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In today’s news, UNICEF installs vital oxygen generation plant in Cuba, extreme rain event occurs in western Italy, PepsiCo starts using 100% recycled beverage bottles in the United Kingdom, all-electric classic car conversions becoming more popular, nearly 100 women appointed to judicial body for first time in Egypt, United States company launches vegan bleu cheese crumbles, and talented canine-people in France may be able to help find water leaks.

UNICEF donates oxygen generation equipment to Cuba.

Installed at the Dr. Carlos Juan Finlay Central Military Hospital in Havana, the new system can generate 50 cubic meters of oxygen per hour, supplying intensive care units, operating rooms and other health facilities in the country. Completed in early September of this year, the vital machine will help satisfy the increased oxygen demand from COVID-19 cases, as the previous oxygen generator that supplied the country had failed. The facility will serve residents of Marianao, La Lisa, and Playa districts, as well as patients from western Pinar del Rio and Artemisa provinces. First Deputy Minister of Foreign Trade and Foreign Investment, Her Excellency Ana Teresita González Fraga, thanked UNICEF for its support to counter COVID-19 and strengthening Cuba’s healthcare system. Our heartfelt gratitude, UNICEF, for your life-saving assistance. We pray that all people are protected from such diseases as world citizens embrace the compassionate vegan diet, in Divine guidance.

Extreme rainfall affects parts of western Italy.

On October 4, 2021, the town of Rossiglione in Genoa, Italy, received over 740 millimeters of rain in a 12-hour period, which is a European record. The event, which is due to a warmer-than-usual climate that allows the air to hold more moisture, caused landslides and rivers to burst their banks and brought the entire locale to a standstill. Surrounding areas also received heavy rainfall, and miraculously no casualties were reported, unlike a similar event during the summer in Western Europe, where 200 people lost their lives. Such saddening news, Rossiglione and surrounding regions, on the damaging weather events affecting your towns. In the love of Heaven, may your people soon restore the affected areas as we switch to compassionate lifestyles and adopt more eco-friendly measures to ensure a cooler and safer planet for all. “What is virtuous conduct? It is never destroying life, for killing leads to every other sin.” ~ Thirukkural (Hinduism)

Up next, PepsiCo starts using 100% recycled bottles in the United Kingdom. We’ll just pause to thank the skilled lathe machine workers who use this tool to rotate a piece of raw working material to transform it into parts and components for various industries. We’ll be right back, with more smoothing news on Supreme Master Television.

Hallo, virtuous viewers, it’s Pippi, a vegan duchess from the Okapi kingdom! In my family, we’re all herbivores. Archeologists believe my ancestors started eating plants ever since they appeared on the Earth millions of years ago. Today I have a car tip for you. It is important you remember to refill your automobile’s windshield fluid when it runs low. Here is how: pop your vehicle’s hood up and look for the windshield wiper fluid reservoir. It typically has either a blue or black lid labeled with “washer fluid only” or a windshield fluid icon on it. Refer to the owner’s manual if you are not sure. Then unscrew the lid and set in a secure place until you need to put it back on. Place a funnel inside the reservoir and pour windshield wiper fluid into it. Fill it up until it reaches the fill line labeled on the side of the reservoir. This usually leaves approximately 5 centimeters of space at the top. Now you can have cleaner windows every time you drive, making it safer for everyone. Love you so much for Being Veg and Going Green 2 Save the Planet thus save the world! And thank you for your attention. Here’s the weather around our beautiful globe.

Pepsi Max in United Kingdom now comes in a recycled bottle.

Recently, PepsiCo switched all single-serve Pepsi Max bottles sold in the United Kingdom to 100% recycled plastic. The achievement comes as it moves towards its goal of net zero emissions by 2040 and follows significant steps taken already. The company’s lemon-lime beverage, 7UP, now also uses recycled plastic in its single-serve bottles, and PepsiCo adopted clear plastic to ensure that the containers can be recycled more easily. The brand also uses significant amounts of renewable energy across its global manufacturing chain. Way to go, PepsiCo, on your responsible actions to ensure less plastic waste on the planet and reduce carbon emissions. In God’s Upliftment, may our entire global economy soon convert to a sustainable model, as we cherish our precious resources.

Classic car enthusiasts are converting their vehicles to electric power.

A new trend is catching on amongst classic car lovers – upgrading their beloved vintage models that run on gas into electric vehicles. Perhaps inspired by United Kingdom royals the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, who drove an electric-converted Jaguar E-Type Zero to their wedding reception, a growing interest is evident to retrofit older car models by replacing engines and gas tanks with battery-powered systems. To meet rising demand, companies such as the UK-headquartered Lunaz offer conversions for models such as 1955-1965 Bentley Continental Coupes, the Mulliner Flying Spur, as well as certain Rolls-Royces. Lunaz founder David Lorenz explained, “The world is changing. Global legislation and shifting attitudes towards sustainability [are] driving demand for clean-air alternatives.” Wow, it is so exciting to see classic car lovers bonding with clean energy solutions. May greener lifestyles now be embraced worldwide, in the guidance of the Providence.

First female judges appointed to Egyptian judicial body.

