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Arctic Animal-People and the Devastating Impact of Climate Change

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Scientists report that the planetary climate crisis has affected about nine million types of plants and animal-people. Compounding the seriousness of the situation is the fact that the permafrost zones are thawing and glaciers in Alaska, Greenland, and northern Canada are receding. We polar bear-people, as well as a great number of other Arctic people of the animal kingdom, urgently seek your help with the crisis we are facing in particular the loss of our essential habitats and the effects of drastic changes to the seasons on our lives. A recent study by scientists suggests that if the situation doesn’t improve, we could disappear from the Arctic by the end of this century.

As ice sheets detach and drift away, many walrus- and seal-people can no longer dive from the edge of their ice sheet as they did in the past. Instead, they must swim further, sometimes up to 180 kilometers further, in order to reach areas with abundant sources of food. Scientists have estimated that their population in the Bering and Chukchi seas may have declined by 50 percent due to these drastic changes to their natural environment and living conditions.

Climate change also affects migratory bird-people that travel between the Arctic, the tropics, and the temperate zones. Scientists have found that the size of young red knot-people has reduced by about 15 percent since 1985 due to stress and inadequate nutrition. As a result, from the mid-1980s until 2003 the red knot-people population has declined by more than 50 percent!

The climate crisis brings about habitat loss, reduced food supply, and new diseases introduced by animal-people venturing further north. Furthermore, some germs which we have lived with for a long time are becoming more dangerous due to the warmer weather. Arctic animal-people have long been isolated from the rest of the world. Record high heat makes us vulnerable to infections and a great many of us lack immunity against the newly introduced diseases. It is of utmost importance that we limit the loss of Arctic ice due to its critical role in regulating global temperatures. A warmer Arctic leads to a warmer planet, and that spells disaster and extinction for many beings, and even humans too!!!

The fastest way to curb its impacts is to adopt the compassionate vegan diet. Let’s do our part to end the climate crisis and help save many precious lives! Please be vegan and make peace.
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