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In today’s news, Netherlands and United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) help Yemen better manage water resources, United States space agency detects water vapor on Jupiter’s largest moon, Australian researchers find decreasing salt consumption lowers chance of some chronic diseases, Dutch company transforms fruit of kapok trees into sustainable textiles, woman on a mission to save fireflies in Utah, USA, Mexican company creates vegan automotive leather from cacti, and mobility-challenged companion animals in Ukraine can ambulate with wheelchairs.

Netherlands and United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) assist Yemen with water resources.

The Netherlands recently signed an agreement with the FAO to start the second phase of a project to help the Yemeni national government as well as farmers and communities in the capital city of Sana’a better manage and efficiently use scarce water supplies. Currently, over half of the population is dependent on food aid due to six years of conflict that has damaged the nation’s water infrastructure that agriculture depends on. The US$5 million project will help protect water for household and farm use and promote cultivation practices that help farmers better cope with climate change. The improved access to water will then increase agricultural productivity and thus improve food security. Way to go, Netherlands and FAO, for your timely support to the people of Yemen. In the grace of Allah, may your project be a success as the crops in Yemen grow in abundance and peace.

US National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) detects water vapor on Jupiter’s giant moon.

Jupiter has an estimated 79 moons; the largest one, Ganymede, is the largest moon in our entire solar system. NASA recently found water vapor in the icy moon’s atmosphere. Previous research has indicated that Ganymede has more water than all oceans on Earth combined, but its freezing temperatures mean that the surface contains only ice, with water found some 160 kilometers below the moon’s crust. After analyzing data from the Hubble Space Telescope at various points from 1998 onwards, NASA researchers now believe that water vapor forms when Ganymede’s surface temperature near the equator rises enough for the water molecules to pass directly from a solid state to gas form and find their way into the atmosphere of the giant moon. Bravo, NASA! Thank you for sharing these fascinating findings from Ganymede that make us realize our connection with this amazing Universe, in God’s Love.

Up next, Australian researchers find decreasing salt consumption lowers chance of some chronic diseases. We are just going to thank the dance instructors who teach kids the techniques of the art, and choreograph dances for children to cheerfully perform in front of audiences. We’ll be right back, with more healthy news on Supreme Master Television. Vegan: the enemy of hell.

Hi there, I’m Bernard the vegan Bearded Seal! Let’s save our world by being vegan, starting one meal at a time. Will you join me on this noble mission? Here is a security tip for you. Instead of purchasing a brand new home security camera, just use an old smartphone! It won’t be too challenging to set up either, just follow these 3 simple steps. Start by selecting a free security camera app to install on your current smartphone and old phone and follow the app’s prompts to set it up. Then, pick a spot to place your new phone security camera and remember it will need to be close to a power source. Position the camera the way you want by using a small smartphone tripod or mount it using a suction-cup car mount. Now you’ll be able to control your camera and monitor your living space remotely from your current smartphone! Lots of love for Being Veg and Going Green 2 Save the Planet for all of us humans and all co-inhabitants alike. And thank you for watching. Now, the weather around the world.

Australian researchers determine reducing sodium intake lessens chance of chronic disease.

Scientists from the George Institute for Global Health in Sydney recently conducted a study in rural China on the effects of reducing the amount of sodium consumed on the likelihood of having a stroke, heart attack or dying. It was found that by substituting a reduced-sodium salt that contained 75% normal salt and 25% potassium chloride, the chance of having a stroke was reduced by 14%, the likelihood of having a combined stroke and heart attack went down by 13%, while premature deaths decreased by 12%. The study consisted of 21,000 participants who were tracked for five years. Thank you, George Institute for Global Health researchers, for helping to highlight the benefits of reducing salt consumption. In the blessings of the Providence, we pray that people will take all possible measures to protect their bodies, including the switch to a plant-based diet.

Dutch company, FLOCUS, develops low-carbon textiles using dried fruit of kapok tree.

Originating from Central and South America, the kapok tree grows abundantly in West Africa and across Southeast Asia. Each tree bears hundreds of fruit pods containing seeds that are protected by a fluffy and silky fiber. Naturally lightweight, moth-resistant, mite-resistant, antibacterial, and oil absorbent, kapok is commonly used for fillings in mattresses and soft toys. Flocus blends a high percentage of kapok with cotton and recycled materials and spins the fibers into yarn. Through this process, various high-performance fabrics are produced for multiple applications, including substituting for non-vegan materials like down, as it features outstanding thermo regulation and insulation qualities. How wonderful of you, FLOCUS, for creating a completely natural, functional, and plant-based fabric alternative. May the presence of eco-friendly vegan products in the market soon be embraced by all, in Divine radiance.

Woman on mission to save fireflies in Utah, United States.

Diane Thompson Garcia lives on an alfalfa farm in Spanish Fork, Utah, which has been in her family since 1852. Their farm is the perfect environment for the fantastic fireflies. During their mating season, the fireflies produce a chemical reaction inside their bodies to create a glow; the marvelous displays of light allow them to find one another in the dark. However, recent land development has seen an increase in artificial lighting, which confuses them. Ms. Garcia was determined to save the fireflies and began offering free “firefly tours” to help people understand the beings. Due to her education efforts, new streetlights in the development are dark sky-compliant, with plans by the city to replace older streetlights as well! Bravo, Diane Thompson Garcia! May the magical fireflies flourish as your loving efforts serve as an example to care for all living beings of all shapes and sizes, in Celestial delight.

