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In today’s news, Âu Lạc, also known as Vietnam, receives financial support from World Bank for COVID-19 pandemic recovery, study finds emissions from animal-based foods double of plant-based foods, ancient Native American community discovered to have had exceptional construction engineering skills, research from Sweden highlights dangers of e-cigarettes containing nicotine, nonprofit aids survivors of Hurriance Ida in rebuilding homes in United States, “Eating Our Way to Extinction,” narrated by famed British actress Kate Winslet debuts in London, UK, and Los Angeles, USA, and Mexico bans animal testing for cosmetics.

World Bank provides Âu Lạc, also known as Vietnam, with funds to boost economy following pandemic.

The World Bank recently approved more than US$321.5 million for post-pandemic recovery initiatives in the country, with US$221.5 million being used to fund projects for better access to childcare, renewable energy, mobile money, and e-governance. The remaining US$100 million will be used to support a large, southern city, which is the biggest business center in Âu Lạc (Vietnam). Specifically, the funds will go to developing spatial information resources to better provide city services and manage global warming-related issues the city faces, increasing drainage citywide, and encouraging the use of green public transport options particularly by women and girls by enhancing security and providing convenient connections. We are thankful, World Bank, for your caring support of the economic recovery in Âu Lạc (Vietnam). May the lives of the kind Aulacese (Vietnamese) citizens always be protected, in the infinite light of the Buddha.

Research shows emissions of animal-based foods twice that of plant-based foods.

A new study concludes that of the 17.3 billion metric tonnes of annual greenhouse gases emitted from global food production, 57% is attributed to the meat, egg and dairy industries, which is nearly double compared to the 29% contribution of plant-based food cultivation. According to the analysis, the high emissions from animal livestock raising are mainly due to land use for feed production and grazing, methane pollution from enteric fermentation of ruminant animals, manure management and deforestation. In particular, the beef and cow milk sectors contribute the most to the total animal-based food emissions. The paper’s lead author, Dr. Atul Jain, an atmospheric sciences professor at the United States-based University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, said, “I’m a strict vegetarian… if people are concerned about climate change, they should seriously consider changing their dietary habits.” Our gratitude for the valuable study, Dr. Atul Jain and all scientists involved. To save our planet from the climate crisis, may humanity quickly embrace the low-emission vegan lifestyle, in Heaven’s wisdom.

Up next, ancient Native American community discovered to have had exceptional construction engineering skills. We will now pause for a moment to thank the amusement park ride mechanics who diligently inspect all the exhilarating rides, ensuring patrons are safe while having fun. When we return, more splendid news ahead, here on Supreme Master Television! “Like a goblin, or a beast, they kill and eat the forbidden carcasses of meat. So control your urges, or else you will be seized by the Lord, and thrown into the tortures of hell.” ~ Sri Guru Granth Sahib (Sikhism)

Respectful viewers, I am Annie the vegan Crested Auklet. Your small acts of kindness towards others are helping to protect the planet. Here is an Earth-friendly tip for your garden. Crafting wattle edging is such a great way to edge beds. It is easy to do, and the materials can often be gathered for free after seasonal pruning. The larger branches will become uprights, and the smaller ones will be used for weaving. Weave the twigs and thin branches between the uprights, going in front of one and behind the next. The edging gives a beautiful, rustic look to a garden. Love you so much for Being Veg and Going Green 2 Save the Planet thus save the world! And thank you for tuning in. Now the weather around the globe.

New research finds ancient Native American community had sophisticated construction engineers.

A new study by American archaeologists of the previously excavated Poverty Point World Heritage site in Louisiana, United States, has analyzed a 22-meter tall earthen mound with half circle ridges, that were built 3,400 years ago by the indigenous people living in the area. The “virtually indestructible” earthworks show no major erosion or structural issues. The structures were built in a short period of time from a specific mix of clay, silt and sand that enabled them to last this long by a native group who were previously assumed to not have such engineering and organizational capabilities. Thank you, archaeologists, for your fascinating research into the remarkable abilities and intelligence of our ancestors. In God’s nurturing Love, may your study encourage people to always look beyond what is assumed and see the truth in all matters.

Swedish researchers discover health risks of e-cigarettes containing nicotine.

A recent study led by scientists from the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm, Sweden, on e-cigarettes with nicotine found their negative effects on health were similar to normal cigarettes. Short-term changes in the study’s participants after inhaling from such e-cigarettes included a rapid increase in blood clots, reduced ability of small blood vessels to contract and expand, and elevated blood pressure and heart rate. It was also noted that these effects could lead to clogged and narrowed blood vessels in the long-term, thus causing an increased risk of a heart attack and stroke. Our appreciation, Swedish scientists, for helping to highlight the significant dangers of using e-cigarettes. In the love of the Providence, may your research help to guide people towards a healthier way of life, with corresponding feelings of bliss and well-being.

Charity helps communities rebuild after Hurricane Ida.

Non-profit disaster relief organization SBP, co-founded in 2006 by Liz McCartney to help people affected by Hurricane Katrina, is now assisting victims of Hurricane Ida in New Orleans, Louisiana, USA. SBP has swiftly mobilized to assist homeowners affected by the August 2021 disaster in applying for federal grants for storm-related house repairs and removing mold, which is a top priority in rebuilding. SBP continues to work with residents to increase disaster preparedness and coordinates with local governments to implement federal relief grants. To date, the organization has rebuilt homes for more than 2,800 families in the USA and the Bahamas. We warmly commend your mission, SBP, Liz McCartney and all volunteers. May all affected by the hurricane soon regain normalcy to their lives, in nurturing Celestial radiance.


