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Between Master and Disciples

Masters’ Good Affinity with Sentient Beings, Part 4 of 6, Nov. 11, 2018

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Seventy percent, eighty percent of my teaching is coming to you without words. These are the better teachings, the best and the real teachings. So, every day you meditate, you receive more. If you don’t meditate, you receive less, because you’re too busy thinking and worrying about every other thing. But when you meditate, you receive a full 70%, or when you sleep also.

There was also a story in Sufism. There was a Master visited by someone from afar. And in Arabian country, in the desert kind of country, water is very precious. So, that person brought a jar of water from his hometown all the way there to make offering to the Master. And He accepted. The Master accepted it, water, with all His gladness and welcomed him. And then of course treated him, the would-be disciple or visitor, with all courtesy and everything. So, when the time came for the visitor to depart, maybe he went there to get initiation, and after the time to stay with the Master, he’s going away. So, the Master told His attendant, “Oh, this man, he came from far away. In his region he has no river, so you go down to the river here, take him out by the river way, so that he knows the river, he knows our river.”

Because the Master lived next to a river, but He accepted the water with all thankfulness and courtesy. Because that man came with all his heart, brought water, because where his home was, there was no water. There’s some desert country, there’s no water, so, water is very scarce, very rare, very precious. So, he brought the most precious thing from his hometown to offer to the Master. Of course, the Master took it with all His love and appreciation. But He lived next to the water. Of course, He wouldn’t say: “What for? What are you doing? Oh, we have a lot of water outside, it’s the Nile River next to me.” He wouldn’t say that. He took it, He didn’t say anything. He took it with all love and appreciation. Only when he departed, He said, “Oh, this man has never seen a river in his life, you take him out by the river way, so that he also sees the river.”

You understand that? (Yes.) So you see, all the Masters are the same. Not just Buddha in India, but the Sufi Master also in Persia, or elsewhere in the Arabian country. He lived next to the Nile River that has never run out. The Nile River is very large, very generous, very big. Millions of Arabian people depend on that water to live. You see what I mean? But of course, the man came with all his heart, with water. Anyone would accept. But the Master wouldn’t say, ridicule him or tell him that it is unnecessary, or stuff like that. He didn’t say that. Until the day He said, “Oh, take him by the river way, so that he can see the water.”

Because where he lived is a desert, he never saw this water in his life. They probably dig some wells in the desert to survive, but they don’t have the Nile River. The Nile River doesn’t run everywhere, just some areas. Just like the Ganges River, it doesn’t run everywhere, just some areas. Or like in Âu Lạc (Vietnam), we have the Mekong River, but it just doesn’t run everywhere. It has its course, it just runs down there. And whoever lives nearby it, profits from this richness. So that is that.

You can see all the Masters are the same way. Just now I remember that. Even the Sufi Master reacted the same way, like the Buddha would have. I have told you before that… I have told some of the Supreme Master Television staff, I told them don’t worry, eat to your hearts’ content. The food is made by the power of love, so don’t worry, just eat what you like. Just don’t over indulge yourself, only. I share with you this food, not too worry. You don’t owe anything, to the world, that’s what I meant. Yes.

So, the Buddha… if you remember, in one of the sutras, the Buddha said to His disciples, that they are forbidden to eat meat.

Are you hungry already? (No.) You want to hear more? (Yes! A little bit more!) OK. Today we are on the food, so I might as well keep going on about it. You love food anyway, just like I do, so we are going on about that. It has some lessons in it, OK? Depends on how you look at it.

All right. Are you guys OK there? Three of you? Why you…? You need that? You’re not an English-speaking person? No, the elderly one. (I needed backup.) You needed … because they speak louder in your ears. Right? OK. Less distraction, it’s true. OK, do what you like. They still speak English even though I speak English? The translator is speaking English now? (Louder.) Louder! In the ears. (Hear louder.) Because they have connection. If you understand, don’t copy him.

Where are you from? (South Africa.) South Africa. Welcome, welcome. You are beautiful. What’s your name in Ewe language? (My home town.) Yeah. (KwaZulu-Natal.) KwaZulu-Natal. (Durban, KwaZulu-Natal.) Durban. I see, I see. Are you comfortable here? (Yes, I am.) It’s hot enough, right? You’re at home, no? The weather is a little bit crazy. It’s already November and it’s hot. Right? (Yes.) Oh, we like it. We like it. Also because many trees, so it’s cool. It’s cool.

OK. The Buddha said to the disciples that they are forbidden to eat meat. Remember? (Yes.) And then of course, in the beginning… He said in the beginning there are many monks and nuns; monks are not used to the vegetarian diet. Or they live in some far area where there are no vegetables, not easily grown vegetables. So, He used His power to manifest food, the flesh for them to eat. But these are from His power, not the real meat. That’s why He said that. But from now on, if anybody eats meat then they are not Buddha’s disciples. That’s what the Buddha announced.

