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In today’s news, United Kingdom provides life-saving medical assistance to Nepal for COVID-19 relief, space telescope records picture of galaxies merging, volunteers teach women migrants and refugees bike riding in Australia, Malta sends wildflower seeds nationwide for citizen planting program, Afghan woman photographer shares Afghanistan’s women’s beauty in latest exhibition, Swedish plant-based food company seeks to provide market’s best meat substitutes, and animal rescue saves over 400 animals on farm in United States.

United Kingdom donates urgently needed COVID-related medical supplies to Nepal.

The UK recently delivered to Nepal 260 ventilators and 2,000 pieces of personal protective equipment (PPE), which were accompanied by two health experts. The pair will assess how Britain can additionally aid Nepal with its swell of COVID-19 infections. Previously, the UK has supported Nepal by providing funds for a £180,000 oxygen generation plant at the Nepal Police Hospital, thus helping to save 150 lives daily. Other assistance from the UK has included sending epidemiological experts, developing warehouses for vaccine supplies, as well as providing medical and personal protective equipment to places with urgent need. The UK government has said it will continue to provide further support to Nepal. The United Kingdom is a laureate of the Shining World Leadership for Caring Award, Shining World Wise Leadership Award, and Shining World Leadership Awards for Protection, Animal Protection and Kindness. Our sincere gratitude, United Kingdom. May Divine grace be upon the affected Nepalese people to give them much love and comfort as we pray for a brighter and safer future.

NASA and ESA telescope captures image of two galaxies merging.

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) from the United States and the European Space Agency (ESA) Hubble Space Telescope recently recorded a picture of the IC 1623 galaxy pair merging. The image was created by combining camera observations taken with eight different filters ranging from ultraviolet wavelengths to infrared. It shows exceptional detail of the final stages of the converging process that will take hundreds of millions of years to complete and results in new star formations. The system is located about 275 million light-years away from Earth, and is within the Cetus constellation, which is the fourth largest constellation in the sky and neighbors Pisces, Aries and Aquarius. Congratulations, NASA and ESA, on recording the fascinating image of the merging of two galaxies. In the benevolence of Heaven, may your research help us to understand the expansiveness of God’s creation and appreciate the diversity of the Universe.

Up next, volunteers teach women migrants and refugees bike riding in Australia. We’ll now pause to thank the safety goggle producers, who ensure that one of the most vulnerable organs, our eyes, are protected from dust, chemicals and even virus particles. Please stay with us for more giving news on Supreme Master Television. Vegan because we protect the innocents.

Hey, optimistic friends, how are you doing? I’m Teagan the vegan Tufted Deer, and I believe you have a compassionate heart. Can you help me and my fellow animals by going vegan? Here is a do-it-yourself tip on how to make a charging drawer that will hide all the wires from view. You will need to cut a small hole in the back of the drawer where the cord from the power strip can go through. Next, place the power strip in the drawer where you can plug in your small electronics easily. Make sure enough of the cord from the power strip is pulled into the drawer so that it can open and close properly. Thank you for tuning in and much love for Being Veg and Going Green 2 Save the Planet thus save the world! Now, the weather around our beautiful globe.

Volunteer program in Australia teaches women migrants and refugees bike riding.

An initiative in Canberra, Australia called Girls on Bikes has been teaching female migrants and refugees how to ride a bike. The free course has been running since 2017 and has so far enabled 150 women to gain the joyful skill of cycling as well as make friendships along the way. Every Sunday for five weeks, volunteers meet with course participants during which time they gain such abilities as maintaining balance. Eventually, they are able to ride on their own. Enrollees also get a free bike and helmet at the end of the classes. Way to go, Girls on Bikes team, for your loving program to help migrant women and refugees learn the fun skill of bike riding. In the love of the Providence, may your caring efforts make a lasting impression of selflessness in the minds of your community as we strive to spend our lives serving others.

Malta to send wildflower seeds to people for planting.

The Maltese government will send 180,000 households packets of wildflower seeds to plant to help preserve the habitats of pollinators. Each packet contains a mix of native flower species, namely chamomile, red corn poppy, sweet alyssum along with instructions on how to care for them. The seeds will continue growing each year after producing their own seeds. The wildflowers also provide pollen, which is a valuable food source for pollinating insects such as bees and butterflies. Over 35% of the world’s food supply relies on pollinator animals. Our hats off, Maltese government, on your wise endeavor to help your kind citizens support nature. In the radiance of Heaven, may such projects spread throughout the world as we lovingly care for the natural world as an extension of ourselves.

Afghan photographer highlights beauty of women in her homeland.

