nobody wants that.)" "(Supreme Master Ching Hai, thank You for today. Thank You for Your messages of love and for following Your path and leading us towards wanting to save the planet and being kind to the animals.)"

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