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Between Master and Disciples

One-Year King, Part 1 of 9, Dec. 12, 2021

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So whatever the precepts laid down by ancient Masters, they are wise words for different reasons. (Yes.) And it’s better that we heed it.

(Hallo, Master!) Hallo. This is the only thing that functions today. (Oh.) How are you guys? (We’re OK, Master. How is Master?) Thank God that you ask now and then. You have any questions? (Yes, Master.)

(Recently, the pope has said that extramarital sins are not that serious, because of a Paris archbishop who resigned earlier this month over a relationship with a woman. The pope accepted his resignation not because of the sin, but because of the damaging rumors. But, the article continues to say that the sin failed the commandment, “Thou shalt not commit adultery because of “small caresses of massage” given.) Touching a woman? (Yes.) He did? Or somebody did to him? (He did, he gave a massage to a woman. So the pope says it’s a sin “but not a total one.” So the question is, Master, is it true, what the pope says, that extramarital sins are not that serious?)

Was the archbishop married? (It’s not clear in the article.) Normally in Catholicism, the bishops or the priests are not married. Right? (Yes, normally.) Some priests do marry, but I don’t think the archbishops. Some small evangelists can. They do marry, before or after they became a priest. Some of the priests are married. (Yes.)

But why are you surprised anymore? Why do you ask me things about this guy? (Yes.) Whatever he does, is it anything Christian at all, up to now? (No, Master.) (It seems not. No.) He’s a devil incarnate. He doesn’t care about the suffering of anybody anyway, not to talk about extramarital relationships.

You know like those pedo-priests? (Yes.) I call them that vocabulary because they are not priests and they’re not normal pedophiles. (Yes, Master.) So I call them pedo-priests. (Yes, Master.) It’s not about forgiveness. It’s about the suffering, the pain, the anguish of those little children who are supposed to be taken care of by the representatives of the holy teaching. (Yes, Master.) And this scar, they bear the whole life long. They could not even have a normal mental (state) in their marriage or not marriage even. They could not bear, they could not forget it.

"Media Report from France 24 Oct. 5, 2021 Narrator (f): Some 3,000 perpetrators, more than a quarter of a million victims. For decades, the Catholic Church in France has provided fertile ground for child sex abuse by turning a blind eye or sometimes knowingly putting children in touch with predators. It estimates that about 216,000 people have suffered abuse at the hands of priests, monks and nuns."

Narrator (f2): It’s a secret that she kept for nearly 40 years. Thérèse was raped by a monk while she spent her holidays in an abbey when she was just a teenager.

Interviewee (f): He would say that he had been pardoned, that he had been forgiven, so, therefore, he was not doing anything wrong. He would mix that with prayer and say things that, looking back, were pseudo-spiritual. He was not well, but he made me think that it was my fault, because I was special.

Narrator (f2): Thérèse has been haunted by the abuse. She only told her mother about it when she turned 40.

Interviewee (f): It was at that point that I lost contact with my mother. She didn’t want to see me and I didn’t see her for 10 years until she died."

"Media Report from DW News Nov. 22, 2021 Narrator (m): Many of the victims suffered for decades in silence. When he was 11, his parents sent him to a summer camp run by the Catholic Church.

Interviewee (m): And then he came every night and he raped me every night. Except the last two days. Every night.

Narrator (m): He was never able to recover from the trauma. The experience left him with a chronic health condition.

Interviewee (f2): It was unbelievable. Nobody had acknowledged them. Nobody had helped them. The system protected the perpetrators. They were hardly ever punished. Usually, they were just transferred and would continue what they were doing elsewhere.

Narrator (m): Bernard could only bring himself to report the priest three years ago. A bishop then contacted him.

Interviewee (m): The phone call lasted exactly 37 seconds. The bishop wasn’t sincere. There was no apology of any kind. He just said that he was praying for me. Completely insane."