Coming up, “Eating Our Way to Extinction,” narrated by famed British actress Kate Winslet debuts in London, UK and Los Angeles, USA. We’ll pause for a moment to fold our clean clothes and keep them organized. You’re watching Noteworthy News on Supreme Master Television. Want 2 b proud of urself? Then choose vegan. Welcome back to Noteworthy News – Worthwhile News for a Gentler World.

On September 8, 2021, London, UK’s prestigious Odeon cinema in Leicester Square played host to the world premiere of “Eating Our Way To Extinction.”

The film, narrated by Academy Award, Emmy and Grammy-winning British actress Kate Winslet, exposes the grim truth about how animal factories are destroying our planet.

“Every continent is burning…”

“People are losing their homes, ecosystems are being destroyed. We’re now over the line.”

“Over 26,000 species are currently threatened with extinction.”

“It doesn’t even make the headlines. No one even knows about it.”

“There seem to be some serious conflicts of interest going on.”

“The industry is just concerned with growth.”

“This was the elephant in the room no one wanted to talk about.”

“I want others to see for themselves. This is all we’ve got.”

“This little blue miracle…”

“This planet is our home and it is up to us what happens now. History has shown that when we stand together, we can achieve great things. The clock is ticking…”

Kate Winslet delivered a poignant speech before the documentary premiered.

“So, let’s pause here tonight and listen to the facts. Let’s stand shoulder to shoulder with these filmmakers and bit by bit we may find ourselves realizing that maybe we can go without those foods that we have become so used to putting in our sandwiches, and reaching for the plant-based alternative.”

On September 16, the film also premiered in Los Angeles, USA, at the Wisdome Immersive Art Park. Both events generated much press and social media coverage. Viewers have been shocked by what they have learned.

“This was so informative. It was quite scary…”

“I’m shocked; I am scared…”

“I recently watched a documentary and it really moved me and it was really informative and I have started to cut out a lot of things in my diet.”

Since the end of September, “Eating Our Way To Extinction” has been available through the iTunes, Amazon Prime Video, and Google Play Movies platforms. The producers are now working on releasing the film with narration in multiple languages. We applaud the launch of this brilliant film and are gladdened to hear that the public is embracing its valuable message. We extend our congratulations on the successful movie launch to the entire “Eating Our Way To Extinction” team. May our world soon be an ecological paradise where humans, animals and nature exist in perfect balance together, in Divine harmony and grace.

Mexico bans cosmetic testing on animals.

The Mexican Senate unanimously voted to prohibit cosmetic testing on animals, making it the first North American country and 41st country in the world to enact such a law. The federal bill, sponsored by the Senate Majority Leader, His Excellency Ricardo Monreal Ávila, also prohibits the import, manufacture and marketing of cosmetic products that were tested on animals anywhere else in the world. The bill was jointly supported by the Humane Society International (HSI) Mexico and ONG Te Protejo, (NGO I Protect You), a Chile-based animal welfare organization. Mexico is a Shining World Leadership Award for Environmental Protection laureate and recipient, and Shining World Leadership Award for Good Governance laureate. HSI is a Shining World Compassion Award recipient and a Shining World Protection Award laureate. Supreme Master Ching Hai has previously made humble donations totaling US$102,000 to HSI to support its work. Our heartfelt thanks, Your Excellency Ricardo Monreal Ávila, HSI Mexico, NGO I Protect You, and everyone involved in campaigning for the bill. May nations across the world outlaw all forms of animal testing as we turn to a compassionate vegan way of living, in God’s Mercy. Supreme Master Ching Hai: “Respectfully present the Shining World Leadership Award for Compassion to the Government of Mexico, with high salute and thanks for your kind effort protecting the voiceless animals. May Heaven bless you, your co-citizens, and your land abundantly.”

Isn’t it wonderful to smile? Let’s try this joke called, “Parenting Hassle.”

Tired of constantly picking clothes up from the floor of her son’s room, a mother finally laid down the rules.

“My dear son, here’s the rule: for each item of clothing that I have to pick up, it will cost you 25 cents.”

“Alright, mom.”

So by the end of the week, her son owed her $8.50. Mom received the money promptly, along with a 50 cent tip and a note that read:

“Thanks, Mom, keep up the good work!”

And now we have a heartline from Loving Hut Cotonou Team in Benin:

Dear Beloved Master, We thank You a lot, a lot. For making this dream (Loving Hut opening in Benin) come true. We thank You for Your invisible guidance and arrangement. Vegan World will be and very soon, we all pray for that every day. Thanks again, our Beloved Master. In our heart You are forever and ever. Love, Love, Love, Loving Hut Cotonou Team

Inspired Loving Hut Cotonou Team, We delight in reading of dreams coming true and especially the birth of another Loving Hut. May Providence bring good fortune to you and the happy people of Benin.

Master celebrates the fruition of your dream and replies to you: “Elated Loving Hut Cotonou Team, your unwavering faith and trust in God has brought your dreams to life. Remember to keep up your meditation practice, recite the Five Holy Names to maintain your positive, vibrant energy, and importantly, cook with love in your hearts. Dining there with you is a wonderful dream. For now, I embrace you all and wish you well. May the Heavens guide and watch over you and spiritually prospering Benin.”

We welcome your heartlines, stories and or cute, loving animal clips. Please send them via

We sure have enjoyed spending time with you on Noteworthy News. May your heart rejoice in the eternal glory of God.

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