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In today’s news, our gracious Supreme Master Ching Hai presents Shining World Compassion Award to animal advocacy group from United Kingdom for protecting animals globally, study foresees climate disruptions in Greater Yellowstone Area in United States, robot uses artificial intelligence to clean beaches in Netherlands, Indian state’s citizens plant 250 million trees in a single day, brave woman in Canada rescues drowning family of three, New Zealand plant-based food company lowers carbon footprint of vegan meat even more, and sea turtle treated for injury in Israel brought back to marine waters.

In Shining World Compassion Award News from the United Kingdom…

Animal Defenders International (ADI) has offices in London, UK, Los Angeles, USA and Bogota, Colombia as well as works with partner organizations to protect animals and their rights. The co-founders Jan Creamer and Tim Phillips have regularly gone undercover to document and reveal animal suffering in circuses, animal laboratories, animal factories, and slaughterhouses. The resulting evidence and reports are distributed to the public and media. They also play a role in bringing to justice those who inflict cruelty on animals and have been the catalyst for many legislative changes that protect animals.

“The biggest challenge in ADI’s work now is continuing to gather the evidence, which will continue to move the dial for animals in terms of changing people’s minds about the way we treat the other species who share our planet, seeing them as our neighbors on planet Earth. And in order to continue the progress that we’re making now, it’s always gathering the facts, gathering the evidence, persuading the governments and the politicians to change their policies.” “It means following something year after year after year till you get it. And people say, well, how do we get these laws through? And we’ll often say at meetings, you just got to be prepared to get knocked down again and again and again, but always get up, because if you stick on that road, if you keep going, no matter how steep it feels it is, then you will reach the end. You will get that legislation. You will get that change.”

In gratitude for its committed work, our gracious Supreme Master Ching Hai presented the Shining World Compassion Award plus a humble contribution of US$20,000 to Animal Defenders International, “with all love, high salute and warm gratitude, in Heaven’s grace.” ADI also received copies of Master’s elevating publications and DVDs. “We have this beautiful plaque to commemorate your Shining World Compassion Award from Supreme Master Ching Hai for Animal Defenders International. ‘In recognition of courageous activism, advocating for our voiceless animals, rescuing, relocating to safe havens, and raising awareness, heroically protecting, defending and nurturing humane justice, promoting rights and respect, uplifting our planet. With compliments and gratitude, for your compassionate and benevolent commitment to saving animals’ lives.’”

Ms. Creamer and Mr. Phillips expressed their immense gratitude to Supreme Master Ching Hai for the recognition and Her donation. “We’d like to say to Supreme Master Ching Hai that this is a great honor, and we really appreciate this honor and this contribution to our work. Everyone at ADI is going to be delighted!” “We’re so grateful to Supreme Master Ching Hai for this incredible Award and this very generous contribution towards our work. This will really help us look after the animals that we’ve rescued, our lions, tigers, bears and monkeys, and continue our work creating awareness and trying to change this world for animals. We’re so very grateful. Thank You. Thank You.”

We extend our heartfelt congratulations to Jan Creamer, Tim Phillips and the entire Animal Defenders International team. May your continued work always be successful as you help to create a more compassionate Earth for all beings, in Heaven’s eternal grace.

For the full presentation of the Shining World Compassion Award to Animal Defenders International, please tune in to our Shining World Awards program at a later date.

Research warns of climate shocks in Greater Yellowstone Area (GYA).

A new study assesses that global warming will likely cause temperatures at the Greater Yellowstone Area in the United States to rise by over 5.6 degrees Celsius by the end of the century, leading to drastic disruptions to its vast ecosystem. Comprising two national parks, five national forests, three wildlife refuges and 20 counties spanning over 89,000 square kilometers, GYA is one of the last remaining almost intact temperate ecosystems in the world. According to the assessment, a lack of critical climate mitigation actions will likely cause the snowpack that feeds rivers throughout the region to disappear by 2100, while local communities face threats of wildfires, drought and shifts in seasonal water cycles. Significantly, the world-renowned Old Faithful geyser will likely become inactive as groundwater dries up. Many thanks, all scientists involved, for this important information. We pray humankind urgently embraces the climate-cooling vegan lifestyle to save all vital ecosystems on Earth, in God’s omniscience.

Up next, robot uses artificial intelligence to clean beaches in Netherlands. Let’s take a moment to thank all the dedicated and caring kindergarten teachers, who lovingly help our young children gain valuable communication and awareness skills together with good moral behavior so they will enter the big world as compassionate and caring young citizens. Vegan side effect: the angels praise u.

Hi there, I’m Bu-Bu, the cool vegan Bulbul! Peace starts on our plate. Be a vegan like me and let’s make the world a peaceful paradise for all beings. Here is a good tip to save time and resources! Many people leave their water running and squeeze soap onto a sponge numerous times while washing dishes. Instead, be more eco-conscious and make a soap bowl to conserve water and soap! You will need to squirt some soap into a shallow bowl and add some hot water to it from the faucet. Set this bowl in your sink and dunk a sponge into it and start by washing smaller and cleaner items like glasses and utensils. Once you are done with these, you can move on to larger or dirtier items like pots and pans. You can even pour some of the soapy water mixture over harder-to-clean things. This is a quick and efficient way to wash your dishes! Lots of love for Being Veg and Going Green 2 Save the Planet for all of us humans and all co-inhabitants alike. And thank you for watching. Now, the weather around the world.

Beach cleaning robot uses artificial intelligence to collect rubbish.

