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In today’s news, our Beloved Supreme Master Ching Hai presents Shining World Invention Award to Israeli inventor of swimming pool monitoring device to prevent drownings, China bans British beef after dangerous disease outbreak, General Motors to install 40,000 electric car chargers in North America, rare genetic blindness cured in 10 children from Italy, Australian woman graduates from university with law degree at 75 years young, British professor of veterinary science approves of vegan diet for people from dog and cat kingdoms, and researchers in United States investigate why some crustaceans evolve into crabs.

In Shining World Invention Award News from Israel…

Eyal Golan is the inventor of the Coral Manta 3000, a device that monitors swimming pools. The Coral Manta uses an underwater camera and artificial intelligence to detect and prevent drowning. The device is named “Coral” in part to honor the memory of two 11-year-old Israeli girls who sadly perished in a backyard pool. The apparatus provides protection by scanning a pool 24 hours per day and sending alerts if someone has been in the water without movement for 15 seconds. Through the interactive underwater camera, parents can also monitor their children on their smartphones in real-time.

“We all want to believe that we can watch kids for three, four, five straight hours without taking our eyes for a second or a few seconds from them. But that’s not true. No one can do that. And what Coral Manta does is that it’s like a lifeguard’s eye under the water. It never gets distracted. And it’s always monitoring the pool, even when the parent is for some seconds mentally not there. Whether you are talking to someone, whether you are reading something on your iPhone, or just stepping inside to bring something, Coral Manta will be there to fill this mental gap.”

Upon learning about this life-saving technology, Supreme Master Ching Hai: “Cheerfully present Eyal Golan the Shining World Invention Award, plus a loving contribution of US$15,000 for this life-saving project, with love, cheers and gratitude.”

Our Association members presented the Award letter, crystalline plaque, Master’s publications and DVDs, as well as Master’s donation to Mr. Golan. The Award letter praised his accomplishment. An excerpt reads:

“After thousands of successful tests, the product went on sale and has already been successful in saving precious lives. Thank you, Eyal Golan! Heaven has blessed us with gifted souls like you, leading the world into a new Golden Era of safety and peace of mind for caring parents.”

Mr. Golan was thrilled to receive the Award and check and expressed his gratitude to Supreme Master Ching Hai.

“We are very honored to receive this Award. It’s uplifting to know that our work, that has lasted so many years and it took so much effort, is not only viewed by investors who see the financial outlook but also by You who see the good that it will bring to this world. So, it’s really great. It was not only surprising, but it’s really rewarding to get this Award. Thank You so much. We appreciate it so much. Thank You again, and rest assured that every dollar is going to be invested in saving more children’s lives.”

We extend our joyful congratulations to Eyal Golan and the entire Coral Detection Systems team. In Celestial creativity, may you be forever blessed as your technology continues to save precious lives, especially those of our beloved children.

For the full presentation of the Shining World Invention Award to Eyal Golan, please tune in to our Shining World Awards program at a later date.

British beef banned due to life-threatening disease outbreak.

China has placed a ban on the imports of meat taken from people of the bovine kingdom under 30 months of age in the UK, after bovine spongiform encephalopathy (BSE), also known as mad cow disease, was detected in samples. The disease is caused by a protein called prions – a class of miniscule pathogens that house and deform the inside of the host’s brain and nervous tissue. BSE is extremely dangerous to cow-people, with a 100% mortality rate, and causes extensive nerve and motor control damage, with sponge-like holes developing in the brain. BSE is transmissible to humans who consume the infected meat, similarly causing their central nervous system to deteriorate over time with fatal consequences. No medicine is available to treat this condition. It is such saddening news that humans have ignored nature’s warnings against meat-eating. In Universal kindness, may the people of the world quickly awaken to understand the extreme risks associated with eating other beings, so they can wisely switch to the vegan diet. “Celestial beings never go near people who eat meat as their mouth always has a foul smell.” ~ Lankavatara Sutra (Buddhism)

Up next, General Motors to install 40,000 electric car chargers throughout North America. We’ll now thank the digital design engineers, who create the underlying digital logic that defines the hardware components and connectivity of electronic circuits. Please stay tuned to Supreme Master Television for more energizing news.

Hallo, nice friends, I’m Mauri, a vegan lady from the Mountain Goat kingdom! My grandma always told us to eat more fruits and veggies. I live her advice every day with my vegan diet. Many constipation cases seen in babies have no evidence of the cause, such as a disease, and are instead considered a functional condition. This type of constipation can be treated with natural remedies such as diet. Ensure that your baby who is eating solid foods is getting sufficient nutrients – especially fiber – to help move the bowels properly. Excellent sources of fiber include fruits, nuts, seeds, well-cooked vegetables, whole grains, and legumes like beans. Staying hydrated is also crucial to preventing constipation. If your baby doesn’t like drinking water, get creative and make something you know they’ll enjoy that contains water, like homemade popsicles and smoothies. Additionally, you can also give them fruit with high water content, such as watermelon, to improve hydration. Rub their tummy in a clockwise direction at the end of the day to help soothe them and make them feel better. Love you for Being Veg and Going Green 2 Save the Planet for all humans and us all co-inhabitants. Thank you for watching. And now, the weather around the world.

General Motors (GM) to boost number of electric car chargers throughout North America.

Auto manufacturing giant GM recently announced that it will install up to 40,000 electric vehicle (EV) chargers in the United States and Canada as the sales of these eco-friendly cars continue to increase. The program will begin in 2022, and the units will be placed in convenient locations such as multi-unit dwellings, workplaces, universities, entertainment venues and more. The new devices will also work with other manufacturers’ vehicles and are part of the company’s almost US$750 million investment into EV charging networks. Kudos, General Motors, on your project to support electric car usage. In Divine wisdom, we pray for the speedy adoption of eco-friendly vehicles across North America and the world as we move towards a zero-emissions vegan planet.

