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A Memorable Mid-Autumn Festival Celebration with Supreme Master Ching Hai (vegan), Part 1 of 8

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We respectfully invite Master to sit in front of us to enjoy today’s celebration programs for the Moon Festival with us. The first program is brought to us by Taipei choir. The Luminous Choir will sing for us 'Missing the Other Shore.' It depicts the feeling of all initiates who long to go Home. 'Missing the Other Shore.' Let’s welcome them with a round of applause. "I’m a happy yogi. I can do anything. I’m a happy yogi who is in Paradise."

"(Respected and Beloved Master, and all fellow practitioners, today, the Taipei choir, with eight guards and 16 Tang Dynasty beauties, came here to wish Master a happy Moon Festival.) Pardon? Beauties from the Tang Dynasty? (We wish Master a happy Moon Festival.) They do look like from the Tang Dynasty."

Thank you, Taipei choir, for bringing us these two excellent songs. Missing the other shore of Heaven, we will ride the Sound Stream of Quan Yin to go up. The Moon is on the Third Level, and let’s have the violin, the music of the Third Level, to pull us up. Now, let’s welcome sister from Taipei with a round of applause, for the violin performance.

"So beautiful. What’s the name? ('Master’s Encouragement.') Oh? Did you compose it yourself? (Yes.) Oh! It’s so beautiful. You’re creative." The violin performance just now. It was like crying and talking, resenting and yearning. “Let the dragons lurking in the deep lake dance, and let the abandoned woman on the boat cry.” Master said that for a spiritual practitioner, it’s pretty good to hear the sound of the violin. But, we have higher and better places to go.

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