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The Spirit of Christmas: “The Fourth Wise Man” and “48 Christmas Wishes”

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We begin with a 1985 made-for-TV movie called “The Fourth Wise Man.” The movie begins with a man named Artaban, whose sighting of a bright star shining in the sky one night makes him feel very inspired – so inspired, in fact, that he sells all his possessions for three precious gems: a sapphire, a ruby, and a pearl. He wants to find the new King and offer the three gems to Him as a gift. “I must find Him! Otherwise, my life is meaningless.” “Tell me: did you ever find your King?” He ends up in a village of less fortunate people. Artaban stays and helps them create a better life for themselves. Artaban’s many selfless acts throughout his life, combined with his devotion, earn him a spegcial reward in the eyes of the Lord. “The Fourth Wise Man” is a great Christmas movie with a powerful reminder about those less fortunate than ourselves, and that the spirit of serving is in accordance with the noble teachings of the great Master Lord Jesus Christ.

“48 Christmas Wishes” starts out the day before Christmas Eve. “Each one of these wishes comes from a human. It’s their happiness in our hands.” The young elves decide to send Mindy and Cam to Minnedoza so that they can ask the residents what their wishes are in person. Can they get all the missing wishes in time for the big day? “We just lost 48 wishes.” “Are you actual elves?” “I want Christmas to feel like Christmas.”

“The Fourth Wise Man” and “48 Christmas Wishes” are two heartwarming films that not only bring us charming stories full of imagination, but also show us how an act of kindness can inspire people and bring miracles to our lives.

To celebrate this holy season, we revisit these merry moments with our Most Benevolent Supreme Master Ching Hai and Her beloved dog-people companions. “Beautiful table we have. It’s the real Christmas now. My big boy. My big boy. Merry Christmas, baby. Um, thank you.”
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