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A Journey through Aesthetic Realms

A Memorable Mid-Autumn Festival Celebration with Supreme Master Ching Hai (vegan), Part 5 of 8

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“Here comes the tent.” “(Oh, my God! After climbing five mountains and she is still in pursuit.) ” “(Don’t run away. I have brought my ID card and the books. You don’t…)” “And the sleeping bag as well.” “(Forgot the sleeping bag. I’ll fetch it later.)” “Steel cup, the steel cup.” “(Don’t run. I’ve brought the sleeping bag. It is American big size, enough for the two of us.)” “(Oh!)” “They are good at designing clothes. Just casual designs, but look nice.”

“(Big brother, the letter is for you.)” “(Then, what’s wrong? Read it.)” “(This cruel government is drafting you into military service. Woo…)” “(Drafting me into the military? Wa-ha-ha! I am liberated. It’s alright. Keep reciting Master’s Holy Name, and I will survive and return.)” “(Master says we shouldn’t pray for trivial things. How can I pray for a good husband? Master says we should pray for spiritual liberation. Woo…)” “(Never mind. Listen. Anyway, you stay home and wait for me. I will definitely have great success and come back famous. And you’ll become a noble lady.)”

Letters don’t come easily, miss him every day. Miss him, expect him day after day. Bao-Chuan waits for 18 painful years. Ping-Gui finally returns home. Riding a white horse, I overcome three obstacles, returning to Taiwan (Formosa) in plain clothes. She lowered her class to marry me, but no one took care of her, looking for my wife, Wang Bao-Chuan. “(Inside I have made some soy pulp cakes and soymilk. Come, I’ll give you some supplements. Then we can celebrate our reunion.)” “(Despite such a figure, are you still eating?)” “(It’s been blessed by Master. OK. Let’s go.)” After suffering 18 years in the broken kiln, Wang Bao-Chuan is making a powerful comeback.

Good! A warm applause to thank the female Quan Yin Messengers for their brilliant performance. “Terrific, terrific. Our monks and nuns are very talented. They do it casually and it still looks good. They just painted casually on paper, and it looks so real. They started to do this at midnight last night. Many of our monks and nuns are very talented. Excellent, excellent.”
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