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Amazing Animal-People: Real-Life Heroes

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Animal-people mothers, just like their human counterparts, will do anything to safeguard their young. There was a mother dog-person from a town near Buenos Aires, Argentina, who in cold weather discovered a newborn human baby in a field, surrounded by wooden boxes and rubbish. After a police investigation, it was understood that the mother dog-person had dragged the human baby 50 meters from where the baby had originally been abandoned to the place where she was raising her babies. If it weren’t for such a heroic action, the human baby would likely have frozen to death. The mother dog-person and her family became national celebrities in Argentina and were given a cozy new home.

Let’s bring you to Ottawa, Canada, where Haley Moore was walking her dog-person companion, Clover, when she collapsed onto the snowy sidewalk following a seizure. Clover’s heroic actions were captured on a neighbor’s security camera, first showing Clover checking on her fallen human caregiver, then courageously positioning herself in the path of oncoming traffic to call for attention. Fortunately, a truck driver spotted Clover, stopped and quickly sought help from a neighbor, who called paramedics. For Clover’s brave acts, Supreme Master Ching Hai gladly presented her with the Shining World Hero Award, plus US$2,000 for vegan treats.

Another heart-warming story to share with you is about two inseparable husky brothers from China. The elder brother Da Bao was born blind, and his younger brother Ju Bao has been his eyes and guiding star from the very beginning. Ju Bao has been compassionately caring for his brother and done everything possible for Da Bao to lead a normal, happy life. Well, the video went viral as the special bond these two brothers shared melted the hearts of millions of people with such a fine example of love, loyalty, and devotion!

In a touching story from Kailua-Kona, Hawaii, a dolphin-person spotted a large Oceanic whitetip shark-person approaching professional dive instructor Kayleigh Grant and a fellow diver. The dolphin-person swam around the pair while vocalizing to ensure their safety. “What a beautiful soul. I wish we all cared as much as this sweet dolphin.”
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