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A Gift of Love: Simple & Nutritious Cooking with Supreme Master Ching Hai (Vegan)

Summertime Fondue with Fresh Veggies, Vegan Tempura & More

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“It’s summer! And we’re going to have some simple life food. This is an alternative to barbeque. Like when you cannot barbeque because you live in an apartment, and all you have is a balcony, maybe, or a deck outside of your room, and you’re not allowed to barbeque, then you can do something different, like we can fry the stuff.”

“We have salad, we have cucumber, we have lettuce here. That should be just fine. And we have tofu here; we cut it into sticks like this. Long sticks. Halve it. Just like vegan sausage size. Put them all here together. Cut the cucumber into like three. Cut it like that. It doesn’t matter how you cut, actually. You cut it the way you want.”

“When you’re cooking, you better recite some holy names: Jesus’ name, Buddha’s name, or Muhammad’s name, Peace Be Upon Him, Allah’s name, Guru Nanak’s name, God’s name. Because I am explaining to you, you think I’m not reciting. I am reciting, always at intervals to bless the food to make the food transform into nutrition and light.”

“See, we use it like barbeque. But we use chopsticks instead. You can also use the stick. (Oh, yes.) But chopstick, you can reuse it again. (Sure, sure.) We prepare all this and then we just drop in the oil and fry it, like a vegan tempura. (Oh, yes, so easy.) And then we’re going to drop it in, put it a little deeper, otherwise it will break.”

“Because some people don’t have a barbeque, they cannot barbeque in their apartment. So, this is like for social. (That’s a good idea.) When the oil is hot, you just put it in there and wait. Then eat with bread and ketchup, cucumber, whatever. And the cucumber in there for decoration. Leave it there, eat fresh. Cucumber you don’t have to fry. (It’s more healthy that way.) Just nice to stick everything.”

“(Very good.) See, all these are vegan. It means no meat, no eggs, no dairy. Completely vegan. This is vegan sausage. (And it tastes this good!) It tastes good. Japanese vegan tempura. (Vegan Tempura, I know. What’s this that tastes this good?) Tofu, tofu. And fresh vegetable and fruit.”

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