BeachBot, created by the Dutch company TechTics, uses artificial intelligence software to recognize and remove cigarette butts from beaches or parks. To be fully trained, the robot, also known as BB, needs to be “fed” around 2,000 images of tossed cigarettes to be able to properly recognize them in the sand. Thus far, it has been given 200 images using an app that supplies photos shared by people online, but is already capable of collecting refuse. If BB is unsure whether what it finds is a cigarette butt, it can upload a photo and GPS location so a member of the public can confirm its status via a mobile app. Way to go, TechTics, for your remarkable robot that helps to clean the beaches and spreads awareness of the importance of putting rubbish in the bin. In Heaven’s wisdom and gratitude for our Earth, may your project inspire everyone to keep nature clean and respect the natural world around us.

Indian state plants a quarter-billion trees in one day.

Millions of people in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh recently planted 250 million trees in a single day as the government continues progress towards the goal of having forest cover exceed 15% of the state’s land area. Volunteers gathered to plant the saplings in forests, on farms and around schools, as well as adjacent to riverbanks and highways. The trees have also been geo-tagged with quick response (QR) codes to monitor their health and ensure the success of the program through future tracking. Since 2017, this annual activity has added 127 square kilometers of forest, and the saplings are showing a survival rate of 80%. Our applause, Uttar Pradesh citizens, on your remarkable work to restore Earth-protecting forests to your lands. In the blessings of God, may your goal soon be realized as your efforts bear the fruit of cleaner air and abundant, loving animal friends inhabiting your growing greenery.

Former lifeguard saves family from drowning in Canadian lake.

Rosa Kouri and her family were enjoying a day at Thetis Lake in British Columbia when she heard a man crying for help. Approximately six meters from the shore, he was floundering while trying to keep his wife and son above the water. Ms. Kouri, who has lifeguarding experience, quickly jumped into the lake and pulled the trio towards land. Unable to get the family over an underwater ledge, Ms. Kouri called to the onlookers onshore for help. They rapidly formed a human chain and pulled her and the family out of the water, where everyone appeared to be alright and the father sincerely thanked Ms. Kouri for rescuing them. Hats off to you, Rosa Kouri, and to those supporting this exemplary act of bravery. We are so relieved the family was saved. May this heroic deed inspire more people to reach out when others are in perilous situations, in Heaven’s mercy.

Coming up, New Zealand plant-based food company lowers carbon footprint of vegan meat even more. God has given us so much - more than what we need. We’ll just take a moment to thank Hirm for the abundant blessings. Supreme Master Television will return in just a moment with more friendly news. Vegan: cuz animals r also God’s creation n we love them. Welcome back to Noteworthy News – Thoughtful News for a Satisfying World.

New Zealand company further reduces carbon footprint of vegan meat.

Award-winning firm Vince has created a dehydrated vegan mince product that has an even lower associated carbon output than conventional vegan meats due to it not requiring a refrigerated supply chain. Vince’s offerings, which can be re-hydrated with boiling water when they are ready to be used, are made from vegetables such as carrots, celery and tomatoes as well as peanuts, herbs and spices. To create the umami flavor, nutritional yeast and tamari are added. The mince can be utilized for creating plant-based versions of dishes like meatballs, burgers, nachos, and lasagna. The company will raise additional funds for expansion this year. Good job, Vince, on your planet-friendly and healthy vegan mince. In the love of the Divine, may your new products make a major contribution to the ever-growing vegan trend around the world.

Sea turtle released back to marine waters in Israel after recovering from injury.

A loggerhead sea turtle named Stitch was returned to the Mediterranean Sea at Palmahim National Park, south of Tel Aviv, after spending nine months recovering from her lungs becoming full of water because of a fish hook being embedded in her mouth. Healthy again, after her care at Israel’s Sea Turtle Rescue Center, Stitch was eager to reach the sea, with a crowd cheering her on. Olga Rybak, a volunteer at the Sea Turtle Rescue Center, estimates that Stitch is about 20-30 years old. According to the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, loggerheads are believed to live over 70-80 years. Beautiful Stitch, we are so delighted that you are healthy, strong and are back where you belong. Our appreciation, Sea Turtle Rescue Center and supporters. May we become true guardians of all innocent beings sharing our planet, in the benevolence of the Providence.

Let’s bring a little fun into our lives with the joke of the day. This one is called, “A World-changing Invention.”

Two friends were talking to each other in an electronics lab.

“What is that you are making?”

“It’s a world-changing new invention.”

“Ha, ha, ha, ha!”

“Go ahead, laugh. You know... They laughed at Archimedes, they laughed at Tesla, they even laughed at Ruffus...”

“Wait, who’s Ruffus?”

“You mean you never heard of Troy Ruffus?”

“No, what did he invent?”

“Nothing, but they sure did laugh at him.”

And now we have a heartline from Antônia in Brazil:

Dear Most Compassionate Master, I don’t have words to express my gratitude to You. You have done and are doing so much for the world and humankind. You also choose to lose Your Worth just to see Your disciples’ smiles and happiness, always putting others before Yourself, and even before Your own safety. (Between Master and Disciples “Real Love Is Always There and With Wisdom, Part 1 of 3”) I had the privilege to wash Your socks, and I could feel so much, so much Love that I couldn’t hold back my tears. I’m always praying for Your health, safety and happiness. I love You!!! Antônia from Brazil

Fortunate Antônia, It was a pleasure to read your heartline.

We are happy to relay Master’s message to you: “Gentle Antônia, I appreciate your love and well-wishes. We are working together as a team to help all beings on this planet as much as we can and as long as our time allows. It is the only mission worthwhile. May you and colorful Brazil be eternally cared for in Heavens’ protective embrace.”

We welcome your heartlines, stories and or cute, loving animal clips. Please send them via

Thank you for spending time with us on Noteworthy News. May your heart be blessed with divine love.

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