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My family has a loving and spiritual chihuahua who often gives us advice

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Gracious and respected Master, My family has a chihuahua, who is 105 years old already. Despite her age, she is like a kid, very funny and cute, and she often gives advice to our family.

I'm not an animal communicator, but I hear her voice when I meditate, and sometimes she sends me messages in words and images. With the severe outbreaks of COVID-19, she wrapped a plastic bag around her body and said, “This is not the life I want. I want to live with you for a long, long time.”

When my niece was looking for a job after her graduation from college, she said, “I'm going to start a vegan kindergarten, and my family members can be the teachers.”

When some neighbors visited us, she laughed at them and said that they were “still playing with toys like kids.” (Because all five of my family members practice the Quan Yin Method, but the neighbors did not.)

When my daughter wanted to buy stocks, she warned, “This is opportunistic speculation. Don't do it. Maya will make the people with heavy karma lose money.” She also said, “Humans live day by day, we dogs do the same.”

When we shopped too much on the Internet, she reminded us, “Master said that wasting too many material blessings would create bad karma. You should focus on spiritual practice.”

When my niece had a stomachache, she made a list of foods that she should avoid.

When my nephew had problems at work, she said, “You can find a way out even in the snow,” and he succeeded indeed.

Animals are very spiritual and powerful. They are loving and caring, and always help us, humans. I sincerely hope that all humans will be kind to animals and become vegan, so the vegan world will come as soon as possible. Tao-Tao from Taiwan (Formosa)

Caring Tao-Tao, Thank you for relating these stories about your animal companion. We are inspired by the reminder of how intelligent these beings are and forever grateful for their inner wisdom.

Master has a reply for you: “Loving Tao-Tao, I thank you for sharing these wonderful insights. Animals are a tremendous help to the world. Their presence alone is already supporting because they bring divine, pure, undiluted, and unpolluted power into this world. Some even bring inspiration to your life and answer your questions. I pray every day for all beings on this planet to love and respect one another. In the Mighty Heavens’ Grace, may you and exquisite Taiwan (Formosa) be forever blessed.”
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