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“The Real Love” – A Musical that Unites Hearts, Part 17 of a Multi-part Series

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On August 17, of this year, 2011, Mr. Kasha respectfully sent Supreme Master a letter of invitation to attend the musical. “Dear Supreme Master Ching Hai, It is an immense honor for me to wholeheartedly invite You to attend the premiere of the musical ‘The Real Love’ on August 27, 2011. Based on Your lovely poetry, I believe I, as well as the other composers, have put together an amazing musical production with top tier talents from Broadway to share Your unique story, which truly bespeaks of the love and sacrifice You have for humanity. It is a story of faith, which is so important to us all. As You are the inspiration for the musical, I hope You will be able to grace us with Your presence.”

In Her letter of reply, Supreme Master Ching Hai had written: “Dearest Mr. Al Kasha, I was so touched knowing your support and love through the staff and your uplifting writing. I am in tears because I’ll miss the chance to see you there. Please forgive me, forgive life. I feel so much love from you from afar and so much from me to you. May God grant you more than you ever wish. I’m in love with your music. Thanks for the high honor. Embrace you with Love, CH”

After the event, Mr. Kasha wrote another letter to Supreme Master Ching Hai to express his heartfelt thoughts. In response to Mr. and Mrs. Kasha’s sincerity, Supreme Master Ching Hai wrote: “Dear Mr. Kasha, I truly appreciate your pure-hearted inspiration for bringing ‘The Real Love’ musical into being. Without you, we would not have such a beautiful creation to enjoy. You made it so special, and I’m sure all the audience members watching in person and on television were moved as well. As on numerous previous occasions, you once again made beautiful melodies for my poems. The songs were so appropriately romantic, exuberant and tender. Thank you so much for your dedicated, honoring spirit. Thank you for your real love! My love and best wishes in your work as a noble artist, Mr. Kasha. May God bless you and your cherished ones, especially your faithful, devoted, precious beloved wife Ceil. Please thank her for the love-filled letter she wrote to me. With great honor, love and blessings, CH”

“(When Supreme Master Ching Hai was on, I have Parkinson’s disease and I was so taken by Her beauty, and so taken by Her words, that my wife and our girlfriend Nellie said, ‘Al's hand is not shaking.’ She touched my heart so deeply, and She got me so relaxed, and so in love with Her. She is so precious. Her poetry is wonderful. She is a wonderful artist. Look at all the gifts God has given Her: wonderful painter, wonderful poetess, wonderful speaker, wonderful heart.)”

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