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Between Master and Disciples

A President Should Protect His People's Lives, Part 1 of 3, Aug. 27, 2021

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I think people are right. I don’t know how many, 70% of people judge that his decision is bad. I agree. I think he should resign immediately, to save Americans’ lives, and the Afghan allies’ lives. If they want to rebuild the trust of the international allied community, and if they want to save more Americans’ lives.

(Master, now people blame Biden for the deaths in Kabul and they want him to resign. What does Master think about that?)

I agree. Because if he continues, more Americans will be harmed. Not just outside, but inside. Inside America as well. (Right.) It’s worrisome. This guy is not fit to rule. (Yes.) Now he lost trust from the world, from European allies, and many Americans died, many Afghan allies also died, just like that. (Right.) For nothing. From nothing. (Yes.) Just because he doesn’t listen to the advice from his military commanders, the generals and all that. (Yes.)

Fox Business Interview Congressman(m): There’s advice that we know that he received. Though he claimed several times that he had his advisors agree with him, we know from our meetings that that’s not the case. We have done one of the worst withdrawals that I believe I’ve ever seen in my life.

Congressman, Retired Air Force Captain(m): What we have here, is just a string of terrible, terrible judgment and decisions that just have left the door open for further failure. I mean, we’ve had a string of decisions, like the arbitrary evacuation date itself that you just talked about, the August 31. We cannot let the Taliban make that decision for us. And then the decision to give up Bagram Air Base to the Taliban, that’s incredible. Two runways (at Bagram), easily defendable, isolated, and here we are stuck in Kabul. Evacuating our troops before American citizens were evacuated, it’s just incredible that that was done. Depending on the Taliban for our security ‒ amazing that we would be dependent on a terrorist group. And then giving them a list of our people, our allies’ names, green card holders and American citizens that are trying to get out?! I mean, that’s a death sentence, especially for these Afghan allies. And then leaving ‒ worst of all, I think, is leaving US$85 billion worth of equipment there. This is why I think we need leadership change. I think that this president is hopeless as a commander-in-chief. He’s totally incompetent, he’s totally incapable of… He doesn’t listen. I think he needs to resign immediately. I think he ought to be removed using the 25th Amendment, even some Democrats have even talked about that. Or even an impeachment.

Even five-year-old kids know that. (Yes.) You cannot just take all the army’s defense system and means and weapons and army out and then take the rest out. That’s not possible. I told you already, the airport, there’s nowhere to hide, the American soldiers, they are very brave. (Yes.) And they’re just risking it, and this is just inviting attack. They have just a few guns, small ones, just to keep order with the good people, like the Afghan allies who ran to the airport to escape. (Yes.) Just a few guns, it’s symbolic. They cannot defend themselves or anybody. (Yes. True.) If somebody wants to attack, they’re doomed. (Yes.) Biden really killed them.

I told you he will mess up. He’s not fit to be a president. I told you long before already (Yes, Master.) that if he’s the president, he will lose trust from the international community.


(What would happen if Mr. Biden were to become President?) Well, what would happen? Well, it’s very difficult to pinpoint. But America will lose trust from the international community. (Oh, wow.) That’s what I’m worried about.” ~ May the Righteous Triumph, Part 3 of 6, Dec. 24, 2020

Everybody would know if you want to withdraw the troops, there will be civilians who have to come out first, protected. (Yes, Master.) You cannot just take all the army out first and then rescue people, (Yes.) because you’re not in the position to protect yourself and them. (Right.)

President Trump(m): Nobody has ever handled a withdrawal worse than Joe Biden. We took the military out before we took our civilians out, and before we took the interpreters and people that helped us.

I think people are right. I don’t know how many, 70% of people judge that his decision is bad. I agree. I think he should resign immediately, to save Americans’ lives, and the Afghan allies’ lives. If they want to rebuild the trust of the international allied community, and if they want to save more Americans’ lives. (Yes, I agree also.)

Oh my God, you can see so obviously. (Yes.) There is no protection (No.) anymore. Just some civilians and some American marines and soldiers, not enough to do even the procedures, checking their papers, and protecting them. How? (Yes.) The American soldiers sent there have to do like civilian jobs as well, like checking the Afghans’ papers. (Yes.) Checking the visas or registering them and all that. And then also so-called protecting them and getting them on the airplane at the same time. (Yes.) In such an airport like that, all open. There’s nowhere to hide. (Yes, no protection.) No. Nothing.

He has good advisers. Not that he doesn’t have. But he just doesn’t listen to them. Even a five-year-old kid would know how to protect the people. (Yes, Master.) He just kowtows to the Taliban at the expense of his own people and the Afghan allies. And even bringing also some Taliban’s lives with it.

Some Taliban were there also. Of course, they are also checking. (Yes.) Checking the papers to let people in and all that, to see who come in, qualified or not. Because not all Afghans can go in, just the people who have been working with the Americans or maybe with the government. (Yes.) They try to escape and want to run away. And of course, they don’t want to keep so-called enemies around. (Yes.) They promised to let them go, so they’re also there to check, so they died also with the Americans. And their own innocent people. (Yes.) Children also. Women also. Elderly also. Oh, this is terrible! (Terrible.) This is terrible.