All this pain and sorrow, the pope could not care less. (Yes, Master.) So whatever he said, you just throw it in the garbage can, is the best. (OK, Master.) And don’t make your eyes or ears dirty, filthy, and infected by him and his evil henchmen. (Yes, Master.) They are there just to have a good life, to drink alcohol, to eat fat, big chicken-people, turkey-people or pork or beef or whatever, and then just blah, blah, blah, misleading people. These are hell people. (Yes, Master.) Because normal people, if they don’t know, they say they don’t know. They don’t just open their mouth and preach and read and mislead people just to gain fame and possessions and live in comfort. And even rape, molest the innocent children like nothing happened. (Yes, Master.) There’s no surprise anymore.

Anyway, since you ask me, I’m telling you why the ancient Masters laid down these rules, like you don’t have illicit sex. (Yes, Master.)

Oh, you can tell nowadays, you see how many people get AIDS and all those sexual diseases. (Yes, Master.) So, this is not just about moral obligation toward each other in a committed relationship. It is about many other things. Because you will get sick, and you might die from it. Also maybe infect your wife and your children, by the way. (Yes, Master.) And then keep making heartbreak and family breaks, and affect the children in some ways. (Yes, Master.) And the children grow up, may not believe in any true relationship, may not be fully committed, because of the examples they have seen in their family. (Yes, Master.)

So whatever the precepts laid down by ancient Masters, they are wise words for different reasons. (Yes.) And it’s better that we heed it. (Yes, Master.) Also like, nowadays, everything is so messed up. Not like before. Not like ancient times. But at least nowadays, if you have AIDS, maybe you have hope for a cure, but in ancient times, they don’t have such advanced medical equipment and means like nowadays. (Yes, Master.)

And also, should not have sex before marriage, it’s because of many other things as well. Like, the children need both parents to thrive in health, mental tranquility, and happiness. (Yes, Master.) So a breaking family is never good for both partners as well as for the children, and affects also the society in some ways, because it’s a bad example. (Yes, Master.) And in case of a non-marriage birth, this will bear a stigma on the child when he grows up and understands. People might call him names, might abuse her, in words, or in different physical ways. (Yes, Master.)

Because a marriage, it is more a commitment. (Yes.) People who truly fall in love, they want to be together forever, well at least at the marriage time. (Yes, Master.) Their commitment, their mental preparedness for thick and thin together, for rich and poor, for sickness and health.

Therefore, a relationship like that is more stable, is more conducive to… Let’s say, spiritual practice. If the two are faithful to each other and support each other in spiritual practice, then they grow together better in a spiritual way, more than those families with different views and unsupportive mentally, physically, emotionally. (Yes, Master.) Not to talk about the instability of being just a lone parent. And then bear the stigma.

In the old days, there’s more heavy stigma on a woman when she is pregnant without a husband. And then the child who was born out of that situation, would bear also the same mental crucifixion. (Understand. Yes, Master.) So similarly, if it’s a non-marital relationship, then the child is born also without an official father, and also will be sometimes humiliated by their classmates or by social treatment. (Yes, Master.) So, it has many effects. And the wife suffers and the mistress also suffers because the husband doesn’t have enough time for both. (Yes.) Also, for both families’ children, it is a dilemma. (Yes, Master.)

Thus, the ancient Masters taught us many things, especially the Five Precepts, the Five or Ten Precepts in Buddhism, and the Ten Commandments in Christianity, for example. (Yes, Master.) It is for many beneficial reasons. (Yes.) So we are better off if we adhere to it. (Yes, Master.)

Nowadays, there are many sexual diseases transmitted to a large number of people because of all this illicit sexual misconduct. (Yes, Master.) And many families are broken because people don’t adhere to the simple way of life anymore. (Yes, Master.) Nowadays, it’s so easy to go out and meet people and all that. Thus, all these things will happen, it causes a lot of heartbreaks. Many people commit suicide because of that. Not just to talk about breaking families and painful for the children, or instability of the family and relationships, or emotional aspect, or jobs. All kinds of things. (Yes, Master.) So we better just adhere to the Precepts.

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