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New study shows vegans happier than meat-eaters in United States

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According to research published by Tracking Happiness, an organization dedicated to helping people understand and improve their happiness, vegans are cheerier than meat-eaters. In addition, the survey, which had 11,537 respondents, found that happier people are more likely to adopt a vegan diet. 

On a scale from one to ten, meat-eaters scored an average happiness rating of 6.8, while vegans reported an average score of 7.2. 

Mimi Bekhechi, vice-president of PETA International Programmes, commented, “It’s no wonder vegans are happier. By sparing animals atrocious suffering, helping to save the planet, and improving their own health, vegans can enjoy peace of mind and a clean conscience.” 

We are delighted by your findings, Tracking Happiness, and send our appreciation. May such information help more people soon transition to the more joyful and sustainable vegan way of life, in the support of the Providence.

01. Be Vegan, Make Peace. 

02. Be vegan, Repentant = Save your soul! 


04. Be Veg, Go Green 2 Save the Planet. 

05. Heaven is watching: Stop warring. 

06. Killing is never right, peace is the only answer. 

07. Be Veg, Go Green = to Save the Children. 

08. Vegans = the Heroes of Our Time. 

09. Vegan = 4 Lasting Peace. 

10. Vegan = 4 Total Peace. 

11. Vegan = 4 Eden on Earth. 

12. Vegan = True Human. 

13. Vegan = Love in Action. 

14. Don’t be just a leader, be a great one = a vegan leader! 

15. Be an extraordinary leader = a vegan leader! 

16. The greatest victory is conquering oneself = win big = defeat all meat habits! 

17. Vegan: For the smart people only. 

18. Vegan 4 world peace, love it! 

19. Vegan leader = someone you can trust. 

20. Vegan leader = someone you can rely on. 

21. Vegan: intelligent people choose it. 

22. Vegan leader, cool! 

23. Vegan leader, wow! 

24. Vegan leaders, none fears them, all love them! 

25. Vegan leader: real Peace giver! 

26. Vegan leader: trustworthy guaranteed! 

27. Vegan leader: luck for the world! 

28. Vegan leader = wise leader. 

29. Vegan leader = sure good leader. 

30. Vegan leader = The people’s leader. 

31. Vegan leader = legendary leader! 

32. Vegan leader = Heaven’s beloved leader! 

33. Vegan leader = true leader of all time. 

34. Vegan leader = true hero. 

35. Vegan leader = shining jewel. 

36. Vegan leader: a precious gift 4 the world. 

37. Vegan leader: victorious leader. 

38. Vegan leader: exemplary leader. 

39. Vegan leader: true lives saver! 

40. Vegan, any better idea! 

41. Vegan lifestyle = way to go! 

42. Vegan: for the brave only! 

43. Vegan = the conscientious human. 

44. Vegan = the peaceful warrior. 

45. Vegan = real kindness! 

46. Vegan = life gifting action. 

47. Vegan = protector of the world. 

48. Vegan = favorite of Heavens. 

49. Vegans = God’s true children! 

50. Vegan = all beings’ best friend! 

51. Vegan = no blood on your hands! 

52. Vegan = way of religions. 

53. Vegan: long life here and in Heavens. 

54. Vegan = for the noble souls only. 

55. Vegan: for the true loving heart only. 

56. Vegan = climate best solution. 

57. Vegan = for the God-chosen! 

58. Vegan = for the pure in mind. 

59. Vegan = for the love of all God’s creation. 

60. Vegan = because we are humane humans. 

61. Vegan = because we are strong but benevolent. 

62. Vegan = because we detest oppression! 

63. Vegan = because we protect the defenseless! 

64. Vegan side effect: you will b smarter! 

65. Vegan side effect: you will b slim! 

66. Vegan side effect: you will b healthier! 

67. Vegan side effect: you will b more loved! 

68. Vegan side effect: you will have more peace! 

69. Vegan side effect: you will look younger! 

70. Vegan side effect: you will b happier! 

71. Vegan side effect: you will have more energy! 

72. Vegan side effect: you will b more attractive! 

73. Vegan side effect: you will b more successful! 

74. Vegan side effect: you will b stronger! 

75. Vegan side effect: you will have more stamina! 

76. Vegan side effect: you will live long. 

77. Vegan side effect: you will have more immunity! 

78. Vegan = yours is Heaven! 

79. Vegan = all will b gladdened. 

80. Vegan = true civilization. 

81. Vegan = road to Heaven. 

82. Vegan = true gentleman. 

83. Vegan = noble royal prince. 

84. Vegan = Heaven beckons. 

85. Vegan = worthy human. 

86. Vegan, what else man! 

87. Vegan, makes perfect sense. 

88. Vegan, all understand. 

89. Vegan, all become friends. 

90. Vegan, are u in, saint? 

91. Vegan, because we protect the meek. 

92. Vegan, because we protect the defenseless. 

93. Vegan, because we condemn murder. 

94. Vegan, because the animals also love peace as we do. 

95. Vegan, because we are ashamed to bully the helpless. 

96. Vegan, because we are proud to be human. 

97. Vegan, because we can’t be that cruel. 

98. Vegan, because we can’t be that ignorant. 

