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Protecting Our Oceans: “Seaspiracy” and “Go Fish”

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Today, we present two films illuminating the urgent need to protect our oceans: “Seaspiracy” and “Go Fish.” Let’s first look at “Seaspiracy.” Marine-people life lover and British filmmaker Ali Tabrizi, sets out to make a documentary with his wife, Lucy Tabrizi, about the effects of plastic pollution in the oceans. They have no idea of what they are about to uncover – discoveries that are both shocking and terrifying, and may change your view on fishing and seafood forever.

A large number of whale-people wash up on shores with plastics and other garbage filling their stomachs. Whale-people are not only incredibly intelligent but also help to keep the entire ocean alive. They absorb four times the amount of CO2 as the Amazon rainforest. Ali believes that protecting people of the whale and dolphin kingdoms means protecting the planet. Ali soon realizes plastic is not the only threat to marine-people life. People from the whale and dolphin kingdoms are being targeted and killed. Ali uncovers how industrial fishing is the biggest threat to marine-people – and human – life! About 2.7 trillion fish-people are caught every year, equivalent to 5 million every minute, wiping out 90% of the world’s largest fish-people and severely damaging the coral reefs. Studies estimate up to 40% of all marine-people life caught is thrown overboard as bycatch, including over 300,000 people from the whale, dolphin, and porpoise kingdoms, as well as 50 million shark-people. 70% of macro plastics at sea comes from fishing gear, and 46% of the Great Pacific Garbage Patch is fishing nets.

“If you want to address climate change, the first thing you do is protect the ocean. And the solution to that is very simple: leave it alone.” In order to avoid detrimental consequences, we must act quickly to stop the killing, enabling the marine ecosystem and our planet to heal. The single best thing we can do to protect the ocean and the precious marine-people life is simply to not eat them!

The animated film “Go Fish” starts in the beautiful, peaceful undersea town New Coralton, where a young, curious, and adventurous seahorse-girl named Christine resides. Directed and written by Sean O’Reilly, this lovely 2019 animation is fun and educational for kids, and reminds adults of the detrimental effects our actions have had on the ocean and her inhabitants.
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