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Bomi (vegan) and Her Beloved Companion Rabbit, Toto

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Rabbits, domesticated or wild, offer their joyful energy to produce many benefits for the planet and the animals around them! Bomi will share with us her knowledge about her little furry friend and how to best care for rabbits as pets.

“The animals are very pure. They are already connected with the higher source of the Divine, so we can learn so much from them. The animal does not have to be large. It could be an ant, which is noted scientifically for his intelligence, or a rabbit. A rabbit is also a powerhouse of love; almost next to the whales, for example.”

“The first time we met was at a mart. I passed through the animal corner at the mart, but there were no other rabbits there, and this rabbit was alone there. I was just going to overlook it, but when I looked closely, he had a skin disease and a mass of his hair here was taken out, maybe because of the skin disease. There were some problems with his eyes, and his nose also lost hair due to the skin disease. And I couldn’t leave him alone, so I finally adopted him. I took him to a hospital and got him diagnosed, gave him medicine, and disinfected the eyes, so now he has recovered completely even from the skin disease.”

“It’s important what you feed to them when you raise a rabbit. Because the food that rabbits should eat and the food that rabbits like are often different.” “The rabbit’s staple is hay, but Toto is eating ryegrass. When they are young, you feed them alfalfa, but Toto is an adult, so Timothy hay and ryegrass are the staple foods.”

Toto's ears won't miss the rustling sound of a snack bag! Just imagining it makes me feel good. “One day, I released Toto to play in the yard. But after I released him, I wondered where Toto went, so when I looked at the backyard, there was a magpie, and Toto was really close to the magpie. They were so close to each other. The moment I saw it, it was as if Toto was talking to the bird. It was so amazing, so I approached it and the magpie flew away, but anyway, it was amazing.”

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