99. Vegan, because we can’t be a killer. 

100. Vegan, because the animals also feel pain as we do! 

101. Vegan, because we don’t want to be treated so cruelly. 

102. Vegan, because we are love inside out. 

103. Vegan, because we aren’t savage cave men! 

104. Vegan, because we hate war. 

105. Vegan, because we respect justice for all. 

106. Vegan, because we are not a beast. 

107. Vegan, because we uphold kindness. 

108. Vegan, because we are educated. 

109. Vegan, because we also want to be respected and loved. 

110. Vegan, because we have a heart of humans. 

111. Vegan, because we are not demons! 

112. Vegan, because we want Heaven. 

113. Vegan, because we fear hell. 

114. Vegan, because we are elite. 

115. Vegan, because we are high class. 

116. Vegan, because we are civilized. 

117. Vegan, because we don’t need to kill to live. 

118. Vegan, because we are kind at heart. 

119. Vegan, because we can’t condone cruelty. 

120. Vegan, because all love to live as we do. 

121. Vegan: walk the talk! 

122. Vegan: absolutely Heaven! 

123. Vegan, we are in! 

124. Vegan: why are you waiting? 

125. Vegan: way of the gentlemen. 

126. Vegan: way of the elegant. 

127. Vegan: Kingdom of God at hand. 

128. Vegan: way of the benevolent. 

129. Vegan = clean conscience. 

130. Vegan: because we are not for murder. 

131. Vegan leader = the right ruler. 

132. Vegan leader: the compassionate ruler. 

133. Vegan leader: the true God worshiper. 

134. Vegan ruler: one you can vote for. 

135. Vegan leader: one who can rule forever. 

136. Vegan leader: Who else are u looking for? 

137. Vegan leader: The rock for the people. 

138. Vegan leaders: They rock! 

139. Vegan leader: mover and shaker. 

140. Vegan leader: the fearless hero. 

141. Vegan leader: no heart is purer. 

142. Vegan leader: top world ruler. 

143. Vegan leader: World-class ruler. 

144. Vegan leader: hearts stealer. 

145. Vegan leader: wounds healer. 

146. Vegan leader: love of the people. 

147. Vegan leader: who else! 

148. Vegan leaders: they are the future! 

149. Vegan leader: Legend of the world. 

150. Vegan leader: game changer. 

151. Vegan contender: Can’t wait to vote for! 

152. Vegan leader: Top beacon of the world! 

153. Vegan man: how handsome! 

154. Vegan woman: in high demand! 

155. Vegan: guiding torchbearer. 

156. Vegan business: smart entrepreneur. 

157. Vegan: sign of intelligence. 

158. Vegan: we cheer you on. 

159. Vegan: Younger than b4! 

160. Vegan, who loves you man! 

161. Vegan: take the standing ovation. 

162. Vegan: choose it for your future. 

163. Vegan: see the best change. 

164. Vegan: we would like to kiss your hand. 

165. Vegan: you are our man. 

166. Vegan: leading the real good change. 

167. Vegan: extra life span. 

168. Vegan: our congratulations! 

169. Vegan: the best life change. 

170. Vegan: sounds like Heaven! 

171. Vegan: for the change we’ve been awaiting. 

172. Vegan: because we hate murdering. 

173. Vegan: Because we are the change. 

174. Vegan = ends all killing! 

175. Vegan = stop the heart wrenching! 

176. Vegan: Let’s all be real humans. 

177. Vegan = Let’s prove we are humans. 

178. Vegan = no blood on your hands. 

179. Vegan: What 4 r u still waiting! 

180. Vegan: because we don’t condone murder! 

181. Vegan, because we don’t want blood spilled for our body. 

182. Vegan, because that’s the only befitting lifestyle. 

183. Vegan, because we are not bloodthirsty savages! 

184. Vegan, because we don’t want dripping blood in our mouth. 

185. Vegan: the most decent way to live! 

186. Vegan alternative? Vegan. 

187. Vegan alternative? None. 

188. Vegan argument? You will lose. 

189. Vegan opposition? Barbarous party. 

190. Vegan: relatives of Heavens. 

191. Vegan: leader of compassion. 

192. Vegan because we protect the innocents. 

193. Vegan because the Lord says: thou shall not kill. 

194. Vegan because we are not murder-accomplices. 

195. Vegan because we are civilized. 

196. Vegan because nations have laws to protect the animals! 

197. Vegan = we abide by the animal protection laws. 

198. Vegan because we are not hypocrites. 

199. Vegan = the best way to halt climate change. 

200. Vegan = As we sow, so shall we reap! 

201. Vegan because we don’t love hell. 

202. Vegan because we have compassion. 

203. Vegan because we are not beasts. 

204. Vegan = real macho man. 

205. Vegan = way to go man. 

206. Vegan = welcome to Heaven. 

207. Vegan = you are just brilliant! 

208. Vegan = b healthy and vibrant. 

209. Vegan = be healthy and live long. 

210. Vegan = becoming a saint! 

211. Vegan = don’t want to be a patient. 

212. Vegan = don’t want any pain! 

213. Vegan = no blood on our hands! 

214. Vegan = all beings’ best friend. 

215. Vegan: good doctors recommend. 

216. Vegans = true God’s children. 

217. Vegan = your merit is immense. 

218. Vegan = a purified person. 

219. Vegan = walk the way of the enlightened.

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