Reporter(m): The blast has left two-year-old Mohammed Reza fighting for his life. This looks set to be one of the deadliest incidents ever in this horrific conflict. So many of the victims ‒ those who had worked with the international community. Those killed in this awful attack were trying to escape years of violence in Afghanistan. Instead, they became the latest victims in a country torn apart by bloodshed.

Biden has blood on his hands. (Yes.) He should step down immediately. I don’t care who else is made president. Make Trump president. Somebody who has more intelligence, who has more common sense, and who listens to the wise advice of his people, of the commanders, of the army, and of his security force and all that. (Yes. Right.) They know what they’re doing. (Yes.) He has never been in battle, he never had to know any strategy about fighting. So, he should listen to them, he should let them do the job. (Yes, exactly.)

But because he took the position as commander-in-chief, so they know it’s wrong, but they had to do what he told, what he asked. (Yes.) If it were me, I wouldn’t listen. There, now it results in that. Many Americans died, many Afghans died. (Just terrible.) Including the Taliban. This is no good. (No, no.)

And it’s easy for him to stand on a podium and say, “Oh, I would do this, I would do that, I would track you down.” How? They have no power anymore in Afghanistan right now. (Yes.) Nothing. All the defensive systems ‒ gone. (True.) Or will be in the hands of the Taliban or whoever gets the power and gets their hands on it.

President Trump(m): All of the military equipment, we have billions and billions of dollars’ worth of new Black Hawk helicopters, brand new army tanks, and all sorts of equipment.”

 “Graham Richardson, SKY News contributor(m): The Americans have abandoned so much equipment. The Taliban can fight the next two wars with American weapons. They don’t have to worry about their Kalashnikovs (type of rifle). They’ve got all the American stuff.

 “Reporter(f): The Taliban has taken over. Their fighters drive US-made Humvees, laden with US-made weapons around the last US military installation in Afghanistan. They look and act like former Afghan government soldiers. The white flag: the only indication this is the Taliban.”

 “Graham Richardson, SKY News contributor(m): America got out in such a hurry, with no thought, that I think it’s just been a terrible mess!

And they don’t have anywhere to work as a base. (Yes.) They have another airport or other airports, but there’s nothing there anymore! They cannot even operate anywhere except that Kabul, which is all open and all dangerous for them, for the soldiers. (Yes, I see.) They’re very brave, they just stay there, there’s nothing there for them to hide, just a few guns. I told you. (Yes.) And now it happened. And they’d been warned also. Oh, my God! (It’s a tragedy.)

And if he wants to revenge, I don’t know how! Send in some secret spies to run around the whole country, chasing one by one, kill them or something? (No.) They can’t even bomb anybody now. (No.) Of course they can do that. But that will be like the same as 20 years ago again. Bringing in the big armies and… you know what I’m saying? (Yes.) Like, begin anew again. (I see.) Start from ABC again. And that will be a big bloodshed. (Yes, Master.) And this would be even worse.

He should just step down, man. Whoever becomes president, must have more IQ, more common sense and less ego. (Yes.) Trump can come up. In this situation, anyone is better than Biden. (Right.) Or let the army decide. Otherwise, Americans are trapped now in Afghanistan, and who knows what their fate will be. And the allies, the ones who worked for them before, what will become of them? And they’re stuck there, including the tourists, also, American tourists, and others. (It’s a horrible time.)

Now you understand, right? (Yes, Master.) (So, this is really not a good option, the revenge by Biden.) No! No! No, you can see that. They have nothing now in Afghanistan, even to protect just a few numbers of people. They have nothing. They withdrew already before rescuing people. With a few guns. You can see in the video. (Yes, yes.) Just a couple of American soldiers standing among hundreds, with one or two guns. (True.) My God. I’m not an army general, I have nothing to do with the army, but even I can see that, (Right.) that really, you send your soldiers to die.

I mean it’s not only the Taliban, there were other forces as well. (Yes, from other countries.) And they all know that. They knew that. Not that they don’t know. I’m telling you. (It’s really shameful.) Yeah. Because they don’t have the strategy, they don’t have any preparation, nothing. Just send soldiers there to die. Because nobody watches their back. (Yes.) They don’t have any power anymore in Afghanistan. They don’t have any place to put even an umbrella. So how are they going to even have a backup plan? They don’t have any. (Yes, they don’t.)

And so many Americans and Afghans want to go out of the country, and they rescue them almost like last minute. (Yes.) I don’t have to be intelligent to see this. (Yes, it was a chaos.) Yeah. I’m not an army commander, nothing. I can see very well already. (Right.)

I was worried when I told you that American soldiers are so brave because they’re standing there with nothing. Just a few guns. (Yes, Master.) Small guns. He just makes big trouble like this, and then now, he made it happen, and then now he wants revenge. If he had done it more intelligently, then people wouldn’t have to die. (Yes.) If he revenges, more people will die! What’s the use of that? We cannot bring the Americans’ lives or Afghan allies’ lives back. (Yes, Master.) Yeah. OK. Now you know. (Doesn’t make sense. Yes.) 

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