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The Animals’ Joyful Tribute to Supreme Master Ching Hai Day, Part 1 of 2

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Many humans already know that the Honorable Mayor Fasi of Honolulu declared the 25th of October as the “Day of Supreme Master Ching Hai” on behalf of the United States Government in 1993. So, today I am honored to share what Supreme Master Ching Hai day represents to us animals. Our beloved Master has mentioned on many occasions how intuitive animals are. I would like to share some words that my wise friend Lumino, the Eastern Rosella, shared with animal communicator Simonne Lee. If Lumino looks familiar to you, that’s because he was featured in Supreme Master Ching Hai’s bestselling book the Birds in My Life. “(Not just him, a lot of time with them, communicating with them. It's like She sings and they're drawn to the vibration of Her voice. It's very clear, what She radiates, because I've felt it from their end, how they are feeling it towards Her. It's amazing. He loves it.)”

“So, the animals, in the wild even, they meditate all the time. I just remind them or probably remind myself of God, so at night before they sleep or whenever we’re together sometime, I sing to them at night, to sleep like, “Remember God, you are divine, you’re beautiful,” something like that.”

We animals also love Supreme Master Ching Hai because to us She is “love in action.” Lumino also described this to Simonne. “’We are here to evolve the world, to lift it. And the more people that are aware of this, the bigger the possibility of it.’ (She (Supreme Master Ching Hai) lifts it and lifts it and lifts it further.)”

On one occasion when our esteemed Master was asked about Her mission here on Earth, this is what She stated… “My real mission? Just to uplift the world’s whole consciousness.” Supreme Master Ching Hai continues to uplift the world through Her diligent, intensive meditation. I think it’s largely because of Supreme Master Ching Hai’s vast efforts that people are forging deeper relationships with us animals.

There was once a goat who came to Master for help. “She worried that the so-called owner will eat her calves. Because she knew that I could intervene and save her children and her family. So I said to him that the goat thanks him. So I say thank you for promising to keep her family alive, and that’s what it is.”
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