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Selections from “The Astral City,” Part 1 of 2 - Chapter 10: The Water Park



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In “The Astral City,” former medical doctor André Luiz speaks from the afterlife of his awakening and healing within a spiritual society near the Earth’s surface. This story describes not only the continuation of life beyond the physical body, but more importantly, how Heaven cares for each and every human soul.

Chapter 10: The Water Park “The scenery before my eyes was of exquisite beauty. The woods were in bloom and the fresh air was filled with a gentle aroma. It was all a miracle of colors and lights. A great river wound its way leisurely between green banks sprinkled with blue flowers.”

“Noticing the magnificent building in front of us, I asked: ‘Which Ministry controls the distribution of water?’ ‘It is one of the rare material activities under the Ministry of Divine Union.’” “Lysias smiled and continued with his explanation: ‘On Earth, very few people recognize the importance of water. Here in the Astral City our attitude is different and our knowledge of the subject is far greater. It is obvious that all services that are created need energy and attention to remain in good order. In this spiritual city we learn to be grateful to the Father and His divine laborers for such a gift.’

Lysias continued. ‘For many centuries the sea has kept his environment in balance, rain has supplied him with food, and the rivers have been vital in the formation of his cities. Water is a blessing in his home and work, and is the principal and most important element in his physical body. Yet man goes on thinking himself the absolute master of his world, forgetting that he is, before any other consideration, a child of the Most High.’

‘In the physical world, my friend, not only does water carry away the residues of material bodies, but it also becomes impregnated with our mental vibrations. It can be harmful in wicked hands, useful in generous ones. When in motion, its current spreads the blessing of life and acts as a vehicle of Divine Providence, absorbing man’s bitterness, hatred and worries, cleansing his physical home and purifying his inner atmosphere.’”

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