Based in Tehran, Iran, Fatimah Hossaini was born to Afghan parents in Iran, where she also studied photography. Ms. Hossaini draws artistic inspiration from her heritage which is displayed in her current collection. The poetic photos, taken over three years, focus on women in Afghanistan and their beauty that is often overlooked in the midst of conflict, thus giving a different view of the country. The exhibit was on display this past June at the Iranian Artists Forum in Tehran. The talented photographer’s work has also been shown around the world. In addition, Ms. Hossaini is an advocate nationally and internationally for women and refugee rights. A standing ovation, Fatimah Hossaini, for your bravery and artistry that, through your powerful lens, shows us the loveliness of your compatriots. In the grace of Allah, may your work inspire many on the path of serenity and peace.

Coming up, Swedish plant-based food company seeks to provide market’s best meat substitutes. We are going to take a moment to pray for those who suffer from injustice. May Heavens’ protection ease their pain. We’ll return with more righteous news on Supreme Master Television. Vegan because we are civilized. Welcome back to Noteworthy News – Inspiring News for a Resplendent World.

Swedish vegan food company on mission to deliver best plant-based meat products.

With a goal to provide delicious comfort food that is better for the planet and human health, Peas of Heaven, which launched in 2019, has created a vegan range that includes pea-based burgers, meatballs, bacon, mince, and sausages. The impressive, young brand started an online store in March 2021 where customers can purchase products for home delivery. In an interview with Vegconomist, an online vegan business magazine, co-founder Lucas Karlsson shared that he and his brother went vegan as a result of their interest in health and sustainability, which inspired the development of the company’s 15 allergen-free products. They plan to expand their offerings and soon add major European markets to the places their items are sold. Our praises, Lucas Karlsson and the team behind Peas of Heaven, for creating tasty food that is great for our planet! In Celestial blessings, may success be with you always.

Animal rescue saves over 400 neglected animals.

Pennsylvania, United States-based Speranza Animal Rescue saved over 400 uncared for animals, including birds, rabbits, horses and goats, on a farm. The police alerted Janine Guido, Speranza Animal Rescue’s owner, of the shocking situation. Along with the organization’s volunteers, Janine tirelessly made trips back and forth to the site to make sure all animals were rescued quickly. Many of them need to be nursed back to health before they are transferred to other animal shelters. The farm’s owner was charged with over 2,000 counts of neglect for failure to provide adequate food, water, shelter, and medical attention for the animals. Thank you, police officers, Janine Guido, Speranza Animal Rescue and all volunteers, for your caring acts. We pray for the animals’ speedy recovery and happiness and that countries worldwide pass and implement laws to protect our dear animal friends, in God’s mercy.

When we relax, we can think clearer, so let’s have fun with the joke of the day, “Abbreviations.”

Maggy, who had just learned how to text on her smartphone, sent her teenaged daughter a message to ask the meanings of some abbreviations she had seen being used quite often.

“Hi, honey. I was wondering what do IDK, LY, and TTYL mean?”

“I Don’t Know, Love You, and Talk To You Later.”

“It’s all right. Don’t worry about it, I’ll ask your brother. Love you too.”

And now we have a heartline from Xiao-Ming in China:

Greetings! Thank you for your continuous efforts in elevating the Earth and awakening humankind. Your graceful, elegant, and spiritual programs are the precious way for me to enjoy God’s Divine Love and to appreciate the beautiful Earth as well as all beings in the world. The more I appreciate the beauty of all beings, the more I feel the Godly Love they’re trying to convey. Your programs have become one of the pillars for my life. Thank God and thank the Supreme Master TV team. Thank all the beautiful beings that accompany us on Earth.

The attached is a video clip from the Internet for your reference. It shows a white whale in Shanghai’s Changfeng Park bidding farewell to her trainer as she’s leaving Shanghai to return to nature near Iceland. It’s quite touching, and I think it might be good to show it in your program. Xiao-Ming from China

Uplifted Xiao-Ming, Thank you for sharing your thoughts. We are happy that Supreme Master Television is a vehicle for you to experience God’s Divine Grace and appreciate the goodness on our planet Earth, especially the glorious animals. There is a three-part series we aired called “SEA LIFE Trust – Safeguarding Marine Life and Habitats” about the two beluga whales who moved from Changfeng Park to Klettsvik Bay, Iceland. You can go to and search Sea Life Trust to watch it. We wish you many happy and uplifting hours of viewing. May Buddha light your way and guide you and resourceful China, Supreme Master TV team

We welcome your heartlines, stories and or cute, loving animal clips. Please send them via

Thank you for spending time with us on Noteworthy News. May dreams for a compassionate vegan world come true.

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