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The Animals’ Joyful Tribute to Supreme Master Ching Hai Day, Part 2 of 2

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“The reason I wish everyone and the world and the universe a good Ching Hai Day, is because it’s a good thing. It’s everyone’s day. ‘Ching Hai’ is actually not just my name. It’s a name given, and it symbolizes the Pure Ocean of Love. That is in your heart, in everyone’s heart, in all beings’ hearts.”

Her books The Birds in My Life, The Dogs in My Life and The Noble Wilds have illuminated how important us animals are to the planet and to our human co-inhabitants. At Lake Amoura, Master made special friends with swans named Pitu and Sai. “Poor Sai cannot fly, because you plucked them to lay the nest, right? You are a good father, you. I am proud of you, Sai Sai!”

Did you know that researchers at the American Animal Charity Evaluators found that each vegan saves almost 105 animals per year? “(When I opened the sixth restaurant, that day, many animal friends, one by one, came to greet me. It really benefits our animal friends.)”

The wise Supreme Master Ching Hai has so much insight into what keeps our world in balance, and how we can make it more of a Heavenly abode. She even points out, “Many animals have a higher LQ than humans.” Master reveals: “The whales, the seals, and the cows, which have 300% LQ.” You may be surprised… “The human average is 20% LQ.”

During an interview with “The Irish Dog Journal” in 2009, Master also expounded the vital roles animals play on Earth. “Many of them are able to bring down divine power from Heaven, or love, just through their presence, because they are very connected with the Divine at all times. Some of them are from higher levels of consciousness; they only came down in animal form to help humankind or other beings on Earth.”

We were elated when She formally recognized courageous animals and honored them with Shining World Hero Awards. “We hereby applaud and celebrate the heroic deeds of the Great Guardian Pyrenees, Odin. With Gratitude, Best Wishes and All My Love, Supreme Master Ching Hai”

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