At a recent ceremony in Cairo, Egypt, 98 female judges were sworn into one of the country’s main judicial entities, the State Council. Since its establishment in 1946, the State Council has been exclusively male, marking this event as a historical moment for women’s equality in Egypt. It is thanks to a decree issued earlier this year by Egypt’s President, His Excellency Abdel Fattah el-Sisi, a Shining World Leadership Award for Earth Conservation laureate, that directed women to be appointed to certain judicial bodies. The decree is in alignment with the government’s resolve to empower women and ensure they have more opportunities to excel within any field. Our accolades, Your Excellency Abdel Fattah el-Sisi and the Egyptian State Council, for uplifting women in the workplace. May your fine nation and treasured citizens continue to thrive harmoniously, in Allah’s Love. Don’t choose vegan: only compassionate people do it.

Coming up, United States company launches vegan bleu cheese crumbles. We’ll pause for a moment to recite a short prayer for peace among humans and the precious people from the animal kingdom. Please stay tuned to Supreme Master Television for more pleasant news. Welcome back to Noteworthy News – Gratifying News for a Satisfied World.

Vegan bleu cheese crumbles debut in the United States.

The 50-year-old iconic Californian vegan brand Follow Your Heart has added a first-of-its-kind vegan cheese at selected retailers in the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast regions of the country. Consumers are in for a treat with the innovative new Dairy-Free Bleu Cheese Crumbles, which are a tangy and lusciously creamy replica of the traditional dairy version and can be used in vegan salads, burgers, tarts and more. This unique item joins the manufacturer’s reformulated vegan shredded cheddar and mozzarella cheeses. Recently acquired by the international food giant Danone, Follow Your Heart plans to increase the distribution of its vegan goods by five-fold in 2022, and its products are currently in 4,000-plus Walmart stores nationwide. Our sincere accolades, Follow Your Heart, for your increasing selection of versatile products. May all consumers soon switch to the compassionate vegan diet with ease, in Celestial splendor.

French water company trials use of dog-people to find water leaks.

The France-headquartered water management company, Véolia, is testing if canine-people can find leaking underground water pipes using their acute sense of smell. Nina and two other people from the German Shepherd-kingdom have been trained to detect the faint smell of chlorine that is emitted in such instances. This innovative method could help the nation save millions of liters of water per year. The activity is treated as a game for the talented sniffers. If the trial is successful, the technique could be used across the country. Great news, Véolia, on your bright idea to enjoy friendly walks with your canine-person friends while helping to find leaking water. Our applause, Nina and colleagues, for your outstanding abilities and giving spirit. In Divine harmony, may all of our canine-people co-inhabitants always be treated with love and respect as we appreciate their loving and selfless actions.

Do you have a friend or family member who could benefit from a hearty laugh? Send them this joke of the day, titled, “Inorganic Chemistry.”

In chemistry class, the professor says:

“Now, class, here I have a jar of H2SO4, and here I have my gold wedding ring. Suppose I drop the ring into the sulfuric acid. Will the gold dissolve?”

A bright student replies:

“No, it won’t, professor!”

“Correct. And will you please tell us why not?”

“Because if it would dissolve, you wouldn’t put it in...”


And now we have a heartline from Freya in New Zealand:

Hi, there! Just to send out a piece of news to cheer up those who are working for this revolution. THE VEGAN trend is manifesting more quickly than ever now. It is confirmed by another source of media. The figure is almost the same as what Supreme Master Ching Hai told us recently, which She received inside by Heaven: there is about 66% of the world’s population that is going vegan or vegetarian. At this corner of the world, we have up to 60% of New Zealanders transitioning to this direction. Thank you all and keep on with your good work for the benefit of the people from the animal kingdom and our world. The following is an excerpt from an article appearing in “The Spinoff,” a New Zealand online magazine: “Adopting an animal-free diet in 2021 is not nearly as hard as it was even two years ago. Now even the most meat-centric eateries are finding delicious ways to cater to the growing demand for alternative proteins… The number of New Zealanders who are vegan or vegetarian is steadily rising. In 2015 only 5% of New Zealanders (ages) 18+ were always or mostly meat-free, but in 2019 it was over 15% according to the Sustainable Business Council’s 2020 Better Futures report. The number of people reducing their meat consumption is also on the rise, with one-third of New Zealanders saying they’re making an effort to eat less meat. A recent survey undertaken by The Spinoff and UMR suggested the trend was even more prevalent among our audience, with close to 60% of Spinoff readers eating less meat now than they were a year ago.” Freya from New Zealand

Rejoicing Freya, It’s always awesome to hear about the rise in people’s preference towards the vegan diet. Congratulations to all those awakened New Zealanders and many others around the world who are heralding the transition to the one and only way of living - vegan living! May Heaven’s Blessings be with you and nurturing New Zealand. In God’s Light, Supreme Master TV team

P.S. Master has this joyful reply for you: “Truthful Freya, it is definitely good tidings that you bring with how your fellow New Zealanders are embracing a fresh approach to life by prioritizing kindness on their plates. I wish that the vegan percentage everywhere will soon be 100%! May God bring all that is good and wonderful to you and valiant New Zealand.”

Vegan: heroism, what else?

We welcome your heartlines, stories and or cute, loving animal-people clips. Please send them via

It’s been a pleasure to have your company on Noteworthy News. May the eternal love of the Providence soothe your hearts and uplift your spirits.

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