Any Saint, once they reach even the Fourth Level, Fifth spiritual level, they can manifest things for themselves, but they just don’t always use that kind of power. Because there’s a certain price to pay, a spiritual price to pay. If the Master is very rich, I mean spiritually, then it doesn’t matter. Does not have to be Buddha even. If a person has a very big store of merit then he also lives comfortably with this kind of manifested food.

I don’t know if I told you one of the stories, one of the kings, he always had very beautiful food come to him and his own citizens every day. So, in his country, nobody had to work or no war, no problems at all, until one of the neighbor kings wanted to make trouble. But then later they had peace together anyway. And then the neighbor king asked this king, “Oh, your food in your country, it tastes so good. Where did you buy them? Where did you get them?” So that king said, “No, it comes naturally every day for us and my citizens to eat.” “Oh,” he said , “Oh, how could we also have such kind of food every day for me and my citizens?”

And the meritorious king said to the neighbor king… Originally he was bad, the neighbor king was bad, but later he was converted. So, this good king said to the converted king, saying that, “Oh, then if you want the same food every day, you eat the same time with us. Tell your citizens to eat at the same time with us, then you have the same food; this delicious celestial food like us.” You see that?

But that was one of the Buddha’s past incarnations anyway. Buddha has always been good to others and He’s always been generous and kind. So, life after life He always had food anyway. But even then, because of that, He would have food. This is the power of love, power of compassion, that manifested into food for any king or good person or saintly being. They do have power to do many things. It’s just, they cannot always do that, because in this world, if you want to come down here to this illusionary maya world, it’s a different world. You cannot have such a comfortable life like you would normally have, befitting your position and power, because you have to give up many things, in order to come here to help sentient beings.

In many stories of the Buddha, He gave His own flesh, His own blood, His eyes, His organs, in order to help others, so that He has good affinity with them, then in the future lives, many eons afterward, they would meet again and they would be willing to listen to the Buddha’s teachings and become liberated. Because people, beings, in this kind of physical existence, they’re very hard; in the heart, very little love; in the mind, very little faith, very little trust. So, if you don’t have such a good connection with them, they will not listen to you. Except those who are really, already have been life after life, good and spiritually more advanced, then they immediately understand.

Like Lao Tzu said to you, “The Truth, when spoken, the highly spiritual person immediately accepts gladly and praises. And the medium listen and think about it. The stupid one, meaning the low one, spiritually low, will laugh at it.” You are laughing at me? Let’s laugh together, why not? Yeah, everything is funny anyway. I’m just entertaining your heart and reminding you to be good by my speaking.

Seventy percent, eighty percent of my teaching is coming to you without words. These are the better teachings, the best and the real teachings. So, every day you meditate, you receive more. If you don’t meditate, you receive less, because you’re too busy thinking and worrying about every other thing. But when you meditate, you receive a full 70%, or when you sleep also. So, don’t look down upon sleep!

Sleep is good for your body, the mind also. But you have to meditate before you sleep. And in that state of quiet and acceptance, the mind is tired, quiet, you will receive more. Either fully 100%, 80% or a little less, depends on how quiet your mind is. Depends on how much you concentrate on meditation before you lie down and sleep. OK? Or sit down and sleep. You’re very diligent, I know this. You meditate all night, yeah?

OK. It’s only four o’clock! What time do you normally eat? Four, right? Four o’clock is the meal time. OK. Well, I’ll let you go.

Whatever I said to you is the same; just entertaining. In Heavens, we don’t have to talk like this, so all this is useless, actually. Just to calm your minds, entertain you, make you feel loved and happy. But the real teaching is not expressed by this cold language of this world. The real teachings, the real love is not expressed through language like this. OK? (Thank You, Master.) So, whatever I say, it’s the same. Or not saying, it’s the same.

You go enjoy your food, OK? And I’ll see you when I see you. (Thank You, Master.) All right. Thank you for being good. I’ll see you maybe some other time, maybe next week. (Thank You.) You’re welcome. Thank you. Try to stay on the good side. It’s good for you. It’s better for you. Your life will be more comfortable. OK, ciao! You want this one, huh? OK.

Âu Lạc (Vietnam), huh? (Malaysia.) (Korea. China.) (Philippines.) Malaysia, Philippines! Welcome! (Mexico.) (I'm Chinese from America.)

I heard your President’s not well. I have written him a letter. I wanted to go see him, but I don’t know. It’s not convenient for him maybe. Also, Heaven said no, so I cannot. (Thank You, Master.) Say hallo to the Philippines, OK? May God bless you and your beautiful people forever. The Filipino people are very generous and kind. They are not the richest, they are not the rich and powerful country, but they’re very generous. (Thank You, Master.) Yes. Very, very generous. They accept 5,000 Aulacese (Vietnamese) refugees, which nobody else wanted. They just accept them like that and took good care of them all these years. I’m very, very deeply grateful and have the highest esteem for your country’s people. (Thank You.) OK. (Thank You so much, Master.) Thanks to you. Bye bye.

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