Children regain eyesight after successful gene therapy.

Ten children from central and northern Italy have had their eyesight restored by the administration of a prescription gene therapy product called Luxturna from the pharmaceutical company Novartis. The medicine cures a rare type of disease called hereditary retinal dystrophy that eventually causes total blindness in most cases, and the recent successful results were achieved at the Naples’ Vanvitelli University Hospital in Italy. The gene therapy had undergone 15 years of development and testing. It was approved for use in Europe in 2018, requires only one treatment, and is successful in 93% of cases. Way to go, Vanvitelli University Hospital, Novartis, and all researchers involved, for helping to restore the precious gift of sight to the children. In God’s Grace, may a cure for all forms of blindness be found as we seek loving ways to heal and care for one another.

Seventy-five-year young Australian woman earns law degree.

Joan Oliver began studying for the Victorian Certificate of Education in Melbourne, Australia, at age 68 and then, at the encouragement of her teacher who recognized the mature student’s brilliance, enrolled into the Bachelor of Laws program at Melbourne’s Victoria University, from which she recently graduated. Ms. Oliver left school at the age of 13 to work in a dressing gown factory, as it was commonly believed at the time that studying was only for boys. After spending a lifetime devoted to working and family life, she decided to fulfill her dream of receiving an education. She encourages others, saying, “It’s never too late. There’s always time, so if you want to do it, do it!” Ms. Oliver plans to put her degree to use by volunteering at a legal center and helping domestic abuse victims. What an inspiration you are, Joan Oliver! May your excelling example help motivate others to achieve their aspirations at any stage of life, in Divine purpose. Vegan: cuz God would love us 2 choose that.

Coming up, British professor of veterinary science approves of vegan diet for people from dog and cat kingdoms. We will just grab our yoga mat and go outside in the garden to stretch out. More conducive news coming up on Supreme Master Television. Welcome back to Noteworthy News – Peace-filled News for a Gentler World.

British veterinary professor says animal-people companions are healthy on vegan diet.

Professor Andrew Knight, a Shining World Compassion Award recipient, recently highlighted that his research shows that vegan people from the dog and cat kingdoms can be healthier than if they eat meat-based diets. He explained that our animal-people friends need specific nutrients, not specific ingredients, so if the food is formulated correctly, they can be as healthy, or even more so, than when consuming meat. People from the cat kingdom specifically need taurine, but this is added to the food even in the case of meat-based commercial formulations, as it is easily degraded during processing. Thank you, Professor Andrew Knight, for your scientific work confirming that people from the cat and dog kingdoms can thrive on vegan food. In the love of the Providence, may everybody take compassionate care of all people from the animal kingdom.

Researchers in United States investigate fascinating crustacean evolution.

The phenomenon of “carcinization,” or the process of crustaceans evolving to take on a crab-like form, has puzzled scientists for over 140 years, and is now the subject of a federal grant which aims to determine why. The study hopes to shine further light on whether crab-like evolutionary forms can be predicted by genetic or environmental rules. So far, scientists know of at least five separate groups of decapod crustaceans that have evolved to have crab-like body features, even though they had only one common ancestor 300 million years ago. Fascinating news, researchers from the United States, on your scientific inquiry into this remarkable biological mystery. In the guidance of the Cosmos, may your work help us to understand more about our complex natural world as we cherish the abundant diversity around us.

This joke is so funny that even your animal-people companions will laugh along with you. It’s called, “Boxer Insomnia.”

A boxer complains to his doctor about insomnia.

“Have you tried counting sheep-people?”

“Yes, but whenever I get to 9, I stand up.”


And now we have a heartline from Ngọc Huệ in Âu Lạc, also known as Vietnam:

Dear Master, I would like to send my greetings to You and the Supreme Master Television team. I am truly grateful to You for what You are doing silently, earnestly, and selflessly for humanity, in order to bring Peace to this world. To me, You are the biggest support spiritually and physically. Thanks to You, I have a meaningful life with beautiful memories. I am safe in Your embrace, just like a baby in his gentle mother’s bosom – feeling very warm, peaceful, happy and safe. I love Supreme Master Television very much because the channel provides a lot of good, beneficial knowledge, and it is engaging and rich in beautiful wording. But the thing I love the most is that when I concentrate on watching the Supreme Master TV programs for hours, my eyes are not as dry and burning as before. Also, it harmonizes the [surrounding] energy, lessens my impure energy, thus making it easier for me to meditate. Watching the channel frequently also helps reduce wandering thoughts during my meditation, so my temperament becomes more harmonious, and thus reduces conflicts and brings more favorable situations. I respectfully thank Master for everything and thank the Supreme Master Television team for making such a beautiful and moral channel. With love, Ngọc Huệ from Âu Lạc (Vietnam)

Grateful Ngọc Huệ, Thank you for writing. We are very happy to know that as an avid viewer of Supreme Master Television, you are aware of its many benefits.

Master replies to you with optimism: “Content Ngọc Huệ, my love and appreciation for your supportive, heartwarming words. It is my dearest wish for all human brothers and sisters to know the comfort of Divine Love as you do. At least we have Supreme Master Television to be a starting point of a happier life for many. May the Godses bless you and the kind citizens of Âu Lạc (Vietnam) with peace and well-being.”

Don’t choose vegan: only loving people do it.

We welcome your heartlines, stories and or cute, loving animal-people clips. Please send them via

Thank you for spending time with us on Noteworthy News. May your life resonate with the glorious song of God’s Love.

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