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A Memorable Mid-Autumn Festival Celebration with Supreme Master Ching Hai (vegan), Part 4 of 8

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Riding a white horse, I overcome three obstacles, returning to the Central Plains in plain clothes. No one sees me step on the sacred soil, looking for my wife Wang Bao-Chuan. Coming up is a brilliant skit performed by our female Quan Yin Messengers, “Wang Bao-Chuan’s Bitter Wait in the Cold Kiln.” “(How did you hear this news?)” “(One’s inner visions are not to be told. The Inner Master told me.)” “(It’s the Mid-Autumn Festival. For this grand event of selecting a groom for Miss Wang Bao-Chuan, the precious daughter of the prime minister, we are pleased that many young men have come from countries afar. Please enjoy the exquisite [vegan] mooncakes prepared according to a secret recipe from the prime minister’s kitchen.)”

“(My name is Wang Bao-Yu, younger brother of Miss Wang Bao-Chuan, the star of today’s event.)” “(Mother, you have got it wrong. You are not supposed to be here.)” “This is a good one!”

“(Ha... The ocean is laughing, huge waves beating the shores. Rising and falling with the waves, remember only the present moment.)” “Remarkable performance.” “(Where do these beggars come from?)” “(They take a bite and then drop it on the floor. That can feed us for several days. We are hungry. Let’s eat.)”

“(Attention, gentlemen from various countries, the auspicious hour has arrived.)” “(My God! How could there be such an ugly beauty?)” “(Brothers, run quickly.)” “(You are the one. Don’t run, don’t run.)” “(I just want a couple of mooncakes from you, not this.)” “(You silly, stinking boy. Don’t you realize that you caught this floral ball? That means you are to be the prime minister’s son-in-law.)”

“(How could the daughter of a prime minister marry a beggar?)” “(Mom, he is the one.)” “(Dear husband, do you know how old our daughter is?)” “(Our daughter is only 19 this year.)” “(Dad, you are getting old. Your memory is failing. I am 19. Sister is twice my age; she is 38.)”

“(That’s great! My sister is finally getting married.)” “She does it beautifully. It’s not easy. Beautiful. Yes.” “(Dear husband, here I come. I’ve been searching for you for 38 years. Don’t run away.)” “(This is the end of my 38 good years. Good grief!)”

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