Coming up, Mexican company creates vegan automotive leather from cacti. We’ll be right back after tilling the soil to turn a patch of barren land into a fertile vegetable garden. Please stay tuned to Supreme Master Television for more inspirational news. “For you therein are many fruits of which you shall eat.” ~ Holy Qur’an. Welcome back to Noteworthy News – Forward-thinking News for a Magnificent World.

Mexican company launches vegan automotive leather from cacti.

Desserto, in collaboration with Germany-headquartered BMW, recently debuted Deserttex, an automotive-grade of the company’s vegan leather, at the recent IAA Mobility Expo in Munich, Germany, to help the car industry move away from animal products and become more sustainable. The material is made out of prickly pear cactus. The successful startup released a statement saying that Desserto, its vegan cactus leather brand for the fashion industry, and Deserttex reduce “Cumulative Energy Demand (CED) by almost 900%, Carbon Greenhouse Gas emissions by almost 2,000% and water use by up to 150,000% compared to traditional animal leather.” Three cheers, Desserto and BMW, for partnering to soon provide an alternative to animal-based leather so people may commute comfortably while knowing their ride is purely vegan. In the grace of Heaven, may all fashion and consumer goods soon be vegan-friendly as we lovingly protect our animal co-inhabitants.

Wheelchairs give new life to mobility-challenged dogs and cats.

A compassionate Ukrainian couple, Vadym Yegorov and his wife Olga, bought animal wheelchairs for their dog companions Boston and Lada to help them walk again. Both dogs experienced spinal injuries after being struck by automobiles. The equipment was purchased from Frakishtak, which designs and builds wheelchairs for animals. Located in Kiev, Frakishtak was launched by Ilona Krylova in 2011. The company has sold 2,500 assistive devices, each tailored to the measurements and unique needs of each animal. Olga and Vadym take care of 40 dogs and cats at their home who were either abandoned, injured or have physical challenges. Our heartfelt praise and gratitude, Vadym and Olga Yegorov, and Ilona Krylova. May sweet Boston and Lada have many joyous and healthy years ahead in the company of good friends, in Divine love.

We’re trying to see how big of a laugh we can get with this joke titled, “Sports Competition.”

Two friends were talking about competitive sports.

“Do you know why sun tanning is not an Olympic event?”

“No, why?”

“Because the best you can ever get is bronze.”


And now we have a heartline from Omniriac in Peru:

Beloved Supreme Master Ching Hai and Supreme Master TV team, I would like to share the following experience with you while I was sleeping. Before going to sleep during the day, I had been feeling very sorry about the current situation in Afghanistan. And in the night, when I was quiet, I let my heart melt in that abundant compassion that I felt. I prayed for them and above all for the women from there. I felt that a lot of Love came to me as I sincerely asked for them. I felt that Love and I became one. At night while I was sleeping, I flew out of my body. I saw how I quickly went away until I reached Afghanistan. I saw the lands, the houses of the place. And I came to a small house. I was on the patio of that house, where I saw a woman in the middle of that patio, she was praying. She asked for help in her prayer. She didn't see me while I was there, I was above her, stopped in midair, hovering over her. I observed that she could hear the voice that came from me, which was not my normal voice, it was a different voice than mine but came from inside me. I observed that she was very surprised to hear that voice, which said: “I'll help you!” And at that moment, a beautiful dome-shaped golden light fell on her. I also was surprised about the things that happened and that she could hear and see. This experience teaches me the immense power of praying with true intention and Love. If we all really pray for a vegan world, fully aware that we do it at the same time as our Beloved Supreme Master, for a peaceful and blessed world, the results will quickly materialize. Thanks Master for being my Master, the Highest, most Compassionate and Powerful Master! With the deep Love and infinite Blessings of Almighty God, Omniriac from Peru

Caring Omniriac, Thank you for your note. We are grateful to be reminded of just how important it is to be truly focused and attuned to realize the Divine. Your vision inspires us to be better, to be all we can be, to help the animals, humanity and the planet. May the Heavens shine on you as well as the Peruvian and Afghan peoples, bringing illuminating Love, compassion, and peace for all. In Universal Wisdom, Supreme Master TV team

P.S. Master has this moving reply for you: “Beautiful Omniriac, your note brings back tears to my eyes as I think of the oppressed people of Afghanistan. My prayers have also been with them. We pray for this suffering race of people, hoping their tears would dry, their pain and fear would cease, and God will be kind to return them to the life of freedom and Peace. You were not sleeping, you were more awakened than ever before! Your experience shows just how limiting our material world is, and how a oneness with the Divine naturally transforms everything for the better. With all Love and good wishes, may you and the gentle kindred beings of Peru and Afghanistan be blessed with Divine Truth and harmony.”

We welcome your heartlines, stories and or cute, loving animal clips. Please send them via SupremeMasterTV.com/heartline

It’s been a joy to spend time with you on Noteworthy News. May your heart be graced with Heavenly melodies.

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