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World Day for Farmed Animals: The Life All Animals Wish For, Part 2 of 2

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World Day for Farmed Animals was first observed on October 2, 1983, by the non-profit animal rights group Farm Animal Rights Movement (FARM). This date was chosen to coincide with the birthday of Mahatma Gandhi, the world-renowned non-violent resistance leader from India. One of the purposes of this movement is to promote the compassionate vegan diet.

There are countless humans, organizations, and government entities working towards this goal. One of them is the famous actor, Joaquin Phoenix. He won an Oscar for Best Actor in 2020. He has teamed up with various organizations advocating against the exploitation of animals and has produced and narrated numerous documentaries about animal issues. He poses next to a chicken along with the message “We are all animals.”

There is also the example of Jim Mellon, a billionaire investor and philanthropist who has had quite an eye for identifying emerging global trends. Mr. Mellon has made three predictions for the next ten years. First, that dairy farms will shut down, as evidenced by the decline in demand for dairy products around the world. Also, half of the “meat” consumed will not be from animal livestock factories but instead be either plant-based or cultured meat grown in laboratories. Finally, half of the world’s fish consumed by humans will also be produced using these more ethical methods.

The Climate Change Committee (CCC) is an independent body which advises the United Kingdom government on setting emissions targets. They specifically recommended in June 2021, that the population reduces meat and dairy consumption 20 percent by 2030 and 35 percent by 2050.

The European Citizens’ Initiative, “End the Cage Age”, represents a massively successful campaign for animal welfare. It was supported by more than 170 organizations, including more than 140 scientists, veterinarians, and representatives of the business community.

Supreme Master Ching Hai graciously urges people to “Be a hero!” and take bold actions for a vegan world, to save the animals from suffering, save humanity, and save the planet. “So, please, save the world with me. Help the animals who are suffering without anyone to rely on, without anyone to defend them, without a voice to speak out, to scream out for their suffering.”

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